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Date Details
1824 Born July 28th at Kilmington, Somerset. Son of Rev. Canon Townsend Selwyn and grandson of Bishop of St. Davids. Married daughter of Rev. Edward Selwyn. Educated in Switzerland.
1845 Joined Geological Survey under De la Beche.
Mapping in North Wales under Ramsay.
First discovered unconformity between Cambrian and underlying schists.
Also worked in Shropshire.
1852 Resigned. Appointed Director of Geological Survey, Victoria.
Undertook investigation of gold-bearing rocks and gravels.
Prepared reports and papers on economic geology of Victoria.
1869 Appointed Director to Geological Survey of Canada (on Logan’s retirement). Advanced Canadian geology from economic side.
Worked out geologic structure of eruptive districts of east Canada.
Also assistant to Canadian Commissioners for 3 Great Exhibitions: “Philadelphia Centennial” (1876); “Paris Universal” (1878); “Colonial and Indian” (1886) (in London).
1871 F.G.S.
1874 F.R.S.
1876 Murchison Medal.
1884 Clarke Gold Medal from Royal Society of New South Wales.
1886 Made C.M.G.
1894 Retired.
1902 Died October 19th at Vancouver.

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BGS archives[edit]

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GSM/DR/Sb/4/16 Correspondence with J Selwyn Turner
GSM/GL/Sw A R C Selwyn