BGS Zone 14 (=lower and middle UKB12 of Hart et al., 1989)

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Base: Inception of Stensioeina granulata granulata and extinction of Gavelinella tourainensis

Top: Inception of Stensioeina exsculpta exsculpta


  • Inception of Osangularia cordieriana and Gavelinella thalmanni at or immediately above the base of the zone.
  • Reussella kelleri generally disappears temporarily in southern England at the base of the zone (Lazarus Effect).
  • Globorotalites michelinianus reappears in southern England within the zone.
  • Marginotruncana sinuosa evolves at or perhaps immediately below the base of foraminiferal zone (and the M. coranguinum macrofaunal zone) and becomes extinct in the basal part of the foraminiferal and macrofaunal zone.
  • Dicarinella primitiva has its inception in the basal M. coranguinum Zone.

Macrofaunal correlation: lowest M. coranguinum Zone.

Age: Coniacian