BGS Zone 19 (=upper UKB15 of Hart et al., 1989)

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Base: Inception of Bolivinoides culverensis.

Top: Inception of Gavelinella usakensis.


  • Inception of very rare Globotruncana arca at the base of the foraminiferal zone.
  • Extinction of Globigerinelloides rowei in the basal O. pilula macrofaunal zone.
  • Extinction of Stensioeina exsculpta exsculpta in the earliest O. pilula macrofaunal zone.
  • Stensioeina pommerana inception in the mid O. pilula macrofaunal zone (transitional specimens closely resembling this species occur in the late Santonian and early Campanian).
  • Eouvigerina gracilis and Reussella kelleri extinction immediately below the Arundel Sponge Bed and lateral equivalents.

Macrofaunal correlation: Lowest O. pilula Zone to lowermost G. quadrata Zone.

Age: Campanian