Biomarker 12: Agglutinating Taxa Acme/Stensioeina Granulata Kelleri FDO

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In the Mackerel Formation of the Central North Sea, the assemblage of abundant calcareous benthonic and planktonic species is replaced by one dominated by non-calcareous agglutinating species in the latest Turonian (planus/neptuni zones). The FDO of Stensioeina granulata kelleri is also present in the Mackerel and lower Lamplugh formations of the Southern and Central North Sea, where it has been put at the top of the Turonian (and presumably the top of the plana Zone) (King et al., 1989). In Germany the biomarker is in the "Mittel Turon" (Koch, 1977), but it has not been recorded in Britain.

Correlation: This biomarker cannot be recognised directly with the faunas onshore, but based on the down-section increase in the proportion of agglutinating taxa and decline in the diversity of hyaline taxa, it is placed in the BGS foraminiferal Biozone 12 (Wilkinson, 2000).