Biomarker 13: Praeglobotruncana stephani FDO

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Found in the Herring Formation of the Southern, Central and southern pat of the Northern North Sea (earliest Mid-Turonian, lata/Mytiloides zonal boundary interval). Planktonic species become common, e.g. Praeglobotruncana stephani, P. gibba, Dicarinella hagni and D. imbricata together with the benthonic species Lingulogavelinella globosa (Burnhill & Ramsey, 1981; King et al., 1989; Crittenden, et al., 1991).

Correlation: This biomarker can be placed at the top of BGS foraminiferal Biozone 9 or in the basal part of Biozone 10 (Wilkinson, 2000).