Biomarker 1: Pseudotextularia elegans FDO

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A widely distributed biomarker (King, 1989). It is found in the Tor Formation of the Central and Northern North Sea and Rowe Formation of the Southern North Sea (latest Maastrichtian). Planktonics are common: Rugoglobigerina spp (rugosa-pennyi-rotunda lineage), Globigerinelloides, Globotruncana, Heterohelix and Rosita. Abathomphalas mayaroensis is occasionally present. Of the benthonic species, Stensioeina pommerana, Bolivina incrassata, Bolivinoides draco and B. paleocenica also occur (Hart et al., 1981, 1989).

Correlation: This biomarker can be placed at the top of BGS foraminiferal Biozone 27 (Wilkinson, 2000).