Broadlee Glen Sandstone Member

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Broadlee Glen Sandstone Member (BRLG), South of the River Clyde, Carboniferous, Midland Valley of Scotland[edit]

Broadlee Glen Sandstone Member is part of the Clyde Sandstone Formation.


The member was previously known as the Broadlee Glen Sandstones Formation. See Paterson and Hall (1986)[1]; Paterson et al. (1990)[2]; BGS (1990)[3].


Grey and white, cross-bedded sandstones with thin, lenticular beds of grey mudstone and carbonised plant debris (Paterson and Hall, 1986[1]; BGS, 1990[3]). In the northern part of Leapmoor Plantation (NS.221.715) the member consists of white and cream-coloured, trough cross-stratified sandstone with lenticular beds of grey siltstone and abundant coalified wood fragments (Paterson et al., 1990)[2].


The type area is Broadlee Glen near Greenock, Strathclyde (NS 2210 7150 to 2260 7140).

Lower and upper boundaries[edit]

Base not seen. The member was mapped in Broadlee Glen (NS 2258 7134) and distinguished from underlying strata of the undivided Clyde Sandstone Formation by the presence of plant debris and beds of grey mudstone (BGS, 1990)[3]. Paterson and Hall (1986)[1] presumed that the unseen base of the Broadlee Glen Sandstone Member is transitional on white sandstones and red-brown mudstones of the Gourock Sandstone Member.

Top not seen, but the Broadlee Glen Sandstone Member was presumed to be overlain by strata of the Clyde Plateau Volcanic Formation by Paterson and Hall (1986)[1] (Figure 6, Column 4B).


Greater than 100 m.

Distribution and regional correlation[edit]

South of the River Clyde and also west of the Largs Fault Zone in Strathclyde.




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