Burwardsley Hill Bed

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Burwardsley Hill Bed (BRWH)[edit]

Burwardsley Hill Bed

Previous nomenclature[edit]

Keuper Sandstone Conglomerate (Poole and Whiteman, 1966) Sandstone Conglomerate (Earp and Taylor, 1986)

Parent unit[edit]

Helsby Sandstone Formation

Derivation of name[edit]

From Burwardsley Hill (SJ 5078 5573), where it is well exposed

Type section[edit]

Burwardsley Hill, Cheshire (SJ 5086 5562 to 5108 5612) (Earp and Taylor, 1986)

Reference sections[edit]


Extant exposures/sections[edit]

The bed is well-exposed at the type section on Burwardsley Hill, and there are scattered quarry exposures in that area.


Conglomerates, pebbly sandstones and sandstones, cross-bedded and coarse-grained. Pebbles are mainly of quartz and quartzite, up to 5 cm in diameter.

Lower boundary[edit]

The lower boundary is placed at the downward change from conglomerate and pebbly sandstone to red-brown, fine-to coarse-grained sandstones with thin beds of red-brown mudstone, of the underlying Wilmslow Sandstone Formation.

Upper boundary[edit]

At the upward change from mainly conglomerates to sandstones and pebbly sandstones in the Helsby Sandstone Formation.


0 to 11 m


Anisian (early Mid Triassic)

Equivalent units[edit]


Geographical extent[edit]

From just south of the village of Penley (SJ 41 39), Cheshire, to near the village of Beeston (SJ 54 58), Cheshire.