Carboniferous of County Fermanagh-south County Tyrone area, Northern Ireland

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Mitchell, W I (ed.). 2004. The geology of Northern Ireland-our natural foundation. Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, Belfast.

W I Mitchell


Geological map of Northern Ireland showing the Carboniferous outcrop. (P947815)
Distribution of Carboniferous rocks in Co. Fermanagh—south Co. Tyrone. (P947821)
Distribution and classification of Carboniferous rocks in Northern Ireland. (P947927)
Lithostratigraphy of the Tyrone Group in the four regions of Co. Fermanagh-south Co. Tyrone. (P947933)

This large outcrop of Carboniferous strata (P947815) is divided into four regions (P947821). All the early Carboniferous rocks are assigned to the Tyrone and Leitrim groups with the Omagh Sandstone Group restricted to the Kesh-Omagh area (P947927). Although the standard Tyrone Group succession [1] extends across this area with few variations (P947933) many new members have been identified.

Derrygonnelly-Marble Arch-Cuilcagh Mountain


  1. Oswald, D H. 1955. The Carboniferous rocks between the Ox Mountains and Donegal Bay. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, 111, 167–83.