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Ammonites form the basis for the standard biozonation of the Cenomanian (Gale, 1995), but their rarity in the post-Cenomanian Chalk Group has resulted in the use of a variety of other taxa in the macrofossil biostratigraphy of this interval. However, sporadic, and sometimes common ammonite records from the Turonian and Early Coniacian in the UK has led to the local recognition of ammonite zones and subzones (Hancock, 1991; Gale, 1996; Mortimore & Pomerol, 1996).

Description of zones/subzones[edit]

The key features of the Turonian and Early Coniacian zones and subzones recognisable in the UK are described from oldest to youngest. Alternatively, to find out information about a specific zone or subzone, select it from the correlation table (Turonian & Early Coniacian ammonite zones/subzones and their relation to the standard macrofossil zonation of the UK Chalk Group).