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Mortimore , Wood & Gallois (2001) reclassified part of the succession at Hooken Cliff [SY 210 881 - SY 227 878], near Beer, using the nomenclature of Rawson et al. (2000) for the post Beer Head Limestone interval. Based on the correlation of the greater part of the Pinnacles Member with the Plenus Marls, Mortimore, Wood and Gallois (2001) excluded this unit from Jarvis & Woodroof's (1984) Beer Head Limestone Formation, making it instead the basal member of the overlying Holywell Nodular Chalk Formation (formerly Connett's Hole Nodular Chalk Member of Jarvis & Woodroof, 1984). Mortimore et al. (2001) also adopted the terms 'Grey Chalk Subgroup' and 'White Chalk Subgroup' for the intervals underlying and overlying the base of the Pinnacles Member respectively.


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See: Pinnacles Member, Plenus Marls, Beer Head Limestone Formation, Holywell Nodular Chalk Formation, Southern Region Chalk Group Lithostratigraphy (Rawson et al., 2000), Connett's Hole Nodular Chalk Member

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