Chalk Biozone 6 - Raetiaedinium truncigerum

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Age: Mid Turonian to latest Turonian.

Macrofaunal correlation: The middle of the T. lata/C. woollgari Zone to the middle of the S. plana/S. neptuni Zone.

Definition: The interval between the FAD of Florentinia? torulosa to the FAD of Raetiaedinium truncigerum.

Comments: Additional datums marking the top of this biozone are the FADs of Dinogymnium cretaceum and Hystrichosphaeropsis ovum (see Foucher, 1979).

Lithostratigraphical correlation: The upper New Pit Chalk and lower Lewes Nodular Chalk formations (Southern Province), the upper Welton Chalk and the lower Burnham Chalk formations (Northern Province) and the Herring and Mackerel formations (North Sea).