Chalk Group Lithostratigraphy: Northern Ireland - Post Larry Bane Chalk White Limestone

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The Post Larry Bane White Limestone equates with that part of the Ulster White Limestone occurring above the Larry Bane Chalk Member, the latter being an important lithostratigraphical marker in the interpretation of the lithologically rather uniform coastal exposures (Fletcher, 1977). The Post Larry Bane succession reaches a maximum thickness of +85 m, but Fletcher (1977) implies that much younger strata were removed by Tertiary erosion prior to extrusion of the overlying basalts, and that strata younger than those currently exposed might occur in the deeper parts of local tectonic basins.

Macrofossil Biozonation: B. mucronata Zone s.l. (pars), B. lanceolata Zone & B. occidentalis Zone

Correlation: see Correlation with other UK Chalk Group successions


FLETCHER, T P. 1977. Lithostratigraphy of the Chalk (Ulster White Limestone Formation) in Northern Ireland. Report of the Institute of Geological Sciences, No. 77/24.