Charles Hawker Dinham

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Dinham is 4th from left, back row.


Date Details
1883 Born
1910 Geologist
1922 District Geologist, November 1922
1922 Senior Geologist, April 1922

Biographies and obituaries[edit]

Eyles, V.A. Obituary - Charles Hawker Dinham, B.A., F.R.S.E. Proceedings of the Geological Society of London Pt. 1529 1955.

Charles Hawker Dinham — Wikipedia article

Biographical Index of former RSE Fellows 1783–2002 Part 1. (A-J)


There are 55 works listed in the BGS Library catalogue

BGS archives[edit]

Ref No Title Description
GSM/GL/Cn/1 Correspondence with other geologists; letters to H.A.Allen, C.H.Dinham, Flett, Kitchin, J.Pringle...
GSM/GL/De/5 Correspondence: letters to C.H.Dinham, F.L.Kitchin, B.Smith, C.J.Stubblefield, H.A.Allen.
GSM/GL/Dh Charles Hawker Dinham Worked for the Survey between 1910 and 1953. Particularly known for work on metamorphic rocks of...
GSM/GL/Dh/4 Correspondence: copies and drafts of letters to Bullard, Dixon, Edwards, and others mostly re...
GSM/GL/Di/4 Correspondence with other geologists: letters to E.C.Bullard, W.Dewar, C.H.Dinham, T.Eastwood, F...
GSM/GL/Fw/1 Correspondence: leters to Dinham,Phemister, Pugh and Stubblefield.
GSM/GL/Ho/10 Correspondence: letters to C.H.Dinham, Kitchin, G.H. Mitchell and B.Smith
GSM/GX/Ar/1 Correspondence: letters to E.B.Bailey, C.P.Chatwin, H.G.Dimes, C.H.Dinham, and replies to E.E.L...
GSM/GX/Br/1 Letters to Kitchin, C P Chatwin, Dixon, Stubblefield and A J Butler and Dinham