Chronostratigraphy of the Chalk Group - Paleogene Period, Danian Stage

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The Danian stage was defined by Desor (1847), based on the limestone and chalk succession at Stevns Klint and Fakse, Denmark (Curry et al., 1978).

Definition of base of stage[edit]

In the North Sea (UK sector) the Maastrichtian–Danian boundary is recognised by the extinction of the foraminifera Abathomphalus mayaroensis, Globotruncana contusa and Pseudotextularia elegans (Bailey et al., 1984).

Constituent Chalk Group lithostratigraphical units in the UK[edit]

North Sea: Ekofisk Formation

Constituent biozones[edit]

No macrofossil biozones recognised in UK.

For micro-fossil biozones, see: correlation of stages and dinoflagellate cyst biozones


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