Chronostratigraphy of the Chalk Group - Santonian Stage

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The Santonian stage was first defined by Coquand (1857), and presumably named after the village of Saintes in SW France (Lamolda & Hancock, 1996).

Definition of base of stage[edit]

The lowest occurrence of the inoceramid bivalve Cladoceramus undulatoplicatus (Lamolda & Hancock, 1996).

Constituent Chalk Group lithostratigraphical units in the UK[edit]

Integrated southern England Chalk Group lithostratigraphy: Seaford Chalk Formation (pars) and Newhaven Chalk Formation (pars)

Northern England: Flamborough Chalk Formation (pars)

East Anglia: Upper Chalk (pars)

N. Ireland: Cloghfin Sponge Beds Member, Galboly Chalk Member, Cloghastucan Chalk Member

North Sea: Mackerel Formation (pars)

Constituent macrofossil biozones in the UK
SANTONIAN M.testudunarius
M.coranguinum (pars) Upper H.rostrata Zone
(Northern England only)

Lithostratigraphical marker-beds for the base of the stage[edit]

Southern England: Michael Dean Flint

Northern England: ? between Middleton Top Marl and the High Stacks Flint (Burnett & Whitham, 1999)

East Anglia: ? an un-named flint at 366.5 m depth in the BGS Trunch Borehole [TG 2933 3455] in north Norfolk (Wood et al., 1994); boundary poorly defined in remainder of East Anglia

N. Ireland: basal part of stage not represented by Chalk Group strata


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