Cullen, via Tomintoul, Dufftown and Keith. Day 1 Excursion to the Banffshire Coast

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Unpublished report prepared for the Edinburgh Geological Society Excursion to the Banffshire Coast. 14th – 21st May, 2005. Leaders: John Mendum, Douglas Fettes, David Stephenson and David Gould (British Geological Survey)

Bridge of Avon [NJ 150 201]

(Figures 21, 22; Plate 2)

The first locality to be visited shows Ballachulish Subgroup rocks. Note that these rocks are not exposed on the ‘Banffshire Coast’ section.

Park at picnic spot on east side of old bridge and follow path to river bank. Go c.70m downstream from bridge and then examine section south towards bridge. First outcrops of Corriehabbie Quartzite (Appin Quartzite), immediately overlain by white limestone (Torulian Limestone Member) and then Ailnack Phyllite and Limestone Formation (Appin phyllites and limestones well seen under bridge), the latter also showing tight D3 folds. Note that a sub-vertical fault that runs down length of River Avon and the quartzite (now displaced) can be best seen across the bridge in outcrops immediately on its western side. Although the structure is complex the stratigraphy remains coherent.

Creag Chalcaidh Quarry [NC 155 194]

(Figures 21, 22)

Park at the disused quarry entrance (wide area). Locked gate or fence to be negotiated. The Quarry exposes grey crystalline metalimestone with thin semipelite with pelitic partings and minor cherty lenses, Bedding is difficult to find but can be seen adjacent to the road. This is the Inchrory Limestone Formation. Amphibolitic mafic boudins may be seen on the north face with reaction rims; the face is too dangerous to climb up but some loose material can be found at base of face. A refolded fold can be discerned with some difficulty on the east wall of the quarry.

A short walk (c. 100 m) leads to a viewpoint with view over Tomintoul area.

Tomachlaven Road end [NC 250 321]

Brief stop will be made to examine a small outcrop of the Mortlach Graphitic Schist Formation at the side of road.

Strathisla distillery, Keith

Good examples of gneissose augened Keith Granite can be seen in the distillery walls and at the ‘well’ immediately adjacent to the car park .

Arrive Cullen Bay Hotel (Plates 3, 4)

At all times follow: The Scottish Access Codeand Code of Conduct for Fieldwork .