E.J. Hebert

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Date Details
1875 Appointed Assistant Geologist.
1880 Resigned 21st March.

BGS archives[edit]

Ref No Title Description
GSM/DC/A/C/23/58,68,115 E J Hebert: Letter on his appointment.
GSM/DC/A/C/24/328 E J Herbert: Letter on his resignation.
GSM/GL/Gd J.G.Goodchild Goodchild joined the Survey in 1867. He was a surveyor in Scotland but ceased his field survey work in 1885 and worked from the office in Jermyn St. In 1889 the Royal Scottish Museum devoted a gallery to the specimens and maps of the Scottish branch of the Survey and Goodchild was appointed Curator. He died in 1906.
GSM/GL/Hb E J Hebert
GSM/GL/Hb/1 Notebook: Cheshire - Sections, Wells, Brick Pits, Coal Fragments, Quarries Notes in the front of the book are by E J Hebert. Notes in the back are by J G Goodchild