Edmund Oswald Teale (formerly Thiele) Kt. Bach., D.Sc., F.G.S., F.R.G.S., M.Inst.M.M. (1874–1971)

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Mr and Mrs Teale standing outside grass hut
Field survey camp

Timeline [source: Sprecht, R. Australian Forest History Society Inc. Newsletter No. 39, December 2004][edit]

1874 — Born Edmund Oswald Thiele on 29th Nov. 1874 at Doncaster in Victoria, only child of Johann Gotthold Adalbert Oswald Thiele and Christianna Cuzens.

???? — Married Charlotte Wilhelmine Stalker (1882–1972).

1908 — B.Sc. First Class Honours in Geology, Palaeontology and Mineralogy (Caroline Kay Scholarship in Geology) University of Melbourne.

1910 — M.Sc. University of Melbourne.

1916 — D.Sc. Thesis: ‘Palaeozoic Geology of Victoria. Physiography of Eastern Victoria.’ University of Melbourne.

1908-1916 — Tanganyika.

1916 — Left Tanganyika for Australia due to the WWI British occupation of the German colony.

1916 — Temporary lecturer, University of Adelaide to Replace Sir Douglas Mawson.

1917 — Changed his name from Thiele.

1917–1918 — University of Melbourne, Geology Department. Research fellow studying ‘Pottery clays’ and the ‘Geology of the Howqua River District’.

1919?–1936 — East Africa, geological surveying.

1936 — Knighted, becoming Sir Edmund Oswald Teale.

1971 — Died in England aged 97.

Edmund Oswald Teale archive at the British Geological Survey—summary of contents][edit]

301 letters 1908–1936

35 field note books

6 field note books

Diaries — 8 diaries. For years 1928, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936

3 volumes (carbon copies)


Photographs: glass plates and lantern slides

Handwritten autobiography

E.O. Teale photograph collection[edit]

The full collecton can be viewed on GeoScenic

P617360 Alum Pot. View from pot looking East (Pen-y-Ghent snow covered). P776144 Native plant species on foothills of mountains

P776145 View through the trees

P776146 Dipping strata with scree slopes on mountain

P776147 Group of native plants amongst the grass

P776148 Earth pillars and bedded rocks

P776149 Dipping strata with scree slopes on mountain with eroded top

P776150 Snow capped Mt Kilimanjaro

P776151 Snow covered Mt Kilimanjaro

P776152 Native huts in compound

P776153 Mine buildings

P776154 Mine buildings

P776155 Mine office buildings

P776156 Miners working at mine entrance, winding gear

P776157 View of the landscape from mountain side

P776158 Winding gear at the mine

P776159 Accommodation huts for native mine workers

P776160 Natives panning in alluvial workings

P776161 Winding gear at the mine

P776162 Tractor and trailer carrying goods

P776163 Mine worksite buildings

P776164 Bulldozer at mine site

P776165 Men at work on machinery at mine

P776166 Static steam engine at mine E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776167 Local workers panning for alluvial gold

P776168 Mixing in large barrels at the mine

P776169 Crusher and mine managers

P776170 Cross section through the soil and bedrock at the mine

P776171 Mining equipment

P776172 Mine building

P776173 Mine equipment, separator

P776174 Hard at work with basic equipment at the mine

P776175 Single worker with view of lakes and mountains in the distance

P776176 Workers with basic mine equipment constructed from wood

P776177 Natives in village, tables with sewing machines

P776178 Local military parade and salute

P776179 Group photo of four natives, one policeman

P776180 Native farmer carrying water cattle in the background

P776181 Local village with huts with policeman and bicycle

P776182 Simple mine equipment. Winding gear

P776183 Mine equipment

P776184 Mine equipment

P776185 Cross section of alluvial mine, locals standing with spades

P776186 View of mine workstation, possibly used for cleaning samples

P776187 Field survey party. Trenching

P776188 Dirt track road cut through hillside with (mine) buildings at roadside

P776189 Dirt track road cut through steep hillside

P776190 Locals in shelter

P776191 View of mine winding gear from a distance, with workers building a road or railway

P776192 Locals on lake side with traditional 'dugout' canoes

P776193 Local fishermen on canoe with sail

P776194 Wooden canoe with rudder/tiller attached

P776195 View of lakeside with canoes and steep hills

P776196 Steam boat arriving at jetty

P776197 Locals boarding small boat with tools

P776198 Setting sail on the lake

P776199 At the mine. Workers showing their pan of findings

P776200 At the mine. Workers showing their pan of findings 2

P776201 Workers analysing their pans

P776202 View of mine with hills in the distance

P776203 Mine equipment

P776204 Mine workers loading cart on rail track with large rock boulders

P776205 Mine site with equipment

P776206 Mine site. Local workers digging with basic tools

P776207 Box girder bridge crossing over river

P776208 Workers sitting in motor car

P776209 Workers crossing river on home built raft with another rope lining across

P776210 Royal Air Force at Dodoma. Three Vickers Victoria aircraft unloading cargo, 1929

P776211 People arriving and disembarking from steam boat

P776212 Woman [Mrs Teale?] surrounded by tall trees and sand

P776213 Natives working with pickaxes at the mine

P776214 Workers sifting trough and cleaning samples at the mine

P776215 View of workers carrying samples in wheel barrows. Building tailings pond?? E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776216 Workers using mine equipment in dug out mine trenches

P776217 Aircraft 75-AFI in local village with huts

P776218 Mine site

P776219 Small camel back truss bridge with workers crossing in motor car

P776220 Local town with amenities such as petrol and Goldfields trading stores

P776221 Two storey building and stores

P776222 Two storey house with store attached and motor car outside

P776223 Working around mine site next to rail track with basic tools

P776224 Motor car, DS 2301, travelling along dirt track road

P776225 Man with forge and wooden frame hut

P776226 Worksite with boxes and glass bottles

P776227 Open hut with thatched roof with mine equipment held inside

P776228 Possible headquarters with motor cars and British flag outside

P776229 Local native police with tools, guns and bicycles

P776230 Native tree species at road side

P776231 Native bushes

P776232 Truck crossing river at ferry

P776233 Large tree

P776234 People waiting to board aircraft with Wilson Airways Kenya Colony E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776235 Line of motor cars on road, one being extracted from a ditch

P776236 Locals planning a game with spectators

P776237 View of valley and hills with some outcrop exposure

P776238 Man standing on cliff edge with good rock exposure below

P776239 Tree rings with piece of equipment for scale

P776240 Man taking a photograph of the view of the flat landscape from a hillside

P776241 Man standing beside large rock, around 10m in height

P776242 Natives standing on hillside with walking equipment and lake behind them

P776243 Native sitting on large rock pillar with outcrops scattered around him

P776244 Native tree with mountain (inselberg?) in the background

P776245 Eroded and well rock (granite?) features in lake, making unusual shapes

P776246 Clouds settling over mountains in the distance

P776247 Flat dipping rock beds with loose boulders resting on top

P776248 Local church at base of snow capped mountain

P776249 Locals having an outside discussion amongst the trees and grass

P776250 Large hexagonal shaped church with gardens

P776251 Local town with signpost

P776252 Large hut building with straw roof and dog outside

P776253 Industrial buildings in the background with shallow river flowing past

P776254 Low lying hut constructed from tree braches covered with a grass roof

P776255 Colonial style building with many archways forming verandah

P776256 Iron work huts by lake side

P776257 View of mined hillside with work stations and equipment

P776258 Locals involved with mining process

P776259 Mining equipment being used

P776260 View through the trees to harbour with docked boats, one a steamer

P776261 Horizontally bedded cliff with view of valley and lake below

P776262 Railway line with cart and cut section of rocks

P776263 View of a man observing the view of the lake, town and mountains beyond

P776264 Man standing beside motor car in the middle of the road with hill in the background

P776265 Reflecting trees in the lake

P776266 Large white house with steep mountain face behind

P776267 Surveyor with geological hammer analysing the ground

P776268 Survey team analysing some bedded and fractured rocks

P776269 Deep caveravine with good rock exposure

P776270 Workers panning at the mine

P776271 View of mine equipment on hillside

P776272 Workers on hillside using basic mine equipment

P776273 Mine equipment on river banks

P776274 Native smoking pipe whilst working

P776275 Native sitting on rocks at river banks

P776276 Locals and foreigners sitting in boat

P776277 Palm trees and boats at lake side harbour. Steam ship

P776278 Native style canoe on beach

P776279 Workers in boat and standing on lake edge

P776280 Locals in town next the modern building and train

P776281 Local woman at harbour carrying produce next to steam ship

P776282 Large cliff outcrops with waves below undercutting the rock face

P776283 Large eroded rock with peculiar shape and striations. (Granite?)

P776284 Large rock outcrop, irregularly weathered and stained. (Granite?)

P776285 Water flowing over rock outcrops in steep valley. Bay N. Of Kungwe

P776286 Long, tall eroded outcrop, probably 10-12m, local with bicycle for scale. (Granite?)

P776287 Smoothly eroded, dipping, blocky outcrop with local standing on top

P776288 Locals at rivers edge on boat

P776289 Workers preparing aircraft, Armstrong Witworth. Artemis. AW15 Atalanta G-ABTJ E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776290 Make shift wooden ferry carrying motor car across and people across the river

P776291 Old bridge, Mbeya, Tanganyika Territory, 1928

P776292 Locals with guns trekking across hillside

P776293 Locals rowing fishing boat

P776294 Locals in native canoe with equipment

P776295 Locals arriving at river bank in dugout canoe E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776296 Large, termite hill?

P776297 Native on boat

P776298 Native farmer herding cattle

P776299 Locals with native dress and piercings

P776300 Locusts swarming? E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776301 Locals standing on small hill

P776302 Termite hill? E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776303 Native huts made from leaves

P776304 Native woman carrying pot on her head

P776305 Make shift dam, created out of sticks and branches on the river

P776306 Local boys in native dress

P776307 Flat outcrop in the grass with circle weathering patters

P776308 Local on old foot bridge constructed out of branches

P776309 Local man in canoe

P776310 Native huts with timber stored outside

P776311 Pathway to British compound. Colonial style buildings

P776312 Colonial style buildings

P776313 Construction of new house, made out of bricks

P776314 European surveyors in discussion

P776315 Large two storey house, modern and constructed out of bricks

P776316 Walkways built on water

P776317 Dry river bed? with truck at the side

P776318 Deeply eroded gorge with rock exposure

P776319 Local standing on undulating land surface

P776320 Cliff face with bedded rocks and stack

P776321 New construction site with mountains in the background

P776322 Miners working in steep sided valley with train track and carts

P776323 Local in pool of dirty water

P776324 Local in small river with fallen tree branches on banks

P776325 Locals carrying European across the river in self constructed hammock

P776326 Locals and surveyors at the summit cairn E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776327 Local people in canoe going down crossing river past native style huts

P776328 Natives carrying packages on their heads across flat lands

P776329 Shallow waterfall in river

P776330 Tents and huts in the trees

P776331 Mr and Mrs Teale outside straw hut

P776332 Man cutting another man's hair

P776333 Locals sitting by trees with wooden chest

P776334 Locals lying on the ground in the forest

P776335 Surveyor and locals panning for gold in alluvial workings

P776336 Locals carrying packages up steep sided hill

P776337 View of hills in the distance

P776338 View through the trees of valley and steep hills

P776339 Narrow waterfall flowing over steep, horizontally bedded rocks

P776340 Native bearers with packages and sticks in their hands

P776341 Natives with traditional shields

P776342 Local men with foreign dress

P776343 Native women in traditional dress

P776344 Native man with horn

P776345 Natives with traditional clothing

P776346 Local man on hillside

P776347 Locals constructing wooden fence

P776348 Canoe on river banks. Crossing the river

P776349 Native bearers following path with packages and bicycles

P776350 Dead hippopotamous with gun resting on its back. Native policeman

P776351 Motor cars on road. DO 195

P776352 Survey team in dugout canoe

P776353 Surveyor in dugout canoe

P776354 View of mountains and river. Natives in the foreground

P776355 View of dipping, bedded rocks on river bank and steep rock cliff in the background

P776356 View through rock valley to mountains in the distance

P776357 View of steep, vegetated mountains with waterfall in the distance

P776358 Native on hillside with long stick with cloud covered mountain peaks

P776359 Narrow river gorge with steeply dipping rock beds on banks

P776360 View of river gorge and vegetated hills with rock exposure

P776361 View of mountains with various angles of dipping rock outcrops

P776362 Local policeman

P776363 Local man with wooden equipment (trap?) E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776364 Dyke in river bed? E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776365 Native woman and children with wooden baskets

P776366 Native woman with wooden baskets of food

P776367 Natives in river with shallow waterfall

P776368 Natives crossing shallow river

P776369 Native trees

P776370 Local woman

P776371 Survey team at work in campsite

P776372 View through a cave

P776373 Long, thin clft in flat rock surface

P776374 Vegetated rock cliff edge

P776375 Geographical land map of Mocambique, created 11/11/1911 E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776376 Surveyor looking into deep crack/cleft in the ground

P776377 Native bearers carrying wooden packages. E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776378 Vegetated hill with rock exposure at peak. Inselberg

P776379 Weathered rocks on hillside

P776380 Flat-lying lake ground

P776381 Small hut with rocky mountainsde behind

P776382 Natives climbing seep hill

P776383 Mr and Mrs. E.O. Teale outside straw hut

P776384 Locals standing on large round boulders

P776385 10m high cliff face with shallow dipping bedded rocks

P776386 Three natives standing on small vegetated hill

P776387 View through the trees of wide river/lake? and steep hilly banks

P776388 Native porters crossing wide shallow river with packages on head

P776389 View of a tree house

P776390 Native huts and structures. Boy in basket

P776391 Local man in traditional dress

P776392 Preparing tea, in the field, table, tablecloth, rifles

P776393 Natives crossing river in canoe

P776394 Natives cooking and preparing food

P776395 Locals in the long grass

P776396 Native woman and child carrying pots on their heads

P776397 Native woman with woven baskets. Native policeman

P776398 Local man with whistle round his neck and unusual hair style

P776399 View through a cave of surveyor in water with his dogs

P776400 Flat lying rock outcrops. Sand dunes

P776401 Dipping rock outcrops at shore face. Two men with fishing rods. (Cornwall?)

P776402 Sail boat beached on shore. (Cornwall?)

P776403 Horse and carriage on path

P776404 Horse and carriage through the grass and heath

P776405 Lighthouse on rocky shores

P776406 Dead wildebeest with gun resting on top. E.O. Teale

P776407 Steeply tilted rock outcrops

P776408 Large, round, smooth boulders in a river

P776409 Boat with many natives inside

P776410 Very large rounded boulders

P776411 Rock ridge at top of hill. Inselberg

P776412 Dipping rocks on river bank with Teale being carried across the river

P776413 Tall tree in native village

P776414 Rock outcrops with varying features on river gorge with waterfall

P776415 Old historic masonary archway. E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776416 Rounded and weathered cliff/rock face

P776417 Native huts on hillside

P776418 Avenue of trees

P776419 View through the forest

P776420 Natives with huts

P776421 Weathered, horizontally bedded outcrops

P776422 View of flat valley floor and steep edges in the distance

P776423 Native porters crossing river in the distance

P776424 Waterfall entering pool

P776425 Weathered and vegetated outcrops

P776426 Locals walking over large, flat rock outcrop

P776427 Horizontally bedded rocks covered with vegetation

P776428 Native woman with baby on back grinding flour

P776429 Native men with traditional hair styles

P776430 Native mother with baby on her back

P776431 Native policeman with rifle

P776432 Above view of wet lands

P776433 Man made stone wall constructed on top of rock outcrop

P776434 Natives using traditional fishing techniques in the river

P776435 Native man sitting on outcrop

P776436 Construction of a new house

P776437 Native man and boys with axe, and bow and arrows. boys with tools

P776438 Painting of steep mountains with a town in the foreground. New Zealand

P776439 View of built up town and a port. New Zealand

P776440 Local man and woman in a canoe. New Zealand

P776441 Base on snow covered Mount Cook. New Zealand

P776442 Steep mountains with river and forest in the foreground. New Zealand

P776443 Snow capped mountain tops and vegetated hillside. New Zealand

P776444 Geyser crater ? New Zealand

P776445 Mud explosion. New Zealand

P776446 Locals outside traditional building with wooden carvings. New Zealand

P776447 View of steep snow capped mountains and valley with river flowing below. New Zealand

P776448 Steep mountains with calm river in the foreground. New Zealand

P776449 Large rounded boulders on top of flat outcrops. Group photograph

P776450 Tall rock pillar weathered into current shape

P776451 Large, irregular boulder sitting on outcrop. With E.O. Teale

P776452 View of deep canyon

P776453 Steep sided hill with outcropping rocks with scree and rock fall

P776454 Rock and snow exposure on top of mountain

P776455 Houses and buildings in valley

P776456 Travertine? E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776457 Travertine? E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776458 Small crater/fumerole ? E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776459 Man viewing native tree species

P776460 Small flowing river with native vegetation

P776461 Bridge across the water

P776462 Horse drawn carts at a farmstead

P776463 View of the trees

P776464 Steep coastal cliff face with good dipping rock exposure

P776465 Close up of coastal rock cliff face

P776466 Wave-cut platform. Coastal exposure of rocks

P776467 Man with horse and carriage outside village

P776468 Man and boy with dogs at small cave entrance

P776469 Mine equipment

P776470 Native children. With E.O. Teale

P776471 Native village with pots

P776472 Man made wooden walkway in village

P776473 Natives in the trees

P776474 Traditional hut with long grass roof and timber frame

P776475 Native carvings

P776476 Tall piles of pots

P776477 Steamer on river. Docked by village

P776478 Native at dockside

P776479 View of river banks

P776480 E.O. Teale with native with rifle

P776481 Scattered pottery amongst the grass

P776482 Locals working on a pathway in the forest

P776483 Native huts

P776484 Native porters crossing the river by canoe

P776485 Natives crossing river on man-made wooden raft

P776486 Local at entrance of wooden structure

P776487 Natives with tools and bicycles

P776488 House and tower built from mud

P776489 Natives at riverside in large canoe

P776490 Natives crossing river on bridge made from a tree trunk

P776491 River gorge with rocky banks

P776492 Native man in traditional dress

P776493 Local man standing onundercut cliff. Native standing on the top

P776494 View of weathered cliff face

P776495 River valley with steep sides

P776496 Flowing river with steep rocky banks

P776497 View through a cave

P776498 Long, narrow crack/cleft in the ground

P776499 Girl sitting on tree coming out of narrow cleft in the ground

P776500 Water warn cleft in rock surface

P776501 Cliff face

P776502 Outcrop, possible conglomerate, with geologists hammer on top

P776503 Local boy in village

P776504 Local men in village

P776505 Natives constructing new wooden, circular hut

P776506 Native village

P776507 Native man

P776508 Native woman with piles of wood

P776509 Natives constructing new housing

P776510 Large sail boats by the shore

P776511 Shallow dipping rocks into the water. With surveyors measuring wheel

P776512 View through he forest of could covered mountain

P776513 Natives in traditional dress

P776514 Locals outside hut with hill behind. European with bicycle

P776515 Locals in traditional and modern dress

P776516 Locals in the forest. Bicycles

P776517 Locals and goats crossing a river

P776518 Survey team analysing the underside of undecut cliff face

P776519 Panning

P776520 Outcrop with weathered rain desiccation marks

P776521 Workers panning for gold

P776522 View of large river with island in the middle

P776523 View of water with vegetation and rock exposure on the banks

P776524 View of large river with island in the middle

P776525 View of river canopied by trees and vegetation

P776526 Marks on the rock surface

P776527 Native porters carrying a box across the fast moving river

P776528 Survey team analysing the underside of an overhanging cliff face

P776529 Rock outcrop and cleft. With markings on the surface

P776530 Large gathering of locals beside the forest

P776531 Old fortress by the sea

P776532 Large gathering of locals beside the forest

P776533 Vertical rock beds by the shore and coming out of the water. Cornwall

P776534 Shore face rock exposure. Cornwall

P776535 Pathway leading to summit with shallow dipping beds. Cornwall

P776536 View of large cliff face with prominent bedding in the background and shallow dipping rocks in the foreground. Cornwall

P776537 Large sea stack. Cornwall

P776538 Granite cliffs, Cornwall

P776539 View of cliff face with varying angles of dipping strata. Cornwall

P776540 Narrow cobbled street in village in Cornwall

P776541 Steep dipping beds into the water with folded rocks in the background. Cornwall

P776542 Survey team at work in the field camp

P776543 Bicycle safari- Edmund Teale and two police companions. Gold Coast. 1923

P776544 Surveyor having dinner in the field

P776545 Native porters crossing the river with packages on their heads

P776546 Field surveying party. Gold Coast. 1923 Bicycle and surveyors measuring wheel

P776547 River crossing-'colonial style'. Portuguese East Africa.1914

P776548 Making notes. Gold Coast. 1923 E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776549 River transport by traditional 'dugout' canoe. Gold Coast. 1919

P776550 Mrs Charlotte Teale trims Edmunds hair. Field camp, Portuguese East Africa. 1911

P776551 Preparing the aircraft. G-EBSO. De Havilland DH60X MOTH C/N 419

P776552 Unloading the Albion motor car. Mombasa, Kenya. 1927 E.O. Teale photograph collection.

P776553 Simple home made milling equipment. Lupa Gold Field, Tanganyika Territory. 1928

P776554 Men with umbrella

P776555 Bailey Wills Expedition- Dodoma to Babiti. Ruaha River ferry crossing. 1929

P776556 Old bridge, Mbeya, Tanganyika Territory, 1928

P776557 Travelling entertainers (Teale's description) Malagarasi, Tanganyika Territory. 1928

P776558 Panning for gold in alluvial workings. Lupa gold field. Tanganyika Territory. 1929

P776559 Royal Air Force at Dodoma. Three Vickers Victoria aircraft unloading cargo, 1929

P776560 Survey field team with dead animals on the back of a truck

P776561 Relaxing at picnic. In hill country south of Dodoma, Tanganyika Territory. 1929