Ernest Edward Leslie Dixon

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Date Details
1876 Born
1899 Temporary Assistant Geologist
1901 Geologist
1922 Senior Geologist
1936 Murchison Medal

Biographies and obituaries[edit]

Eastwood, T. Obituary - Ernest Edward Leslie Dixon. Geological Survey of England and Wales. Proceedings of the Geological Society of London Pt. 1611 1963.

[Anon.] Obituary - Ernest Edward Leslie Dixon. Born in 1876, died 9th April 1963. Proceedings of the Geologists' Asociation v. 75 (1) 1964.


93 works listed in the BGS Library catalogue

BGS archives[edit]

Ref No Title Description
GSM/DR/Sb/8/3 Publications The Pleistocene History of the West Midlands by Prof L J Wills; Note on the water supply of Uriconium by R W Pocock; A Guide to the Roman City of Uriconium by George E Fox; The Geology of South Shropshire by W W Watts; Lead and Zinc Ores in the Pre-carboniferous Rocks of West Shropshire and North Wales by Bernard Smith and Henry Dewey
GSM/GL/Po R W Pocock
GSM/GX/Z/301 Pocock, R W
GSM/GL/Dh/4 Correspondence: copies and drafts of letters to Bullard, Dixon, Edwards, and others mostly re Biggleswade Memoir; also some letters to Dinham.
GSM/GL/Di Ernest Edward Leslie Dixon (Obituary File) Joined the Survey in 1899 and left in 1938. Worked on Carboniferous Limestone and haematite deposits in the NW.
GSM/GL/Di/4 Correspondence with other geologists: letters to E.C.Bullard, W.Dewar, C.H.Dinham, T.Eastwood, F.l.Kitchin, G.H.Mitchell, J.Pringle, A.Strahan and H.H.Thomas; also some letters to Dixon.
GSM/GL/Dn E. Dixon
GSM/GL/Jn/1 Correspondence: letters to E.E.L.Dixon, T.N.George, F.L.Kitchin, W.F.P.McLintock, W.J.Pugh, A.Strahan and H.H.Thomas
GSM/GL/Wr/20 Letters From E Dixon to W B Wright
GSM/GX/Ar/1 Correspondence: letters to E.B.Bailey, C.P.Chatwin, H.G.Dimes, C.H.Dinham, and replies to E.E.L.Dixon, F.H.Edmonds, F.L.Kitchin, J.Pringle, G.V.Wilson
GSM/GX/Br/1 Letters to Kitchin, C P Chatwin, Dixon, Stubblefield and A J Butler and Dinham
GSM/GX/Ho/1 Letters to E E L Dixon
GSM/GX/Kn J D Kendall The following records comprise a large collection of papers and records on mines in Cumbia and the North west. J D Kendall was a mining engineer from Whitehaven who was an expert on haematite iron-ore mining.
GSM/MG/C/36 Presentation and exchange of specimens - Mason-Dixon Line monuments
IGS/DR/Du/3 Iron ore deposits of the Northern Pennines', Wartimr pamphlet no 14. Typescript with corrections by E.E.L.Dixon
OGS/DC/10/2/1 British Honduras - Mr Dixon's Reports