Excursion to Bushey, Oxhey and Watford Heath. Saturday, June 24th, 1911 - Geologists' Association excursion

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Geologists' Association Circular No. 133. Session 1910–1911. p.12[edit]

Excursion to Bushey, Oxhey and Watford Heath. Saturday, June 24th, 1911.(Transcription from GA Circular No. 133. Session 1910–1911. p.12) =[edit]


EXCURSION SECRETARY: G. J. ROBERTS, "Noyna," Avenue Rise, Bushey, Herts.

Leave Euston, L. and N.W.R. at 2.20; arrive Bushey 2.57. Special return fare 1s. 5d.

Meet Mr. Roberts at entrance to platforms 4 and 5 not later than 5 minutes past 2.

Walk through the Bushey Railway Cutting. The clay, sand, and bottom pebble bed, of the Reading series, have been well opened up since the last visit. These have mostly been covered, but the lower part of the beds may possibly be exposed. An explanation of the beds will be given, and their positions indicated.

Walk a short distance to the new Oxhey Golf Course, which is being made between Sandy Lodge and the L. and N.W.R. The sections here include (1) Chalk, about 40 ft. showing; (2) The bottom pebble bed of the Reading series, two good sections; (3) Reading Sand with bedded flint pebbles, a number of excellent exposures; (4) Reading Clay; and on the high ground (5) A capping of sand and Pleistocene gravel, mainly composed of flint, but containing quartz pebbles, quartzite, sandstone, etc.

Walk back, one mile, to Watford Heath, where tea will be taken at he "Load of Hay." Price 1s., including eggs.

Quite a short distance away is a brickfield, well worth a visit. It would seem that this is referred to by Mr, Whitaker, on p. 254 of the Geology of London, as the "Watford Heath Kiln," but the Reading Clay mentioned in the Geological Survey Memoir is now absent. Contrary to what is usual in she district, the "basement bed" of the London Clay at Watford Heath rests immediately on the Reading Sand.

At the top of the Reading Sand slight traces of clay occur among the pebbles of the "basement bed." The section shows; (1) Pale Reading Sand, 16 ft.; (2) Basement Bed of London Clay, about 8ft., with band of pebbles; (3) Sandy Clay, passing into brown London Clay, above 20 ft. Sharks' teeth and other fossils may be found.

Walk less than one mile to Bushey Station.

Return by train, leaving at 7.34, due Euston at 8.15.

The Herts Natural History Society has been invited to join this excursion.


Geological Survey Map, London District (Drift), Sheet 1. N.W.

Fieldpath Map of the Watford District, Stanford. Price 1s. and 25.

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List of photographs[edit]

Bushey Excursion, June 24th 1911[edit]

Page 45 P805422 Bushey railway cutting. Junction of Chalk and Reading Beds. Bushey Excursion, June 24th 1911.
Page 45 P805423 Oxhey Golf Course. Reading Sands with bedded flint pebbles. Bushey Excursion, June 24th 1911.
Page 45 P805424 Watford Heath Kiln. Basement bed of London Clay. Bushey Excursion, June 24th 1911.
Page 45 P805425 Oxhey Golf Course. Bottom pebble bed of Reading series. Bushey Excursion, June 24th 1911.