Excursion to G.W.R. New Line from Hertford to Stevenage. Saturday, May 2nd, 1914 - Geologists' Association excursion

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Excursion to G.N.R. New Line from Hertford. to Stevenage. Saturday, May 2nd, 1914. (Transcription from Geologists' Association Circular No. 166. Session 1913–1914.)[edit]

DIRECTORS : WILLIAM HILL, F,G.S., and J. C. L. TRAIN (Resident Engineer).

EXCURSION SECRETARY : MISS E. PEARSE, 3, Bessborough Mansions, Westminster, S W.

Meet at King's Cross Local Station (G.N.R.) at 10.55 a.m. at latest. Special return fare 2/11. Train leaves 11.10 a.m. Arrives at Knebworth about 11.49 a.m.

The new line is the continuation of that from Cuffiey to Hertford visited by the Association on July 5th last year. The work is in active progress and sections other than those mentioned may be opened up. For about six miles the line traverses the western slope of the Stevenage Valley drained by the river Beane, which joins the Lea near Hertford. It then crosses the valley and continues along the eastern slope to Hertford. The general character of the country is undulating, there are therefore a number of cuttings.

The party will walk from Knebworth Station to Broadwater, where the new line joins the main G.N. Railway, and from thence to Hertford.

Though the Chalk is frequently seen, the cuttings at present are all in Boulder Clay and gravel. Good sections showing the varying relations of these are to be seen at Broadwater and at several points to Watton. The cutting here is deep and the details interesting. Interesting sections occur also at Stapleford and on the hill above Waterford. There is a tunnel rather more than 300 yds. long through the chalk just before Hertford is reached, the gravels and Boulder Clay overlying it. There is another good section at Hertford. Igneous as well as sedimentary rocks containing fossils occur in the gravels and Boulder Clay, and a good opportunity occurs for collection. The Boulder Clay, though full of Chalk pebbles, contains hardly any flints.

Photographs of the cuttings will be valuable.

Members should bring luncheon, which will be taken en route. Tea at the Salisbury Arms, Hertford, at about 5.30 p.m. Plain tea 9d., with eggs 1/3.

Return trains from Hertford 7 and 8.20, arrive at King's Cross at 7.59 and 9.55 respectively.

Walking distance about ten miles.


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From the Geologists' Association Carreck Archive. The Reader Geological Photographs. 1914, 1916.

From the Geologists' Association Carreck Archive. The Reader Geological Photographs. 1914, 1916.