Excursion to Reigate. Saturday, July 2nd, 1910 - Geologists' Association excursion

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Geologists' Association Circular No. 122. Session 1909–1910. p.2.[edit]

Excursion to Reigate. Saturday, July 2nd, 1910. (Transcription from GA Circular No. 122. Session 1909–1910. p.2.)[edit]



Leave Cannon Street, 2.12; arrive at Reigate, 3.9. To obtain cheap return tickets, 2s, 4d. each, meet Mr. Wilks under clock, Cannon Street Station, not later than 1.55.

Walk from station westward, for about a mile, to a pit showing the junction of the Gault (with phosphatic nodules) and the sand of the Folkestone Beds. A boring near by reaches the bottom of the Gault at the depth of 155 feet, and then goes ros feet into the Folkestone Beds. Then walk northward to the top of the Chalk in(North Downs), about three-quarters of a mile, perhaps seeing a section in Upper Greensand on the way. At the top of the hill the Chalk is capped by clay-with-flints, in which there are sometimes small masses of fine sand, presumably Eocene (though not in place). Turning eastward, a chalk-pit, almost at the hill-top and close to the boundary of the Reigate Public Ground, will he examined. The section of this is unique. The chalk is much broken up, and sand (again presumably Eocene) has been irregularly washed into the gaps in the rock to a large extent. There are also large masses of crystalline calcite, mostly of radiate form, a mineral of rare occurrence in the Chalk.

This section should be photographed, and zoning by fossils may be seen to.

The walk will be continued south-eastward to the town for about a mile, when tea will be taken. After tea there will be a further walk of about a mile to a large pit by the railway, south of Wray Common, where the Gault will be again seen resting on the Folkestone Beds, but here without phosphatic nodules (or at all events with only very few). The Folkestone Beds are remarkably well shown here.

Then the walk will be eastward, for another mile, to Redhill Station.

Total walking distance, about 5 miles.

Return trains: Redhill, 7.47, arrive 8.38 Cannon Street; and another at 8.47: arrive 9.36 Cannon Street.

Maps: Ordnance, New Series, Sheet 286; Geological, Sheet 8 (drift).


Excursion to Reigate, July 2nd 1910[edit]

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Excursion to Reigate, July 2nd 1910[edit]

Page 15 P805370 Pit by railway south of Wray Common. Gault resting on Folkestone beds. Excursion to Reigate, July 2nd 1910.
Page 15 P805371 Excursion to Reigate, July 2nd 1910.