Excursion to Southborough and Tonbridge. Saturday, May 28th, 1910 - Geologists' Association excursion

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Geologists' Association Circular 119. Session 1909–1910. p.8[edit]

Excursion to Southborough and Tonbridge. Saturday, May 28th, 1910. (Transcription from GA Circular 119. Session 1909–1910. p.8)[edit]


EXCURSION SECRETARY: A. C. YOUNG, 17, Vicars Hill, Lewisham, S.E.

Leave Cannon Street Station by 2.32 train, due Southborough 3.41. To obtain cheap return tickets, 3s. 4d. each, meet Mr. Young under the clock not later than 2.15.

Visit large pit in Wadhurst clay at High Brooms Brick Company's Works. This pit shows 100 ft. of Wadhurst clay capped with 20 ft. of Lower Tunbridge Wells sand. Unio, Cyrena media, Cypris valdensis, Equisetites lyelli, and teeth of Lepidotus, &c., may he found.

Walk through the fields to Tonbridge, visiting sections in Tunbridge Wells sand and Ashdown sand en route.

The path follows a stream (a feeder of the Medway) for about a mile, and some good examples of river erosion on a small scale may he seen.

Tea will he arranged at Tonbridge.

Total walking distance 6 miles.

Return train, Tonbridge, 7.25; due Cannon Street 8.44.


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Excursion to Southborough and Tonbridge, May 28th 1910[edit]

List of photographs[edit]

Page 15 P805368 High Broom Brick Company's pit. Tunbridge Wells Sand overlying Wadhurst Clay. Excursion to Southborough and Tonbridge, May 28th 1910.
Page 15 P805369 Carried 40,000,000 bricks. Edward Ashbee, an employee of the High Broom Brick Company, near Tunbridge Wells. Excursion to Southborough and Tonbridge, May 28th 1910. Edward Ashbee holds the record of having carried considerably over 40,000,000 bricks on a wheelbarrow in the past thirty years. The weight of the bricks is estimated at nearly 130,000 tons, and in the course of his work he has walked nearly 55,000 miles, or nearly twice the distance round the world. Ashbee is a man of fine physique, and looks much younger than his fifty years. [Newspaper cutting.].