Excursions on the Isle of Skye, an introduction

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From: Bell, B.R. and Harris, J.W. An excursion guide to the geology of the Isle of Skye : Geological Society of Glasgow, 1986. © 1986 B.R. Bell & J.W. Harris. All rights reserved.
Figure 14 Location of excursion on Skye

Details of twenty-two excursions, of widely varying length, are presented. Maps are provided and should be consulted in conjunction with the Locality descriptions. Each excursion begins with details on: Purpose; Aspects Covered; Route; Distance; Time; and, General Comments. These should be studied before undertaking any excursion. The position of each excursion is illustrated on (Figure 14). Also provided in the text, after the General Comments, are details of routes to and from the excursion area. Parties may best decide which excursions they wish to tackle by consulting the sections on Purpose and Aspects Covered. The most general excursions are 4, 6, 8, 9 and 10.

References to the main text (Chapters 1 to 13) are made as follows: (4D) equals Section (D) of Chapter 4,; (11B) equals Section (B) of Chapter 11; and so on.

A general legend for those excursion maps which do not have a key is located at the back of the guide.

Useful maps are:

Geological (Scotland, either One-Inch Series or 1:50000 Series, Solid or Drift): Sheet 70 (Minginish); Sheet 71(W) (Broadford); Sheet 71(E) (Lochalsh); Sheet 80(W) (Dunvegan); Sheet 80(E)/part 81 (Portree); Sheet 90/part 91 (Staffin). A Special Sheet (Northern Skye) covers the areas of Sheets 80(W), 80(E)/part 81 and 90/part 91.

Topographical (Ordnance Survey 1:50000 Series): Sheet 23 (North Skye); Sheet 32 (South Skye); Sheet 33 (Loch Alsh and Glen Shiel). The Ordnance Survey 1:25000 Outdoor Leisure Map "The Cuillin and Torridon Hills" is particularly useful. Skye is also covered by the 1:25000 Series maps.

A useful book is: British Mesozoic Fossils, published by the British Museum (Natural History). ISBN 0 565 05703 0.

In the excursions six-figure National Grid References are given for each locality. All Grid References carry the prefix NG.

The weather on Skye can change rapidly and can be severe. Parties should be prepared for wet and often cold conditions. Good warm weather-proof clothing and footwear are advised and 'emergency' food should be carried, together with a first-aid kit. For reasons of safety, it is suggested that parties should consist of at least three people. Parties should advise others of their intended route and time-table. If in doubt, consult the Geological Code of Conduct published by the Geologists' Association, London.

Travel to and on Skye: Skye may be reached by rail (Edinburgh Inverness–Kyle of Lochalsh, and Glasgow–Mallaig), coach (Glasgow to Uig) and air (Glasgow to Broadford) services. Time-tables are seasonal and should be consulted before any visit is undertaken. On Skye, public transport consists of coach services linking the larger centres of population. More remote areas may be reached through one of the passenger-carrying Post Office minibuses. However, the greatest degree of freedom, whilst travelling, is achieved by either car or private hire of minibuses and coaches.

List of excursions[edit]

Excursion 1 The area around Isleornsay (Figure 15)

Excursion 2 The areas around Ord and Tarskavaig (Figure 16a), (Figure 16b)

Excursion 3 The Strathaird Peninsula (Figure 17)

Excursion 4 Beinn an Dubhaich (Figure 18)

Excursion 5 Kilchrist (Figure 19a), (Figure 19b), (Figure 19c)

Excursion 6 The area around the Old Manse at Kilchrist (Figure 20) (modified from Nicholson 1985) Excursion 7 The Broadford area (Figure 21) (modified from Hallam 1959)

Excursion 8 Creag Strollamus (Figure 22)

Excursion 9 Strollamus to Torrin (Figure 23)

Excursion 10 Camasunary Bay (Figure 24) Excursion 11 Loch Coruisk - Druim Hain (Figure 25)

Excursion 12 Gleann Torra-mhichaig - Coire nam Bruadaran - Belig (Figure 26)

Excursion 13 The Moll Coast (Figure 27)

Excursion 14 The Allt Daraich sectionExcursion 14 The Allt Daraich section (Figure 28a), (Figure 28b)

Excursion 15 Marsco (Figure 29)

Excursion 16 Glen Brittle and the Western Cuillin Hills (Figure 30)

Excursion 17 The Portree area (Figure 31)

Excursion 18 Bearreraig Bay - The Storr (Figure 32)

Excursion 19 The Loch Cuithir diatomite deposits (Figure 33)

Excursion 20 The Kilt Rock (Figure 33)

Excursion 21 Kildorais to Staffin Bay coastal section and The Quirang (Figure 34a), (Figure 34bc), (Figure 34de), (Figure 34f), (modified from Anderson and Dunham 1966)

Excursion 22 West Trotternish (Figure 35a), (Figure 35b), (Figure 35c)

Key to symbols used on excursion maps


Appendix 1: Glossary of petrological names and terms[edit]

Appendix 2: Glossary of fossil names[edit]

== Appendix 3: Glossary of place names and grid references ==á

At all times follow: The Scottish Access Codeand Code of conduct for geological field work