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Date Details
1870 Born December 13th at Whitehaven, only son of William Henry Kitchin. Educated at St. Bees School and St. John’s College, Cambridge (Natural Sciences Tripos). Further course of study under Zittel at Munich.
Commenced study of Jurassic material from Kutch, sent for examination by Geological Survey of India. (Dissertation on Jurassic Brachiopoda from Kutch for Ph.D.).
1894 Elected F.G.S.
1898 Appointed Assistant Palaeontologist on Geological Survey.
1901-1902 Published 2 memoirs of the “Palaeontologia Indica” : Brachiopoda (1901) and Lamellibranchia (1902).
Succeeded E.T. Newton as Palaeontologist of the Survey.
1906 Awarded Wollaston Fund.
1906-1911 Served on Council of Geological Society (also 1915-19 and 1926-31).
Most important official work: Kent Coalfield with J. Pringle and G.W. Lamplugh (2 memoirs).
1908 Results of description of collection of fossils from the Uitenhage series published in “Annals of the South African Museum”.
1923 Sc.D.
1929 Elected F.R.S.
1934 Lyell Medal.
1934 Died January 20th in St. Thomas’s Hospital.

Biographies and obituaries[edit]

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BGS archives[edit]

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