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Sample page (Volume 1, Page 1)

These two key albums of the GA focus on photographs of members.

The first volume (70 pages) contains portraits of early GA members and then photographs of individuals or groups of members taken on GA field excursions 1922–1977.

The second volume (12 pages) contains photographs of individuals or groups of members taken on GA field excursions 1979 to 1996.

Geologists' Association photograph album - Green bound No. 1[edit]

Page 1[edit]

Henry Dewey was Assistant Director of the Geological Survey. He was a pioneer and authority on Palaeolithic Man, and authority on the West of England, especially Cornish mining. President 1924–26. Received Stopes Medal in 1958.

E.T. Newton F.R.S. Palaeontologist at Geological Survey, Jermyn Street. Authority on fossil vertebrates. President 1896–98.

Dr A.J. Bull.was an authority on photography, and applied this to the photographs in the Proceedings. President from 1926–28, and Chairman of the Weald Research Committee from 1923 until his death in 1950.

Page 2[edit]

Professor H.L. Hawkins F.R.S. was an authority on fossil Echinoids. He was Professor of Geology at the University of Reading. President from 1938–40.

John Pickering served on committee in 1859, Vice-President from 1860 to 1866. The first specialist in Qaternary non-marine mollusca.

Page 3[edit]

Charles Davies Sherborne was a professional natural history bibliographer. His greatest work was the "Index Animalium", an index to all recent and fossil genera and species from 1758 to 1850. He was secretary of the Association from 1889–97, and received the Foulerton Award in 1922.

Charles[Charles Davies Sherborne] in the geological excursion days (aged about twenty-five).

Charles [Charles Davies Sherborne] aged 32.

Squire in his corner at the Museum (Aged seventy-four) [Charles Davies Sherborne]

Sir Edward Harrison Kt. has continued the work on: Eoliths and Kentish geology and archeology, begun by his father Benjamin Harrison. He was Vice President of the Association from 1933–35.

Page 4[edit]

Arthur Wrigley Feb. 1948. Arthur Wrigley was a specialist in study of Tertiary Mollusca and fossil annelids. Contributed numerous papers to the Proceedings. Received Foulerton Award in 1927, and was a Council member and Vice-President.

Miss G.M. Bauer has worked unceasingly for the Midland Group and was given the Foulerton Award in 1924.

Dr. E.E.L. Dixon, who joined in 1897, is noted for his work on the Palaeozoic rocks of South Wales. Foulerton Award recipient 1939.

Page 5[edit]

Dr. L.R. Cox President 1954–56.

E. Ernest Brown. He devoted much of his life to working for the Association. He was Secretary from 1925–37, President 1948–50. Received Foulerton Award 1941.

G.S. Sweeting. Editor 1932–46. Editor of The History of the Geologists' Association. Received Foulerton Award 1951.

Page 6[edit]

Professor David Williams. President 1958–1960.

Horace Bolingbroke Woodward

Professor A. Morley Davies was one of our most senior members. He was President of our Association from 1928–30, Editor from 1893–6. He was always a keen supporter of the Association, conducting many field meetings from 1895–1949 and publishing a wealth of papers.

Page 7[edit]

P.D. Stebbing, Who joined in 1893, has contributed papers to the Proceedings, led field meetings and was President from 1940–42.

Dr. A.J. Bull of Bolt Court, died 15 April 1950.

Emil Montag, who joined in 1897,was given the Foulerton Award in 1943.He has organised many foreign field meetings and acted as interpreter.

Page 8[edit]

Miss Rosalie N. Yeates was Honorary Librarian from 1924–32. She received the Foulerton Award in 1935.

A.G. Davis contributed a large number of papers to the Proceedings and led many field meetings. He was an authority on Tertiary and Pleistocene palaeontology and fossil microzoa. Palaeontologist to British Petroleum Company. Foulerton Award 1928.

A.S. Kennard. was an eminent authority on Quaternary and Recent non-marine mollusca, and Pleistocene palaeontology. President 1944–46. First recipient of the Stopes Medal 1946.

Clement Reid

Page 9[edit]

Professor H.L. Hawkins, Okus quarries, Swindon, Wilts., 1923.

Dr. W.J. Arkell 1937.

Dr. W.J. Arkell 1937.

Professor H.L. Hawkins 1937.

The Keston Kent April 1927.

Professor W.W. Watts at Crayford. 1931.

Field Meeting to Oxford 1926.

A.L. Leach, April 1943, aged 73.

Page 10[edit]

Dr. C.W. Andrews, F.R.S., Curator of Fossil Mammals in the British Museum (Natural History), during the museum' s official excavation of the skeleton of a straight-tusked elephant at Upnor near Chatham, Kent, Autumn,1913. Andrews was noted for his work on Tertiary mammals from the Fayum, Egypt. Photo. donated by Dr. A.J. Sutcliffe, 24.5.1979.

Sir Antonio Brady, Kt.,J.P., F.G.S., of Maryland Point, Stratford, Essex, c. 1875.

Pioneer collector of Pleistocene mammalian remains from the brickearths of Ilford, Essex, for a long period in last century. His very large collection is in the British Museum (Natural History). Photo donated by Dr. A.J. Sutcliffe, 24.5.1979.

Page 11[edit]

Miss M.S. Johnston for many years collected invaluable material for the Photographic albums of the Association. She was Illustrations Secretary 1910–25, and a Vice-President 1931–2.

Simeon Priest carried out considerable field work in the Midlands, Hertfordshire, and Kent. He was Curator of Dartford Borough Museum 1934–54. Foulerton Award 1926.Numerous papers in our Proceedings.

E.C. Martin contributed papers to the Proceedings and led field meetings. Was a Council member from 1934–53, Treasurer from 1935–48 and Vice-President 1949–50. Also a Trustee and received Foulerton Award in 1952.

Mr Henry Dewey (holding map). Taken at Grimspound, Dartmoor 1953.

Page 12[edit]

Field meeting to Newcastle July 1931, party at Nenthead, an old mine edit. Showing E.P. Nicholson extreme left and Dr. Dix left of group at rock face. (H.D. Hewitt photo)

Field meeting to Glendun River, Nr. Oushendun, Co. Antrim. I975. (H. Dixon Hewitt photo)

Excursion to Girvan 1932, party at Glen App (Graywacke section). Dr. Pringle right facing, Miss Illington centre, near bus facing, Nicholson extreme left (white hat) (H.D. Hewitt photo)

Ulster meeting 17th. August 1935, party at Brough Derg Burn, Co. Tyrone. (H.D. Hewitt photo)

G.A. Excursion to Dartford Heath, 1931. Pres. by E.E. Brown.

Midland Group field meeting to Dudley, circa 1975. Showing from left to right, Mr. Willetts, H.M. Sale, Miss Lund and Miss Bauer. (presented by Miss Bauer)

Page 13[edit]

Ulster meeting 17th. August 1935. Lough Fea. Back row: Dr. Mitchell, Tomkeieff,?, Fleet, ?, ?, Hobley, McCallien?,?, Davison, Measures?, Champion, Carruthers, Sanger. Second Row, Mrs. Robley (half face only), Mrs. Fleet; Mrs. Russell?, Miss Yeates, Mrs Brown, E.E.S. Brown, Charlesworth. Third Row. (sitting) Mrs Burton, Russel,?, Miss Hackney, Stenhouse, ?, Mrs. Upton?, Reynolds, ?, Mrs. Reynolds. Front Row. Miss E. White, Miss Carrol,?, Raw, Miss Dix, L.R. Cox, Lloyd, Miss Paynter, Shelford, Miss Brown, Temperley, ?, Richey, (R.D. Hewitt photo)

Charnwood Forest Excursion, 27th. September 1936. Professor W.W. Watts searching for the 4ft.6ins volcanic bomb. (M.A. Arber photo)

Aberystwyth Excursion August 8th 1975. Professor O.T. Jones (centre, discoursing) Prof. Whittard (back view in dark jacket) Miss E. White (in white beret). Miss E. Dix (dark head) Mr. E.J. Pegg and Miss Pegg (both back view). (Miss M.A. Arber photo)

Field meeting to Newhurst Quarry, Charnwood. September 1976. Professor W.W. Watts on right. (Miss M.A. Arber photo)

Professor Watts' Excursion to Charnwood 1936. Dr. Matley. 2. Mr. Bower. 3. Miss Harvey. 4 G.S. Sweeting. 5. Dr. E. Dix. 6. Prof. W.W. Watts. 7. Mr. McIntyre. 8. Mr. Gregory. 9. Miss G.M. Bauer. 10. Msr. Fearnsides. 2. Mrs Martin. 17. Miss E. White. 22. R.W. Stott. 25. Dr. K.P. Oakley. (E.C. Martin photo)

Page 14[edit]

Field Meeting to Appleby, Westmoreland. August 1936. Party outside Bongate Hall Hotel, Appleby. Front row Right to left, Prof. W.B.R. King. D.F.W. Baden Powell. E.E.S. Brown. Middle row sixth from right, Dr. E. Dix. (H.D. Hewit photo)

Page 15[edit]

G.A. Excursion to Stable Tor Dartmoor in 1922. Led by R.L. Sherlock. Showing Sir Frank Dixey, J. Wynfield Rhodes, W.C. Sargent (with a beard), R. Dixon Hewitt, Miss M.H. Hendricks. Photograph taken by Dr. A.J. Bull and presented by J. Wynfield Rhodes.

Page 16[edit]

Kettering Excursion June 13th. I937. Mr. Linsdall Richardson (hatless). (M.A. Arber photo)

Pwllheli and Lleyn Meeting September 1938. Party at Carn Fadryn Summit Dr. Matley in front, with E.E.S. Brown behind him. ( H.D. Hewit photo.)

Welling and Codicote Meeting. June 1937. Miss E. White (Field Meeting Secretary) booking an arrangement with J.N. Emery. (Miss M.A. Arber photo)

Pwllheli and Lleyn Meeting. September 1938. Extreme right J.R. Shelford, extreme left E.E.S. Brown. Miss Harvey with hammer centre. (H.D. Hewit photo)

Dumfries Meeting 6th. August 1937. Professor Fearnsides right, E.P. Nicholson left. (H.D. Hewit photo)

Page 17[edit]

Field Meeting to Wateringbury and Mereworth, 21st. Hay 1939. Party at Pizens Well quarry. On Bank. Left to right, G.V. Himus, E.E.S. Brown (Director), Mollie M. Brown, E. C. Martin, Alan Wood. Foreground. Dr. J.F. Kirkaldy , –, Mrs. Brown, F. Gosling (sitting).

Professor A. Morley Davies and Dr. Emily Dix on the Rhone Valley field meeting, Easter 1936. Professor Roman photo.

Page 18[edit]

T. Barnard with E.E.S. Brown on the Whitsun Excursion to Lyme Regis. 1948.

A.J. Bull and H. Schaetti at Tilburstow Hill, Surrey. August 1948.

A.J. Bull and H. Schaetti at Tilburstow Hill, Surrey. August 1948.

The Merteratch Glacier near Pontresina.

G.A. Field Meeting to Ivinghoe and Tring 7th May 1946. Showing left to right, E.E.S. Brown, Percy Evans and Professor A. Morley Davies.

A.L. Leach at Tenby. May 1945.

A.J. Bull arrives at Kleine Scheidegg. August 1949.

Page 19[edit]

"Coral Reef" Meeting September 27th–29th 1939. Lye Hill quarry, near Oxford. Back left Dr. K.P. Oakley, right Dr. W.J. Arkell, Front, Dorothy Hill (all three Directors of the Meeting, with A. Templeman (back view) (M.A. Arber photo)

Green Park, May 1949. Dr. W.J. Arkell centre. (Dr G.W. Himus photo)

E.E.S. Brown taken on the Chesterfield, Derby Excursion 1949.

Excursion to Bognor Regis and Bracklesham. Party at Lavant, Sussex, May 22nd 1948. 2. A.G. Bell 6. A.G. Wrigley. 8. A.H. Ridout. 9. H.D. Hewit. 3. J.H. Williams, 13. F.C. Stinton. 16. D. Curry. 19. Mrs. Bell. 10 Dr. Dunger (Pres. by E.M. Venables)

Field meeting to Cheltenham 1949. 2. Dr. L.R. Cox. 3. Dr. J.F. Kirkaldy. 4. Dr. A.J. Bull. 6. Dr. T. Barnard. 7. Miss R.N. Yeates.  9. Mrs. E.E.S. Brown. 14. Mr. E.E.S. Brown. 16. Prof. Sylvester-Bradley. 17. Miss Hilda Cox. 18. B. Worssam. J. Myers

Page 20[edit]

Field Meeting to Skye 1951. 3. Dr. J.F. Schairer. 4. Professor E. Lehmann. 6. W.G. Hardie. 2. Dr. D. Flynn. 9. Dr. M.K. Wells. 10. Professor L.R. Wager. (G.N. Rose photo)

G.A. Field Meeting to Isle of Sheppey 1951. Back row: Mr. and Mrs. J. Robinson (extreme right), G.F. Elliott (fourth from right) behind him J.N. Carreck. Front row: W.N. Edwards (second from left) Miss P. Brown (third from left), Mrs. A.G. Davis (second from right), behind her A.G. Davis. (M.W. Carreck photo)

Page 21[edit]

Grace K. Bauer on the Hereford Excursion May 1954.

Miss Grace M. Bauer taken just after her 80th. birthday, Summer 1958.

Sarsen Field Meeting to Aylesbury, led by Professor A. Morley Davies. 1954–6. Showing Miss E. Andrews, Dr. L.R. Cox, Prof. A. Morley Davies, Dr. F.H. Moore. S.A. Best photo.

Page 22[edit]

Ernest and Nellie Brown in Rio during the last war.

G.A. Excursion to the New Maidstone Bypass. April 1959. Dr. R. Casey on mound explaining the Gault.A pouring wet day from start to finish. This was E.E.S. Brown's last G.A. Excursion.

E.S. Brown in the 1920s with [unknown].

G.A. Excursion to Matlock 1953. Extreme left Mrs Brown. centre Dr. G.W. Himus, S.E. Ellis to his right. to his right.

G.A. Excursion to Matlock 1951

Page 23[edit]

GA Party on beach near Charmouth August 1955. Dr. Beer, Dr. W.E. Smith, Dr. D.V. Ager, Dr. L. Cox, Dr. J.J. Veevers, K. Evans, Dr. L.R. Moor, Dr. D.J. Shearman.

GA Sanatorium Quarry, Leckhampton Hill, Cotswolds June 1945. Dr. L.R. Cox, Dr. G.W. Himus, Mrs. R.E. Ager, Mrs. Cox.

Page 24[edit]

G.A. Field Meeting to Abbey Wood Spring 1955. Front row: left to right, Dr. L.N. Cox, Master Stephen Epps, Mr. F.J. Epps, Mr. J.N. Carreck. (M.W. Carreck photo)

Field Meeting to Northampton. 1955.

Digging out an elephant tusk at Aylesford, Kent. September 1955. From left, standing, Mrs. J.N. Carreck, Dr. M.P. Kerney, Mr. T. Harris, Mr. J.N. Carreck (crouching), Mr. Goodfellow standing second from right, extreme right Mr. J.F. Wyley. (H.N. Wright photo).

G.A. Field Meeting to Aylesford Kent, September 1955. Extreme right Mr. Goodfellow third from right J.N. Carreck, extreme left J.F. Wyley. (H.N. Wright photo)

Page 25[edit]

Field Meeting to Barrington near Cambridge, July I956. Group of three standing at right, Dr. J.F. Hayward (Left of group), Mr. B.W. Sparks, Dr. R.G. West. (Pres. by Dr. J.F. Hayward) 

Excursion to gypsum mine at Mountfield Sussex, July 1955. Dr. L.R. Cox third from right, Dr. J.F. Kirkaldy behind him, Prof. P. Allen fourth from left. (Mrs. D.M. Weaver photo).

G.A. Excursion to gypsum mine at Mountfield Sussex July 1955. Professor P. Allen (with lamp on helmet) H. Dixen Hewit (without overalls), L.R. Cox (front left), J.P.D. Smith (front row right), also present R.D. Walshaw, A.H.C. Khan, K. Evans, F. Yeo, and Mr. Barber. (D.M. Weaver).

GA Field Meeting to Dartford Heath, September 1956. Led by J.N. Carreck. 2.A.G. Bell. 3. Mrs B. Wymer. 4. Mr. B. Wymer. 6. Mrs A.G. Bell. 7. M.P. Kerney. 8. Miss Stone. 10. Miss Freed. 12. Miss E. Midgeley. 13. D. Garrod. 15. C.E. Everard. 17. J.P. Carreck. 18. D.V. Watkins.  19. J. Docherty. 20. J.H. Kaser. (M.W. Carreck photo)

Page 26[edit]

Ham Hill, near Rochester Kent. 1954. Left to right, J.N. Carreck, M.P. Kerney, A.G. Davis. At cutting in Early Holocene peats and shell marls of the River Medway. (M.W. Carreck photo)

The Abbé Breuil near site of the new skull fragment (right parietal) of Swanscombe Man, Barnfield Pit, September 1955. (L. Wymer photo)

Mr.A.T. Marston at Barnfield Pit, Swanscombe, July 1955. (Mrs. L. Wymer photo)

A.E. Rixon giving treatment to right parietal of Swanscombe skull at the British Museum. Watched by B. Wymer. August 4th. 1955. (Associated Newspapers Ltd.)

G.A. Field Meeting, Holborough Pit, Snodland, Kent. May 1955. Dr. K.P. Oakley (right), back & leg of Mr. A.G. Davis, Dr. L.R. Cox (facing), Mr. H.M. Montford (side view), Major J.P.T. Burchell (back view). (M.W. Carreck photo)

Page 27[edit]

Inaugural Meeting of the Jamaica Group of the Geologists' Association. October 7th. 1955. Dr. L.J. Chubb addressing the meeting. Others at the head table from right are Dr. Bryn Davies, Prof. V.A. Zans, Mr. R. Elliot and Mrs. Chubb. On Dr. Chubb's right is Mr. J. Williams and. Mr. M.B. Scott second from left.

Page 28[edit]

Annual Reunion of North Staffordshire Group of the G.A. Held in Geology Dept. Keele. October 1957. From right. T.S. Purcell (Hon. Sec.) P.S. Keeling (Chairman) Prof. F.W. Cope, J. Myers (Founder of group). Photo Staffordshire Sentinel.

GA Excursion to the Lake District 1956. On Carrock Hill. S.E. Hollingworth (with pipe back row, M.K. Wells, T.C. Nicholas (white hair examining lunch. Now 100 years old & senior Fellow of Trinity College, my wife to his right.

Page 29[edit]

Austria Field Meeting 1957. Party at Limnological Station , Lunz am Sec. Second from left, Dr. Hancock. 4th. from right, Mrs. Ainsley. (B. Ainsley photo)

Austria Field Meeting 1957. Party at Peat Bog, Lunz am Sec. (B. Ainsley photo)

Austria Field Meeting 1957. Looking East near Brenner Station. Showing left to right, Mr. Maber, Prof. Bostrom, Dr. Collins, Dr. Hallamond, Dr. Cox, Dr. Stonely, Dr. Ager, Mrs Stonely. (B. Ainsley photo)

G.A. Field Meeting to Jersey April 1956. Party at Bonne Nuit Bay Jersey. Showing left to right Henson, A.J. Robinson, A.C. Bishop, A.K. Wells, Miss D.E. Wisden.

Party at Mont Orqueil, showing Micia Casimir centre group, ?, A.C. Bishop, Henson, A.K. Wells, Lord Energlyn.

Party climbing cliff at E. side of Giffard Bay Jersey. Showing extreme left A.J. Robinson centre A.C. Bishop. Micia Casimir end of line.

Photos presented by Dr. Mourant.

Page 30[edit]

Field meeting to Welsh Borderland, August 2–9th 1958.Party seen in quarry on Old Ludlow Road, Leintwardine. Showing Dr. J.D. Lawson, A.J. Butler, T.C. Nicholas and Mr.& Mrs. Welch. H.N. Wright photo.

Field Meeting to Welsh Borderland, 2–9th August 1958. Party at Church Hill, Leintwardine. Extreme right Mrs C. Welch, 3rd from right J.H.M. Whitaker (Director) (H.N. Wright photo)   

Collecting on the landslip, Whitecliff, near Ludlow. August 1958. Showing Dr. L.D. Lawson, Mr.W.D.I. Rolfe. (Mr. H.N. Wright photo)

Meeting to Welsh Borderland, August I958.From left, 2nd H.N. Wright, 3rd D.V. Watkins, 4th from right A.C.G .Best. 9th from right Prof. C.H. Holland. (Mrs. C.B. Weloh photo)

Field Meeting to Welsh Borderland, 2–9th August 1958. Party in roadside quarry near Mary Knowl Ludlow. (H.N. Wright photo)

Whitsun field meeting to the Weymouth district, Dorsett in 1959. Party on the Fleet shore near Langton Herring, including J.F. Wyley, J.N. Carreck (director), Dr. F.H. Moore, H.M. Montford, J.E. Higginbottom and Mrs. J.N. Carreck (secretary).

Page 31[edit]

GA Field meeting Austria 1957. Top of Stubnerkogel. Dr. Coll??, Prof. Whittington, Dr. Hallimond. Dr. J.M. Hancock, Dr. Martin, Mr. N.L. Falcon

GA Field meeting Austria 1957. Summit of Stubnerkogel. Dr. P.E. Kent on left. Dr. A. Ruttner on right.

Photographs Presented By Prof. D.V. Ager.

Page 32[edit]

>Photographs presented by the President H.M. Montford.

>Hanging rocks,Charnwood Forest. May 1961. L.S. Pitt and G. Vallance above measuring dips and cleavages.

>The Charnia quarry. May 1961 Professor Sylvester Bradley In middle front.

>G.A. Party at exposure of Felsitic Agglomerate, Charnwood Lodge grounds, Charnwood Forest. May 1961. Prof. W.S. Pitcher left foreground speaking.> >Prof. Sylvester Bradley right centre.

>E.M. Venables (with Bognor Rock in background GA Field Meeting May 1961.

Page 33[edit]

>GA Field Meeting Boulonnais April 1966. Dr. J.V. Harrison, Dr. Archie Lamont, Prof. J. Sutton

>GA Field Meeting Boulonnais April 1966. Rev. H. Roper, Dr. J. MacDougall, Dr. P Wallace, Dr. A. Lamont, Prof. J. Sutton, Mr L. Pitt, Dr. F. Holwill.

Page 34[edit]

Field Meeting to Rutland (Uppingham). May 22nd-23rd. 1965. Photographs donated by Dr. D.F. Merriam.

Pilton Quarry Rutland. Lower Deltaic Series, Middle Jurassic. Prof. P.C. Sylvester Bradley talking to party.

Kings Cliffe Adamix Refractory Clay pit, Rutland. Upper Deltaic Series. From R. Prof. Sylvester Bradley, H.M. Montford, Dr. D.F. Merriam, C.J. Aslin, Prof. Kirkaldy, B. Ainsley.

Page 35[edit]

Boulonnais, Easter 1966. Dr. W. Smith, Dr. J.V. Harrison, Mr.B. Webster-Smith, ? Mr. Baker or Mr. Betts, Mr.I. Dedman (f), Dr. A. Lamont (c), Rev. H. Hodgess-Roper, Prof. J. Sutton, Mrs. F.H. Moore, Dr. R.S. Collins, Mrs.J. Sutton, Mrs. H. Hodgess-Roper, Mrs. W. Manning, Dr. F.D.C..Henry, Mr. J. MacDougall, Mr. W. Manning, Mr. H.M. Montford,Mr. F. Clark, Mr. I. Wilson, Dr. D.V. Ager (director) Mr. H.A.P. Fowler, Dr. Peigi Wallace (director), Mr. L.J. Pitt, Dr. F.A. Middlemiss, Dr. F. Holwill, Mr. R. Jaworski, Mr. B. Fitzgerald.

Weymouth, Whitsun 1966. Party at Winspit near Swanage. Mr. I. West, (director), Mr. D.J. Shearman (director ), Dr. W. Pulfrey, Mr. A. Best, Miss C. Rose, Mr. G.C. Graver, Mrs. A. Floeckinger, Mrs. G. Hamilton, Mr. D. Pickrell, Mr. P. Kalaugher, Mr. E. Evans,(with cap), ?????,? Mr. Burt, Rev. H. Hodgess-Roper.

Page 36[edit]

Photo presented by Peter Russell.

Visit to Vesuvius September 1965. Dr. Dollar and the G.A. party on the highest part of the crater rim. Monte Somma in the background. Figure on right, Mr. J. Cheer.

Jones (Newcastle) Lamont. Dr. Dollar Mr. Smith. (Oxford) Mr. Lees, Mr. Hollis. Via St. Maria in Portico, Naples. Italy 1965. Photo presented by Peter Russell.

Visit to Vesuvius, September 1965. The on the crater rim. 1. Dr.A.T.J. Dollar. (Director) 2. Dr.A. Lamont. 3.Mrs J. Prichard. (Secretary) 4. Mr. John Dollar. 5 Mr. J.D. Hollis. 6. Mr.G.H. Shepherd.    7. Miss E.M. Appleby. 8. Mr. Nark Dollar. 9. Mr. C.E. Leese. 10./11. Mr.& Mrs. P. Steel

Page 37[edit]

Dr. D.V. Ager and Dr. Peigi Wallace, at the Boulonnais April 1966.

G.A. Party Annecy : July 1963 Field Meeting - French Jura & Alps.4: B. Ainsly 5: Mr Lees 9: Mrs Ramsay, 14: Dr W. Sargeant 15: Miss M.E. Pugh 22: Mrs B. Ainsly 23: Miss Ramsay 24: J.G. Ramsay 27: Mr L. Pitt 28: Mr.Vagg 30: Dr H.I. Cook.

Page 38[edit]

Photographs donated by H.WN. Wright

Party at Speeton. Showing R. to L. Prof. J.K. Kirkaldy, 7.J. Burt, Dr. Rawson, H.Y. Montford, and J. Reckie at work.

Party on foreshore at Speeton. Showing Speeton Clay in background. 1. H.M. Montford. 2. M.J. Collins. 3. Prof. J.P. Kirkaldy. 4. Mrs. Montford. 5. Miss M.G. Freed. 6. Mrs. E.N. Matthews. 7. A.G.K. Fear. 8. J. Reekie. 9. Miss J.M. Linfoot. 10. W.O. Glass. 11. S. Whiteley. 12. M.K. Durkin. 13: F.J. Burt. 14. P. Cambridge. 15. M. Goodchild. 16 Dr. G.A. Wells. 17 Dr. P.F. Rawson 18 L.P. Penny. Directors.

Party on foreshore at Sewerby. Mr. L.F. Penny describing the section.

Page 39[edit]

Field meeting to Small Dole Gault Pit. Henfield Sussex. April 1967. Photographs donated by Mr. J. Wyley.

Henfield and Upper Breeding meeting, May 6th. 1967, at Small Dole Pit, in Gault Clay Henfield, Sussex. Directors Miss A. Ward, and Mr. J. Wyley (third from left) H.N. Wright photo.

Page 40[edit]

Red Gravel Pit, Farringdon, Berkshire. 22.7.67.

Dr. Lamont at Faringdon, Berkshire. 22. 7. 67.

Small Dole Pit, Upper Beeding, Sussex. 6.5.67.

Henfield, Sussex. 6.5.67.

Page 41[edit]

Field Meeting in the South of France September 1967. Photographs donated by the Organising Director, Dr. F.H. Middlemiss.

Dr. F.A. Middlemiss on Aptian-Albian Junction, Ravix section, near Villard-de Lans, in the Vercors.

Dr. J.M. Hancock, Mr. Ainsley on the unconformable contact of Barrenian (left) and Senonian (right). Calissane, near the Étang de Berre. Dr. Martin, extreme right, collecting hippuritids.

(L-R) Mlle. Gueirard & Monsieur Orsini (directors), at le Fenouillet, near Hyères.

(L-R) Mr.Julian Hollis, Monsieur Arnaud (director),Mr.Peter Moulds, Monsieur Tempier (director),and Mr. Jim Kennedy. On Lower Jurassic limestones, Les Lamberts, near Aix-en-Provence.

Dividing up lunch. Carniol, near Forcalquier. (L-R) Mr. Amphlett, Mr. Ainsley, Mr.Whiteley, Miss Joan Nash, Professor Austin Miller, Dr. John Eartin, Mrs. Aineley, Dr. Don McBeath, Dr. Frank Dilley (sitting in front), Mr. Pitt and Mr. Leese.

Mlle. Humbert (director) at la Bédoule.

Page 42[edit]

(L-R) Professor Austin Miller, Mlle.Foury, Monsieur Busnardo (director) (standing), & M. Moullade, Lunch stop, Carniol near Forcalquier.

(L-R) Madame Taxy, Monsieur Philip and Mlle. Hubert at la Bédoule (directors).

Buying drinks and fruit for lunch, Grans, near Salon-de-Provence. (L-R) Mr.Whiteley, Professor Austin Miller, Mr. Leese, Mr. Amphlett, Dr. W.E. Smith and Mr. Julian Hollis.

Messieurs Moullade, Thieuloy, Porthault (directors) and Mr. Amphlett (member), at the Col de Rousset.

L-R, those faces visible) Mr.Pitt, Dr. Dilley (members), and Monsieur le Hegarat (director), overlooking Ardeche river at Pont d'Are.

Field Meetings Secretary (Mr. B. Ainsley) and Organising Director (Dr. Middlemiss) on garnet gneiss at Pramousquier near Cavalaire.

Page 43[edit]

Reading Excursion 2nd. August 1969. Party at Star Brickworks, Knole Hill (Reading Beds). N.E. Butcher, Director, 4th from right. T. Dunk extreme right. H.N. Wright photo.

Reading Excursion 2nd. August 1969. Bracknell Pit (London Clay). H.N. Wright photo.

Field Meeting to Peterborough District 14th. Sep.1969. Nassington Ironstone quarry. A. Horton director

addressing party. J.F. Wyley (with brief case). H.N. Wright photo.

Page 44[edit]

Field meeting to Bristol May 1970.

Party on the Clifton auspension Bridge. Looking at the Avon Gorge. Showing Miss Evans. G.A. Kellaway (Director) S.C.A. Holmes (President)

A.B. Hawkins and G.A. Kellaway addressing party on new motorway cutting, near Clevedon Court.

Party awaiting coach at Bristol University.

Party examining Tintern Beds at Milby Heath.

Page 45[edit]

Field Meeting to the Canterbury area, 11th July 1971. Photographs presented by David Horsley.

Shelford Sandpit, Sturry, showing Oldhaven Beds over Woolwich Bede. Showing Prof. J.F. Kirkaldy.

Party examining the Woolwich Beds at Trolley Park Sandpit.

Page 46[edit]

Upper Old Red Sandstone in South Breconshire. Friday, 9 November–Sunday, 11 November 1973. Directors: Mr. K. Taylor and Dr. L.P. Thomas, Institute of Geological Sciences, 5 Princes Gate, London SW7 1QN.

From Left to right; Dr. Peigi Wallace, Mr. T.C. Maile, Dr. W.A. Read, ? Mr. R.G. Thomas. ? Mr. A.P. Heward, Mr. R. Lake, Mr. W.S. Barclay, Dr. R. Shepard-Thorn, Dr. Melling, Prof. D.L..Dineley, Dr. L.P. Thomas. Mr. R. Taylor, Mr. D.I. Jackson, Dr. B.P.J. Williams, Mrs S.L. Donovan, Mr. M.K. Durkin, Mrs. J.A. Champion, Misses Roberts.

Page 47[edit]

Photographs of the Field meeting to West Cornwall 1974. Presented by H.N. Wright.

Page 48[edit]

Field Meeting to Shropshire, 30th March–4th April 1972. Director Dr. L.R.M. Cocks.

Dr Welch addressing the party in a sand pit at St Agnes on his search for lignite.

The Director Dr, L.R.M. Cocks addressing the party at Robins Tump at the side of Caer Caradoc.

Party looking for graptolites in Buttington Wood Quarry near Breidden Hill, Shropshire.

Party at the Bog near the Stiperstones.

Page 49[edit]

Party on the bank of the River Greta in Longsdale. Showing left to right, -,-, D.J. Watts, Miss B.S. Gee, R.C. Belcher, Dr. D. Moore, Mr. Fitch, Mrs. A. Needham, Christopher Moore.

Party on the Stiperstones in the mist.

The director, Dr. D. Moore addressing the party by the River Greta.

Party by the River Onny, Shropshire. Lady Bliss (pointing) with Dr. L.R.M. Cocks.

Page 50[edit]

Party in Coates Quarry, Wenlock Edge, Shropshire, April 1972.

3. Dr. Wells. 4. M. Matheson. 6 Mr. Le Strange. 7. Mrs. Floeckinger. 9. Dr. Cocks. 11 Dr. Wilby. 13. Miss Lingfoot. 14. Mr. Maber. 23. Mr. Bennet. 31. Lady Bliss. 33. Mr Hollins.

Page 51[edit]

Field meeting to examine the Permo-Triassic rocks of the Nottingham area. 12th-14 July 1974. (H.N. Wright photo)

The party in the Annesley railway cutting (now disused and being filled in).

Dr. F.M. Taylor talking to the party in the Bramcote sand quarry.

The Bramcote sand quarry. The party examining the barite cemented sandstones.

The party admiring the view from Stapleford Hill.

Page 52[edit]

Malta 7–14 April 1974.

London-Based Geologists' Visit [Transcript of newspaper cutting]

By a Staff Reporter

Twenty-six members of the London-based Geologists' Association (above) yesterday ended a week's visit to Malta during which they studied various aspects of the geology of Malta and Gozo and the stratigraphy and structure of the rocks of the Islands.

The party stayed at the Hotel Metropole and included Prof. D. V. Ager and members from England, France and Denmark. Mr. H.M. Pedley, Dr. B. Waugh and Prof. M.R. House of the University of Hull were also among the group's leaders.

One of the purposes of the visit was to demonstrate the conclusions resulting from work on the Islands extending over the past 20 years.

By courtesy of the Director of the Museum Department, visits were also made to sites of archaeological interest. Last Tuesday they visited the Geology section of the Museum of Natural History at Mdina and were most impressed by the presentation and quality of the exhibits prepared there by Dr. G. Zammit Maempel who, throughout the visit gave help and guidance to the party.

Two days were spent in Gozo studying the circular faults at Xiendi, Qawra, and around Dwejra Bay and Victoria. Marsalforn and Rant Bay.

In Malta the party spent some time studying the coastal sections around Marfa Ridge and the area between Fom ir-Rih and Ghajn Tuffieha. Several places in southern Malta were also visited.

The geological interest of Malta results from the particular position of the Islands between the two hydrographic basins of the Mediterranean and the link it provides between the rock sequences in Africa and southern Europe. During the past few years the Geologists Association has made similar visits to France, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Spain but this was the Association's first visit to Malta.

The party found many things of interest and met a number of geological problems which are still to be solved. Several members expressed the hope that they would be able to return soon.

From left to right:

Miss E.M. Appleby

? Mrs. D.J. Ward (back row)

Miss N.M. Appleby

Dr. W. Schors

Mr. D.J. Ward

Professor D.V. Ager (President)

Miss M.S. Pugh (back row)

Professor M.R. House (director)

Mr. P.U. Shelford (back row)

Mr. H.M. Pedley (director)

Mr. C.E. Hobley (back row)

Dr. B. Waugh (director)

Mrs. S.M. Matthews (back row)

Mrs. H. Bone

Mr. C.P.J. Ruck

Mr. J.R.D. Blyth (back row)

Dr. E.P.F. Rose

Dr. R.G. Bromley (back row)

Miss D.H. Hamilton

Miss P.M. Statham (back row)

G.A. Excursion to Aston Rowant, Bucks on 7. April 1973. S.C.A. Holmes 2nd on left.

Tracing the sources of the River Fleet. 9. December 1973. From left to right Mrs M.L. Davies, ? Mr. S. Kaser, Miss E.Y. Sheppard, ? Councillor E.S. Billman (director) Mrs. J.A. Champion.

Page 53[edit]

Photographs of the field meeting to West Cornwall 1974. Presented by H.N. Wright.

Group taken at Priests Cove, Cape Cornwall.

Top row T. Ford. Mrs J. Edwards, N.H. Sollingsworth, C. Edwards, A.J.P. King, J.O. Smith, Dr Hall (director), Miss R.S. Osborn, T.C. Maile, R.D.F. Smith, Mrs W.G. Westcott, W.C. Westcott, R. Townley, K. Mortimer, R. Le Strange, A.C. Fear, C.H. Thomas, Miss A.M./lemmings.Bottom row B.J. Millett, Anny, Frankl-Floeckinger, Mrs C, Lister, N. Jackson (director), M,Goodchild, Miss C.M. Woodward, Miss V. Ferguson, A. Mills, F,E. Bennett, P,A. Hodges, J.R, Amphelett„ F. Holling, Miss Morris, Miss M.E. Pugh (secretary).

Mr N. Jackson discusses the tourmalinisation at Porthiedden (Cape Cornwall).

The party on the beach after a steep climb down at Mullion.

Dr A. Hall and Mr N. Jackson (directors) with the party at Porth Ledden.

Page 54[edit]

Field Meeting to Eastbourne. 18 May 1975. Director Dr. J.M. Hancock. H.N. Wright photo.

Dr. J.M. Hancock and party near Beachy Head.

The Director Dr J.M. Hancock explaining the conditions of sedimentation of the chalk near Beachy Head.

A problem on a fallen block.

Stable Pit Bradgate Park. Party examining the Quartz Arenite and the Dyke.

Page 55[edit]

Field Meeting to Worthing area 13 July 1975. Director L.J. Allchin. H.N. Wright photo.

The Director Mr. L Allchin showing the escarpment near Washington.

Deep thoughts in the Washington chalk pit.

The party in the Marley Tile Company's Pit of the Washington Road examining the Folkestone Beds.

A stop on the Washington Road near Barns Farm Lane to examine the Folkestone Sand exposure.

Page 56[edit]

Field meeting to Lincolnshire 19th September 1976. Photographs by H.N. Wright.

The party studies the Lower Lincolnshire Limestone in the Thisleton quarry.

The party examines the Lincolnshire limestone in the Greetham pit.

The director Michael Ashton introduces the Greetham pit.

Dr J. Jones showing the sandstones at Tynemouth.

Page 57[edit]

Field Meeting to Charnwood Forest. 5. July 1975. Director J.B. Moseley. H.N. Wright photo.

The Director Mr J.B. Moseley explaining the slumping near Old Johns Farm.

The party at the rock face near Old Johns Tower examining the impression of Charniodiscus.

Party on Beacon Hill examining the fine grain Tuff.

Page 58[edit]

Field meeting to Northfleet, Kent. 1st May, 1976 Photographs by H. N. Wright.

The party attacking the chalk in the Portland Cement quarry at Northfleet Kent.

A rest before fossil hunting in the quarry at Northfleet.

Field meeting to Hampshire, 2nd October. 1976. Photographs by H.N. Wright.

A deep discussion on a windy spot at Christchurch Bay.

Dr. E. Barton explains the degradation of the Barton clay cliffs at Christchurch Bay.

Page 59[edit]

Denmark and Southern Sweden. 18–28 September 1975. From left to right: Mr. L.W. Avent. Mrs. E.M. Matthews. Miss B. Thomsen. Dr. U. Asgaard (Mrs. Bromley). Dr. B.G. Bromley — director. Miss N. Pallatt. Mrs. E. Wilson. Dr. J.M. Hancock. Mr. R. Mortimore. Mr. M.K. Durkin. Mr. P. Gravesen. Mr. J. Amphlett. Miss B. Godsmark. Mr. C.F. Ruck.

Geologists Association weekend excursion 10–12 October. 1975. Fossil plants of the Yorkshire Jurassic. Phots: Professor T.L. Phillips, Ilinois. Dave Wharron, Chris Hill, John Laing, Keith Fowler, Tricia Allen, Christine Woodward, John Hudson, John Dewar, David Horsley, Val Milne, John Robson, Tom Windle, Cedric Shute, Sharon Shute, Antony Wyatt, Geoff Wilkinson, Lynne Allen.

Page 60[edit]

Excursion to A.P.C.M. Northfleet, Kent. 1st May 1976. Photos Mersh. (Director)

Excursion to A.P.C.M. Northfleet, Kent. 1st May 1976. Photos Mersh. (Director)

Portlandian of Dorset : 28th–31st May 1976.

L to R: Miss Penny Scantlebury, Lady Bliss, Mr. John Tubby, Dr. W. Wimbledon (director), Dr. G. Townson, and Dr. C. Heywood. Photo; Mary Pugh.

Page 61[edit]

Excursion to A.P.C.M. Northfleet, Kent. 1st May 1976.

Photos: P.E. Mersh. (Director)

Portlandian of Dorset : 28th–31st May 1976 L to R: Miss Penny Scantlebury, Lady Bliss, Mr. John Tubby, Dr. W. Wimbledon (director), Dr. G. Townson, and Dr. C. Heywood. Photo; Mary Pugh.

Page 62[edit]

Field Meeting to Slindon, 1976. Photographs by H.N. Wright.

Dr. G.A. Kellaway introduces the Slindon pit to the party.

The party in the Eartham pit examining the chalk and sand.

The party examines the sands of the Eartham pit.

Dr. J. Farnaby examines the sands and gravel in the Slindon pit.

Page 63[edit]

G.A. Excursion to Eastern Mendips. 1977. Photos: H.N. Wright.

Mr. C.J.P. Copp explains the geology of Valais Vale.

A fissure filled with calcite.

The director C.J.P. Copp with the party in Cloford quarry. In the picture are Miss M. Pugh, Dr. J.A. Greaves and R.B.J. Smith.

Page 64[edit]

Field Meeting to Durham and Northumberland. 16–26th July 1976. Photographs by H.N. Wright.

Dr M.E. Tucker explains the limestone faulting on the Howick foreshore.

Dr L. Smith describes the Permian formations at Trow Point.

Dr B.A.O. Randall shows a Whin Sill dyke on the foreshore of Holy Island.

Group taken in the Barrasford Whin Sill quarry. From left to right: R.H. Sawyer, Dr J. Farnaby, Dr M.E. Tucker secretary, Mrs M.M. Champion, Mrs M.R. Henderson, Miss J. Farmer, T. Pettigrew, Miss J.E. Hardy, Miss Vines, H. Burnip, Mrs D.E. Watts, Mrs G.E. Williams, F. Bennet, Dr. C. Heywood, J.A. Champion, H. le Strange, Miss T. Leslie, E.W. Avent, Dr. G.A.L. Johnson director, Dr. B.A.O. Randall director, P.A. Hodges, R.L. Riches J.E. Clements, M.E. Thienpont, D.R. Hughes.

Page 65[edit]

A Cotswold Miscellany. Saturday 7th May 1977 Photos: H.N. Wright.

The present source of the Thames at the Lyd Well.

The party hunting for fossils in the Fiddlers Elbow Oolite quarry.

Party at the Seven springs near Thames Head Bridge.

Mr R.E. Butler the director explains the dry valley of the early Thames.

Page 66[edit]

Field Excursion to Costa Blanca, S.E. Spain. 27th, December–3rd January 1976. Photographs by George Best.

Frank Moseley Harry Gamble Sam Winter, Karen Strutt, Carol Lister, Mike Collins.

Lunch near Yascerat.

Large group photo: Paul Morris, William Ball, Harry Gamble, Maureen Ball, Joanna Edwards/Cyril Edwards, Gwen Wallace, Carol Lister, Dianne Watts, Dorothy Whittaker, Dick Whittaker, Karen Strutt, John Amphlett, Pat Moseley, Frank Mosley, Sam Winter, Ted Nevill, Victor Dennison, Edward Dennison, Sue Hopson, Joy Hopson.

Left to right: Trevor Ford, Karen Strutt, Mike Collins (hidden in bank row), Ted Neville. "Hoppy" Hopson, Peter Hopson, Paul Morris, Ruth Osborn, Carol Lister, Harry Gamtle, Maureen Ball, William Ball, John Perkins and Victor Dennison.

Page 67[edit]

Re-interpretation of the Upper Chalk, Sussex. 15th May 1977. Photos H.N. Wright.

The party in the new quarry in Shoreham. [With sketch:] 1st meeting with Rory[?] Haydon Bailey

Mr. R. Northmore the director explains the chalk zones in the new quarry at Shoreham.

The party on the foreshore at Seaford.

R. Northmore demonstrating the flint bands at Seaford.

Page 68[edit]

Irish Geological Association/G.A. Meeting to Anglesey and Southern Ireland. 4th June–12th June 1977 Photos: H.N. Wright.

Drs A.J. Barber and E. Max (directors) consider a problem from Mr J.E. Clements.

A cold start on the Kilmore beach. Dr M. Max introduces the section.

The party examine a[n] amphibolite intrusion in the limestones on Llanddwyn Island, Newborough.

Dr A.J. Barber (director) makes very important point. Also in the picture Miss M.E. Pugh (secretary) and ? R. Thorpe.

Page 69[edit]

Dinner photograph.

Page 70[edit]

Dinner photograph.

Geologists' Association photograph album - Green bound No. 2[edit]

Sample page image from Volume 2.

Page 1[edit]

Field Meeting to study the. Tertiary Igneous rocks of Rhum. 16th–23rd June 1979. Director Dr. C.H. Emeleus.

A view from Cnapan Breaca. Kinloch Castle in the background.

A conglomerate filled channel cut in basalt near Fionchra.

The party rests on the side of Minishal. In the photograph are from left to right: Dr C. H. Emeleus (director), Mr A. V. Mascull, Mr C. Langdon, Mrs A. Kenyon, Mrs M. Langdon, Ms B. Loney, Mr D. Horsley, Mr E. W. Advent.

On the rocks at Harris.

Page 2[edit]

Geologists' Association Field Meeting in Elba and the adjacent Italian mainland, 25th August–1st September 1979. Leaders: Dr. John Morton, Secretary: Mrs Carol Lister.

Alpi Apuane (Tuscany), amid marble and dolomite. Left to right, back rows Anny Floeckinger, Jack Knight, Mike Durkin, John Morton, Nellie Mayott, Alan Sergent, Wendy Squire, Tom Paterson, Sarah Shearme, Harry Burnip. Front row: Neville Robarts-Arnold, Edna Appleby, Margaret Stoyel.

Refreshments at San Piero in Campo, Elba. Left to right: Mike Durkin, John Morton, Anny Floeckinger, Tom Paterson, Nellie Maylott, Bernice Godsmark, Sara Shearme.

Page 3[edit]

Church Stretton 1–5 May 1981.

In the classic Cambrian Comley Quarry now a geological reserve. The party searching for fossils amongst debris.

The director Dr P. Toghill explaining the Tuffs on Ragleth Hill.

A lunch break on Ragleth Hill with a fine view of the Stratton valley.

In the Acton Scott Quarry examining the 'calcareous sandstones.

Page 4[edit]

Field Meeting on the mineralogy of Cornwall, 14th–19th March, 1980. Leaders Mrs Carol Lister and Dr. Chris Halls. Cligga Head Quarry. Left to right: David Williams, Charles Fearnley, John Allen, Felicity Williams, John Blyth, Tony King, Allan Cotton, Mike Durkin, Margaret Rushbridge, Alan Crow, Paul Rainey, C. Ralfs, Dennis Buchanan, David Westlake, Carol Lister.

Field Meeting on the mineralogy of Cornwall, 14th–19th March, 1980. Leaders Mrs Carol Lister and Dr. Chris Halls. Great Wheal Prosper China Stone Quarry. Left to right: Mr. Courtney Smale (of Goonvean & Rostonsrack China Clay Co. Ltd), Alan Cotton, Margaret Rusbridge, ? , Tony King, John Allen, Mr. C. Ralfs.

Page 5[edit]

Hercynides Field Meeting 28th May–31st May 1982. Directors: K.P. Isaac, P. Chandler, P.J. Turner. Secretary: C.J. Lister. Group photo at the "Melange" outcrop Wheal Betsy. 1. Tony Dunk 2. Alan Driscole 3. W.K. Thompson 4. Peter Jackson 5. Paul Chandler 6 Irene Katchourin 7. Preston Hicks 8. Peter Tyre 9. John Clements 10. Margaret Rusbridge 11. Mike Durkin 12. Blake Jackson 13. Marilyn Carter 14. Kevin Isaac 15. David Horsley 16. Charlotte Welch 17. S.H. Cooper 18. Eva Kolski 19. Alfred Dipple.

Hercynides Field Meeting 28th May–31st May 1982. Directors: K.P. Isaac, P. Chandler, P.J. Turner. Secretary: C.J. Lister. members of the party at summit of Brent Tor (left to right): Alfred Dipple, Preston Hicks, Tony Dunk, Kevin Isaac, Margaret Rusbridge, Charlotte Welch, W.K. Thompson, David Horsley, Alan Driscole (just visible Mike Thomas).

Page 6[edit]

Quaternary sands and loams in the Eartham pit.

Fossil hunting on the foreshore at Bracklesham.

On the sands of Bracklesham. S.C. Holmes and M. Goodchild in the picture.

Members in the Earthham pit having a introductory talk by Mr S. Flitton.

Page 7[edit]

Field Meeting to Pegwell Bay, Kent 27 June 1981

The director Mrs C. M. Welch showing the party the Thanet Beds.

Fossil hunting and identification at Pegwell Bay.

On the beach of Pegwell Bay.

The members returning to the coach. The photograph shows the chalk, Thanet Beds and loess.

Page 8[edit]

Lower Greensand end Western Weald 9th July 1983. Photographs donated by E.D. Wright.

"Behold the Folkstone Sands". Dr F. A. Middlemiss in the Marley Tile quarry Storrington.

Dr F.A. Middlemiss discusses the landscape from Hindhead.

On the top of Older Hill after a steep climb.

The party in a sunken lane at Park Mound Palborough. Puttenham Beds exposed.

Page 9[edit]

Lunch break at St Margrets Bay.

The party examining the cliff on foreshore at St Margrets Bay.

Mr. N. D. Robinson the director with the party on Abbots Cliff.

The Party on the narrow Abbots Cliff Path near Folkstone.

Page 10[edit]

G.A. field meeting to Chinnor Chalk Quarry. Chilterns and Oxford excursion, 20/2/93. D. Horsley, photo.

G.A. excursion to Knowl Hill, Berkshire, 13/3/93. Michael Oates, Leader centre back. D. Horsley, photo.

Page 11[edit]

Ron Roberts at a roadside cutting, Central Aegean Field Trip Summer 1993.

Page 12[edit]

Saturday 22 June 1996. Visit to Chislet Colliery, Kent. Members hunting for fossil plants on the spoil tips left above ground.