Geology of the Aberfoyle district: Minor intrusions

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This topic provides a summary of the geology of the Aberfoyle district – covered by the British Geological Survey. 1:50k geological map sheet 38E (Scotland).
Authors: C W Thomas, A M Aitken, E A Pickett, J R Mendum, E K Hyslop, M G Petterson, D Ball, E Burt, B Chacksfield, N Golledge and G Tanner (BGS).

Minor intrusions are common in the Aberfoyle district, particularly to the north of the Highland Boundary Fault. They comprise mafic to felsic dykes, sheets and sills, ranging in age from Neoproterozoic to Palaeogene. The oldest predate the Caledonian Orogeny and are deformed and metamorphosed, manifest now as amphibolites.

Geology of the Aberfoyle district - contents[edit]