Geology of the Andover area: Concealed strata - Ordovician to Devonian

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This page is part of a category of pages providing a summary of the geology of the Andover district (British Geological Survey Sheet 283), which extends over approximately 600 km2 of north-west Hampshire and a small part of eastern Wiltshire. Links to other pages in this category can be found at the foot of the page.
Authors: J Thompson, K A Lee, P M Hopson, A R Farrant, A J Newell, R J Marks, L B Bateson, M A Woods, I P Wilkinson and N J Smith.

The oldest basement rocks encountered at depth in boreholes and interpreted from seismic sections in the district are Ordovician through to Carboniferous as illustrated by Smith (1985)[1] with only the Carboniferous proven in the Egbury 1 Borehole shown in the Stratal thickness table. Strata older than the Carboniferous, principally Devonian in age, may be present to the west of the district and the basement is shown as undivided Devonian and Carboniferous in Section 2 on the map.


  1. Smith, N J P. 1985. Pre-Permian Geology of the United Kingdom (South Sheet) (Keyworth: British Geological Survey.)

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