Geology of the Bath area: Artifically modified ground

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This topic provides a summary of the geology of the Bath area – covered by the British Geological Survey
1:50k geological map sheet 265.

Authors: A J M Barron, T H Sheppard, R W Gallois, P R M Hobbs and N J P Smith (BGS).

Worked ground is shown where the ground has been excavated, generally for minerals, and has not been backfilled. Only the larger areas are shown, most of which are quarries for building stone and aggregate, as at Brown’s Folly [796 662] and Wick [709 737] respectively. Made ground is shown where substantial thicknesses of material have been deposited by human activity, including mine or quarry waste, spoil and refuse, together with areas of engineered or non-engineered embankments and extensive tracts of fill on the Avon floodplain through Bath. Where excavations have been backfilled, infilled ground is shown; this includes many surface workings in the area of Combe Down [76 62].

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