George Alexander Louis Lebour M.A., D.Sc., F.G.S.

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George Alexander Louis Lebour


Date Details
1847 Born February 17th at St. Omer in France, son of French parents.
1849 Brought to England. After leaving school, employed at a Mercantile House in the City but later entered Royal School of Mines.
1867 Obtained appointment with Geological Survey, sent to join Topley at Morpeth in Northumberland.
1873 Appointed Lecturer in Geology at Durham University College of Physical Science at Newcastle-on-Tyne, assisting Dr. David Page.
1874 Resigned from Survey.
1879 Became Professor of Geology on death of Page (post retained for the rest of his life). Took great part in developing the College and became Vice-Principal in 1902.
1904 Murchison Medal.
1918 Died February 7th at Corbridge.

Biographies and obituaries[edit]

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George Alexander Louis Lebour — Wikipedia article

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Author of over 100 papers in English and French periodicals mostly dealing with Carboniferous system, on geology of North England. Also a book on Geology of Northumberland and Durham and geological article in Victoria County History of Durham. Member of British Association committees on Underground temperatures, on conductivity of rocks, etc (work with Herschel). Joint author with Topley of paper on Whin Sill.

BGS archives[edit]

Ref No Title Description
GSM/DC/A/C/7/483,506 G A Lebour: Letter on his appointment.
GSM/DC/A/C/23/128 G A Lebour: Letter on his resignation.
GSM/DC/A/C/23/182 G A Lebour: Letter on documents held.
GSM/DC/A/C/23/182 H W Bristow: Letters on documents held by G A Lebour

Other archives[edit]

George Alexander Louis Lebour Papers Mss.B.L491 — American Philosophical Society Library

Lebour, George Alexander Louis (1847-1918), geologist — The National Archives