George Sharman

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Date Details
1832 Born September 11th.
1855 Joined Geological Survey.
1865 Promoted.
1882 Senior Palaeontologist and Curator of Fossils.
1897 Retired.
1914 Died March 28th.

Biographies and obituaries[edit]

George Sharman. (1914). Geological Magazine, 1(5), 240-240. doi:10.1017/S001675680019689X


Works listed in the BGS Library catalogue

Sharman, G.. Newton, E.T.. 1896. Notes on some Cretaceous fossils from the Drift of Moreseat, Aberdeen

Reid, C.. Sharman, G.. 1886. On the so-called "gault" of west Dereham, in Norfolk: Geological Magazine Dec. 3 Vol. 3 pt/no 2 (1886) p. 55-58

BGS archives[edit]

Ref No Title Description
GSM/GL/Sr G.Sharman Sharman joined the Survey in 1855 and became Assistant Palaeontologist in 1858. he was promoted to Senior Pal and Curator of Fossils in 1882.
GSM/GL/Sr/1 Interleaved copy of 'Catalogue of British Fossils' by J.Morris, 2nd ed., with many pen and ink drawings by Sharman. Letter from Mrs E. Sharman to E.T.Newton is included.