George William Lamplugh F.R.S.

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Date Details
1859 Born April 8th at Driffield, East Yorkshire. Later lived at Bridlington. Worked in merchant’s office. Attracted to study of Boulder Clay series (series of papers in Geological Magazine, 1878 onwards).
1879 Paper to Yorkshire Geological Society “On Glacial Beds in Filey Bay”.
1880 Jubilee British Association meeting at York. Lamplugh contributed paper “On the Bridlington and Dimlington Glacial shell-beds”.
1884 First paper to Geological Society on recent exposure of boulder clay at Bridlington. Travelled in North America, studied drift deposits.
Continued investigations of Yorkshire coast (Speeton Clay).
1889 Important paper on results to Geological Society.
1891 Lyell Fund from Geological Society.
1892 Joint paper with Russian geologist A.P. Pavlow on “Speeton Clay and its equivalents” (Bull. Soc. Imp. Nat. Moscow (1892)).
Joined Geological Survey as Assistant Geologist. Sent to survey the Isle of Man, 5 years work, resulting in papers to Quarterly Journal Geological Society and in Survey Memoir “Isle of Man”.
1893 Leave of absence for visit to Arizona and Pacific coast of America.
1897 Secretary of Geological Section, British Association in Toronto. Published account of excursion to Vancouver Island (“Nature”).
1898 Moved to Tonbridge to assist in mapping of the Weald (in conjunction with borings for coal in Kent).
1901 Bigsby Medal from Geological Society.
Made District Geologist. Sent to Dublin in charge of Irish branch of the Survey (continued there till transference of Survey to Irish Department under Grenville A.J. Cole 1905).
Took part in mapping country round Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Limerick – 4 memoirs.
1905 Elected F.R.S.
Undertook examination of Zambesi Gorge below Victoria Falls (under auspices of British Association). Results in paper to British Association at Johannesburg.
1906 Elected President Geological Section , British Association in York. Address on “Interglacial Problems”.
On return from Ireland took charge of survey of Midland District (Notts. Etc.), memoirs (see Geological Magazine (1918) p. 346. Subsequently worked in North Wales, Later in Wealden area, records of boreholes.
1910 Attended International Geological Congress at Stockholm. Contributed account of expedition to Spitzbergen to “Nature” and description of shelly moraine to Yorkshire Geological Society (1911).
1911 M.G.S. with Dr. Kitchin on Kent Mesozoic rocks
1914 Appointed Assistant to Director. Attended British Association in Australia.
1914-1916 Served on Council of Royal Society.
1918-1920 President Geological Society. Addresses “The structure of the Weald” and “The Glaciation of England”.
1920 Retired from Survey.
1925 Wollaston Medal.
1926 Died October 9th at St. Albans.
Past President of the Yorkshire Naturalists Union, The Hull Geological Society and the Hertfordshire Natural History Society. Hon. Member of several other Societies.

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91 works listed in the BGS Library catalogue

List of papers and Memoirs: Geological Magazine (1918) pp. 343-346.

Special Reports XII Iron Ores (1920)

Memoir: Flint (1924)

Concealed Mesozoic rocks in Kent (1923).

BGS archives[edit]

Ref No Title Description
GSM/GL/Jb/3 Correspondence with other geologists. Including: H.A.Allen, F.H.Hatch, F.L.Kitchin, G.W.Lamplugh...
GSM/MG/C/8 Manx Museum: transfer of geological specimens collected by G.W.Lamplugh