Glossary of fossil names found on the Isle of Skye

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From: Bell, B.R. and Harris, J.W. An excursion guide to the geology of the Isle of Skye : Geological Society of Glasgow, 1986. © 1986 B.R. Bell & J.W. Harris. All rights reserved.

Appendix 2 Glossary of fossil names[edit]

Agassiceras (scipionanum). Ammonite. Jurassic.

Amoeboceras. Ammonite. Jurassic.

Arnioceras (aff. semicostatum). Ammonite. Jurassic.

Bositra (buchi). Bivalve. Jurassic.

Cardinia (cf. concinna). Bivalve. Jurassic.

Charmasseiceras sp. Ammonite. Jurassic.

Chlamys (calva). Bivalve. Jurassic.

Chondrites. Trace. Jurassic.

Corbula. Bivalve. Jurassic.

Coroniceras (aff. conybeari). Ammonite. Jurassic.

Coroniceras (aff. reynesi). Ammonite. Jurassic.

Cuspidaria (ibbetsoni). Bivalve. Jurassic.

Cyzicus. Branchiopod. Jurassic.

Estheria—see Cyzicus.

Euagassiceras spp. Ammonite. Jurassic.

Euasteroceras spp. Ammonite. Jurassic.

Graphoceras. Ammonite. Jurassic.

Gryphaea (arcuata). Bivalve. Jurassic.

Inoceramus. Bivalve. Cretaceous.

Isastrea (murchisoni). Coral. Jurassic.

Isognomon. Bivalve. Jurassic.

Kallirhynchia (cf. concinna). Brachiopod. Jurassic.

Kosmoceras. Ammonite. Jurassic.

Lingula. Brachiopod. Jurassic.

Liostrea (hebridica)—see (Praeexogyra (hebridica)).

Liostrea (hisingeri). Bivalve. Jurassic.

Modiolus. Bivalve. Jurassic.

Monocraterion. Trace. Dwelling burrow. Lower Cambrian.

Myopholas (acuticostata). Bivalve. Jurassic.

Neomiodon. Bivalve. Jurassic.

Olenellus. Trilobite. Lower Cambrian.

Oxytoma (inequivalve). Bivalve. Jurassic.

Pararnioceras (aff. parthenope). Ammonite. Jurassic.

Piarorhynchia (juvenis). Brachiopod. Jurassic.

Pictonia (baylei). Ammonite. Jurassic.

Pinna (hartmanni). Bivalve. Jurassic.

Placunopsis (socialis). Bivalve. Jurassic.

Plagiostoma (giganteum). Bivalve. Jurassic.

Planolites. Trace. Feeding burrow. Lower Cambrian.

Praeexogyra (hebridica). Bivalve. Jurassic.

Praemytilus. Bivalve. Jurassic.

Salterella. Trace/Body: Variously, (i) worm tube; (ii) orthoconic nautiloid; (iii) gastropod. Lower Cambrian.

Serpulites—see Salterella.

Skolithos. Trace. Dwelling burrow. Lower Cambrian.

Spiriferina (walcotti). Brachiopod. Jurassic.

Thalassinoides. Trace. Dwelling burrow. Jurassic.

Thecosmilia (martini). Coral. Jurassic.

Trautscholdia. Bivalve. Jurassic.

Viviparus (scoticus). Gastropod. Jurassic.

Zeilleria (perforata). Brachiopod. Jurassic.


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