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Groundwater Educational Resources[edit]

Please find below links to information and resources that can help explain groundwater issues and hydrogeology to non-hydrogeologists. Some of these are of general use worldwide and others are specifically relevant to an African context.

Africa Groundwater Network (AGW-NET)[edit]

The Africa Groundwater Network has produced training manuals for the Integration of Groundwater Management into Transboundary Basin Organisations in Africa. The manuals are available in French and in English and are free to download.


The UPGro research programme has produced a series of educational resources. These include:

Groundwater Posters[edit]

These groundwater posters carry important but simple messages about groundwater in Africa. They are available in English and French and are freely available to download as pdf posters.

Groundwater in Africa - poster by UPGro
L'eau souterraine en Afrique - affiche par UPGro

Gro for GooD[edit]

The UPGro Gro for GooD project has produced an educational resource for use by Kenyan secondary school students, called The Water Module. The Water Module was developed out of a programme of engagement to teach young people in Kwale County about water science and management. This blog post gives a summary of this Schools Water Clubs programme and the Water Module student resource.

The Water Module by Gro for Good


The International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) has a series of educational resources about groundwater and the science of hydrogeology. These include information for the general public and for hydrogeology students and professionals.


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