Groundwater Management

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Managing groundwater sustainably is critical to ensuring the long-term supply of good quality groundwater supplies. Groundwater management is a huge topic. These pages provide an introduction to the key concepts around groundwater management, and links to supporting resources, with particular reference to Africa.

Organisations with resources that support groundwater management in Africa[edit]

Many organisations are involved with groundwater resource management, and provide useful resources to support groundwater management. Some of these are regionally based in Africa; others are Africa-wide; still others have a global remit. The Groundwater management organisations page introduces and links to some of the key organisations with resources to support groundwater management, with particular focus on Africa.

Groundwater monitoring in Africa[edit]

Monitoring the state of groundwater resources is a key part of overall groundwater management. Monitoring data is essential to assess the quantity and quality of groundwater. The Groundwater monitoring page introduces key concepts and resources relating to groundwater monitoring in Africa.

Groundwater use in Africa[edit]

Groundwater is widely used across Africa, but there are no comprehensive estimates of how much groundwater is used, and for what purposes. The Groundwater use page gives information on some of the main sources of available information on groundwater use in Africa.

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