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Groundwater Organisations in Africa[edit]

Many professional networks and organisations offer support to those working in groundwater and hydrogeology in Africa. The following is a preliminary list that is being expanded, and includes some of the most active organisations. If you know of others, please let us know!

International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH)

IAH works to raise awareness of groundwater issues, and work with national and international agencies to promote the use of groundwater. It publishes academic research through the Hydrogeology Journal and the IAH Book Series.

Africa Groundwater Network (AGW-Net)

The AGW-Net is a voluntary non-profit network of groundwater professionals across Africa. It aims to increase awareness of the potential and value of groundwater across Africa and to contribute to capacity building in the groundwater sector. It works to build capacity for improved groundwater management at all levels; carry out advocacy for wise and sustainable use and protection of groundwater and promote integration of groundwater management with surface water. The network has wide experience in effective delivery of short training courses in groundwater in all parts of Africa, in particular developing groundwater knowledge within River Basin Organisations. Groundwater training resources are available from their website.

The AGW-Net also acts as a meeting place for the African groundwater community, where ideas may be debated, projects and plans shared, jobs and work advertised and partners and friendships formed.

International Groundwater Resources Assessment Centre (IGRAC)

IGRAC is dedicated to groundwater information and knowledge in the widest sense, on a worldwide scale and on a non-commercial basis. It facilitates and promotes international sharing of information and knowledge to promote sustainable groundwater resources development and management worldwide. Since 2003 IGRAC has provided an independent content and process support, focusing particularly on transboundary aquifer assessment and groundwater monitoring.

Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN)

RWSN is a global network of professionals and practitioners working to raise standards of knowledge and evidence, technical and professional competence, practice and policy in rural water supply. It produces many resources to support groundwater development and management.


Cap_Net is an international network promoting capacity development in sustainable water management. It is made up of a partnership of international, regional and national institutions and networks around the world, including partners in Africa.

River basin management organisations

Management of water at the river basin level has been widely adopted in Africa. In river basins that incorporate major aquifers, particularly transboundary aquifers, groundwater can be closely integrated into the river basin approach. Two of the key organisations with relevance to groundwater are the Nile Basin Initiative and the Lake Chad Basin Commission.

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