Heading and paragraph breaks

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Use sub-headings help to break up content and to set context for difficult concepts. Too much text in one block can be difficult to read. Use paragraph breaks often; keep paragraphs under 60 words to make them easier to scan and digest.

Headings have a capital letter for the first word only unless they include proper nouns.

Meaningful headings

Section or page headings must summarise or describe the content of the page but also include the keywords of the article i.e. search terms that might be used to find that page via a search engine. Page headings should try and describe the activity or information that the user is looking for and shouldn’t be restrained by the name of the BGS project or team.


'Parent material map' might adequately describes a project and the content of an article. But it will get better search engine results to that page if additional keyword/s are included, e.g. change the title to 'soil parent material map'.