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Henry James. BGS image number P575747.


Date Details
1803 Born, Cornwall.
1825-1826 R.E. (Royal Engineers) 2nd Lieutenant 1826.
1827 Appointed to Ordnance Survey (geological work interested him).
1845 Appointed local Superintendent of Geological Survey of Ireland (on recommendation of Col. Colby).
1846 Resigned.
1846 Transferred to Admiralty, sent to Portsmouth as Superintendent of constructional works in dockyard. Promoted to Captain.
1847 Appointed Member of Commission for inquiring into application of iron in railway structures.
1848 Elected F.R.S.
1850 Returned to Ordnance Survey, divisional headquarters at Edinburgh.
1851 Appointed Associate Juror for naval architecture, ordnance etc – comprising class vii in Great Exhibition.
1853 Sent to Brussels on special service.
1854 Promoted to Brevet-Major.
1854 Director-General of Ordnance Survey.
1856 Arthur’s Seat observations to obtain mean S.G. of the earth.
1857 Appointed Director of topographical and statistical department of War Office (staff combined with Ordnance Survey and placed under James’s direction) – continued till severence of Ordnance Survey from War Department and transfer to Office of Works in 1870
1857 Promoted to Colonel.
1858 Member of Committee appointed by Council of Geological Society to revise the Greenough Geological Map.
1860 Knighted. James’s principal work – photozincography. Introduced at Ordnance Survey office 1859. Attracted attention abroad.
1868 Major-General.
1874 Lieut. General.
1875 Resigned from Ordnance Survey.
1877 Died at Southampton 14th June.

Biographies and obituaries[edit]

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Henry James (British Army officer) — Wikipedia article

James; Sir; Henry (1803 - 1877); Knight Director General of the Ordnance Survey Royal Society past Fellows

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BGS archives[edit]

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