Henry Thomas De la Beche

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Date Details
1796 Born. Early life spent in Devon and Dorset.
1810 Entered Military School of Great Marlowe.
1819 Observations on depth and temperature of Lake Geneva published in “Biblioteque Universelle”.
1820 Published in “Edinburgh Philosophical Journal”.
1824 Visited Jamaica. Memoir on Jamaica published in “Transactions Geological Society”.
1st volume published = Translation with notes, of a selection of Geological Memoirs from the “Annales des Mines”.
1829 “A notice on the excavation of valleys”
“Sketch of a classification of European rocks”.
“Geological notes”.
Series of 40 “Sections and views illustrative of geological phenomena”.
1831 “The manual of geology”, (2nd edition 1832).
1834 “Researches in Geology”.
Began geological mapping in Cornwall.
Became attached to Ordnance Survey under Colonel Colby.
1835 Appointed Director of officially recognized Geological Survey.
1837 Obtained sanction for Museum of Geology, Appointed Director (Museum opened 1841).
1840 Established Mining Record Office at Craigs Court.
1839 Published “Report on Geology of Cornwall, Devon and West Somerset”. (First maps ready for publication 1934).
1847 President of Geological Society.
1848 Knighted. Other honours: Knight Commander of Danish orderv of Dannebroq. Knight Commander of Belgian Order of Leopold. Correspondent of Institute of France. Etc.
1853 2nd edition “Geological Observer”.
1855 Wollaston Medal
1855 Died April 13th.

Biographies and obituaries[edit]

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53 works listed in the BGS Library catalogue

Paper to Geological Society: On the geology of South Pembrokeshire

Paper to Geological Society: On Lias of coast in vicinity of Lyme Regis

Paper to Geological Society: Paper to Geological Society: On Chalk and Greensand in vicinity of Lyme Regis……

Paper to Geological Society: Remarks on the geology of Jamaica.

Paper to Geological Society: On the geology of Tor and Babbacombe Bays, Devon.

Paper to Geological Society: On the geology of environs of Nice and coast Thence to Ventiquiniglia.

Paper to Geological Society: On the geology of the neighbourhood of Weymouth and adjacent parts of coast of Dorset (with Buckland).

Memoirs: Essays in Volume I (1846).

Memoirs: Cornwall, Devon and Somerset (1839).

Additional notes by W.J.H. from D.N.B.: 1796 - Born in a London suburb. Father a Military Officer. 1832 - £300 granted & appointed to conduct a geol. Survey under Board of Ordnance. Previous mapping in mining district of Devon & Cornwall at his own expens

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