Horace Bolingbroke Woodward F.R.S., F.G.S.

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Date Details
1848 Born August 20th. Son of S.P. Woodward (Palaeontologist).
Educated at private School.
1863 Appointed assistant to Geological Society, Secretary was H.M. Jenkins.
1867 Appointed Assistant Geologist on Geological Survey under Murchison.
Worked under Bristow in Somerset and other districts.
Took part in first drift survey of London area.
Transferred to Somerset Coalfield, worked in Devon, Somerset and Dorset. Transferred to Norfolk and Norwich.
1875 Promoted to Geologist.
1885 Murchison Fund.
1894 On death of Topley took charge of Jermyn Street Office under Geikie.
1896 Appointed District Surveyor.
1896 Elected F.R.S.
1897 Murchison Medal.
1899 Acting Director for England and Wales.
1901 Assistant to Director.
1908 Retired.
1909 Wollaston Medal.
1914 Died February 6th at Croydon.

Biographies and obituaries[edit]

Obituary - Horace Bolingbroke Woodward, F.R.S., F.G.S. Born 20th August 1848, died 6th February 1914. Geologists Magazine. New Series. v. 1 p.142-144. 1914

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Horace Bolingbroke Woodward — Wikipedia article


Memoir: Jurassic rocks of Britain, Vol. IV

Memoir: Jurassic rocks of Britain, Vol. V (1895);

Memoir: Jurassic rocks of Britain, Vol. III (1893)

Memoir: Norwich (1881)

Memoir: East Somerset and Bristol Coalfields (1876)

Memoir: 'London District (revised 1922)

Water Supply Memoirs London 1909 etc.

History of Geology (1911)

History of the Geological Society (1907)

Memorial of John Gunn (1891)

Geology of England and Wales (1876)

Geology of water supply (1910)

Geology of soils and subsoils (1912);

Edited late editions of Stanford’s Geological Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland.

Memoir: Glenelg (1910) with others.

Memoir: Sidmouth and Lyme Regis (1906) with Ussher;

Memoir: Cambridge and Suffolk (1891) with Whitaker and Jukes

Memoir: Water supply of Lincolnshire (1904)

Memoir: Water supply of Bedfordshire and Northants. (1909)

Memoir: 'Fakenham, Wells & Holt (1884)

Memoir: Salisbury (1882)

Memoir: Cromer (1882)

Memoir: East Dereham (1888)

Memoir: South Wales Coalfield, part VI (1904)

Memoir: Oxford (1908)

Memoir: Wellington and Chard (1906).

Contributed to: Paper for the Transactions Geological Society Glasgow

158 works listed in the BGS Library catalogue

BGS archives[edit]

Ref No Title Description
GSM/DR/St Aubrey Strahan Strahan joined the Survey in 1875, replacing Woodward as Assistant Director for England and Wales...
GSM/DR/Te J.J.H. Teall Jethro Justinian Harris Teall joined the Survey in 1888 as Petrographer, having just published...
GSM/GL/Cl/9 Correspondence from Clough to other geologists: letters to Flett, Kitchin, E.T.Newton, B.N.Peach, Teall, H.H.Thomas, W.Topley and H.B.Woodward
GSM/GL/Cm/3 Correspondence: letters to Mr Brown, Jukes-Browne, Rudler (about Fullers Earth), W.Topley, W.W.Watts, W.Whitaker(about the Bedford area) and H.B.Woodward.
GSM/GL/Fx C E Fox-Strangways Joined the Survey in 1867. He was the joint author (with H.B.Woodward) of the second of the stratigraphical memoirs of the Survey - 'The Jurassic Rocks of Britain'. Fox-Strangways worked mainly on the Yorkshire rocks which made up Vols I and II of the memoir, published in 1892.
GSM/GL/Fx/1 Correspondence: letters to F.H.Hatch and H.B.Woodward
GSM/GL/Gr/54 Notes on the geology of Bedford. Explanation of Sheet 203 New Series with notes by Green and J.R.Dakyns; also memorandum by H.B.Woodward.
GSM/GL/Jb/3 Correspondence with other geologists. Including: H.A.Allen, F.H.Hatch, F.L.Kitchin, G.W.Lamplugh, F.W.Rudler, Teall, W.W.Wattts, W.Whitaker and H.B.Woodward. Some letters to Jukes-Browne.
GSM/GL/Us/2 Correspondence with other geologists inc. J.S.Flett, F.H.Hatch, Teall, W.Whitaker and H.B.Woodward. Some letters to Ussher.
GSM/GL/We/1 Mss on the Corallian of Huntingdon (1" sheet 187) with letter from Wedd to H.B.Woodward
GSM/GL/Ww Horace Bolingbroke Woodward Woodward joined the Survey in 1867. He rose to become Assistant Director for England and Wales in 1901 and retired in 1908
GSM/GL/Ww/1 Correspondence of H.B.Woodward. Misc geological topics and letters re retirement.
GSM/GL/Ww/2 Out Letters of H.B.Woodward, Senior Director
GSM/GL/Ww/3 Out Letters of H.B.Woodward, Senior Director
GSM/GL/Ww/10 H.B.Woodward's 25" field maps of part of SE Skye
GSM/GL/Ww/11 new map of Bath by W.Lewis. Drift geology notes added by H.B.Woodward.
GSM/GL/Ww/12 Geological Autographs Book containing the autographs of a large number of geologists, palaeontologists, naturalists etc...
GSM/GX/Hr/3/1 Letters to J Geikie, Kitchin, Allen and H B Woodward
GSM/MG/C/12/140 G. Menzies: Letter to H.B. Woodward about a sun-crack slab.
GSM/MG/C/12/173 H. Rees: Letter to H.B. Woodward about Fuller's earth from Florida.

Other archives[edit]

Woodward, Horace Bolingbroke (1848-1914) Geologist — The National Archives