James Phemister

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Date Details
1893 Born
1921 Geologist
1928 Senior Geologist
1935 District Geologist (Petrographer)

Biographies and obituaries[edit]

James Phemister — Wikipedia article

James Phemister. The University of Glasgow Story.

James Phemister - Obituary. Proceedings of the Geological Society of Glasgow for Sessions 129-132 (1986-1990), pages 32-34.

Howie, R.A. (1987). Memorial of James Phemister 1893-1986. American Mineralogist. 127: 1275–1276.

Phemister, James. 03/04/1893-18/05/1986 Biographical Index of Former Fellows of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 1783–2002). The Royal Society of Edinburgh. July 2006. ISBN 0 902 198 84 X.


89 works listed in the BGS Library catalogue

BGS archives[edit]

Ref No Title Description
GSM/DR/Ft/A/2 Correspondence on range of issues: letters to Bromehead, C.Davidson, H.Dewey, Fairley, A.Geikie, Goodchild, E.Greenly, J.Horne, F.L.Kitchin, G.W.Lee, M.MacGregor, J.Phemister, J.Rhodes, B.Smith, W.J.Sollas, H.H.Thomas and Teall. Also 76 letters to Flett from 34 correspondents (includes guardbook)
GSM/DR/Ml W.F.P.McLintock William Francis Porter McLintock joined the Survey in 1907 as Assistant Curator and transferred to the Royal Scottish Museum in 1921. He returned to the Survey in 1922 as Curator and Librarian and remained in this post until he became Director in 1945. He accompanied Flett in 1925 on a tour of European museums as a prelude to the move of the Geological Museum to Exhibition Rd. In 1926 he joined Phemister in an experimental trip to Persia to test the torsion balance in mapping gravity contours. This was the beginning of geophysics for the Survey.
GSM/DR/Ml/A/1 Correspondence including letters to Flett, Kitchin, Phemister, and H.H.Thomas. Also large collection of letters to McLintock as Curator of Museum. 3 files numbered i, ii and iii
GSM/GL/An/1 Correspondence with Flett, Peach, Phemister, H.H. Thomas and others.
GSM/GL/Fw/1 Correspondence: leters to Dinham,Phemister, Pugh and Stubblefield.
GSM/GL/Pc/3 Correspondence with Horne, Flett, Geikie, Phemister, Rudler and Teall
GSM/GL/Wl/1 Letters to Flett, Phemister, Kitchin and Buchan
GSM/GX/Z/291 Phemister, T C