Levett Landon Boscawen Ibbetson

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Date Details
1841 Mentioned in address by Buckland (Proceedings Geologist Association iii. p. 476) in connection with a photogenic process for rapidly producing perfect drawings of fossil shells on metal; I plates…
1846 Joined Survey.
1849 Author of “Notes on the geology and chemical composition of the various strata in the Isle of Wight”.
1869 Died.

Biographies and obituaries[edit]

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Proceedings Geological Society London p. xli.

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Levett Landon Boscawen Ibbetson — Wikipedia article

Portrait of Levett Landon Boscawen Ibbetson Royal Society

Levett Landon Boscawen Ibbetson] — Prabook article


Ibbetson, L.L.B.. 1849. Notes on the geology and chemical composition of the various strata in the Isle of Wight : for the purpose of enabling the different proprietors of land to employ and mix the soil and sub-soils to the greatest advantage and particularly pointing out the position of the chloritic marl and other phosphate of lime beds and the nature of the soils, in the principal farms of the island. - London: Van Voorst

Ibbetson, L.L.B.. British Association for the Advancement of Science. On the position of the Chloritic Marl or Phosphate of Lime Bed in the Isle of Wight: Report of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (18th), 1848, Trans Sect. C p.69-70

Ibbetson, L.L.B.. Forbes, E.. On the section between Blackgang Chine and Atherfield POint: Proceedings of the Geological Society of London vol.4 1844 p.407-414

Ibbetson, L.L.B.. 1838. Typorama a modelled view of the undercliff in the Isle of Wight. - London: T. Goode

BGS archives[edit]

Ref No Title Description
GSM/DC/A/C/4/404 L L B Ibbetson: Letter on sections of railway cuttings.