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How to insert links

  • To link to another EarthwiseTM page - if the word is identical to the name of the page, then in the edit pane place a double square bracket around the word: [[Images]]
  • To link to a EarthwiseTM page that is not named the same - in the edit pane type double square bracket, followed by the actual name of the page followed by vertical bar, then the word to be linked and finish with a double bracket: [[Images | images]]
  • To link to an external page use 'link' icon on the top tool bar: [ British Geological Survey]
  • To link a word to an external website - opening square bracket, type the full URL followed by a space, then the word you want to link followed by a closing square bracket, example British Geological Survey being the word: [ British Geological Survey]

Avoid ‘click here’ when introducing a link, unless you have a specific reason to call attention to the site navigation. Link names should be the same as the page you are linking to unless the page title is particularly long.

Links to external pages (www pages outside the current domain) should open in a new browser window, unless there is a specific reason to link to an interior page, and permission from the site owner has been granted.

Avoid including the end punctuation of a sentence as part of a hyperlink.


Here’s a great Murchison biography. not Here’s a great Murchison biography.