List of lithostratigraphical units, Carboniferous, onshore, northern Britain - by province

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Dean, M T, Browne, M A E, Waters, C N, and Powell, J H. 2011. framework for the Carboniferous successions of northern Great Britain (Onshore). British Geological Survey Research Report, RR/10/07.

Carboniferous rocks of Scotland north of the Southern Upland Fault[edit]

Midland Valley of Scotland

Inverclyde Group[edit]

Kinnesswood Formation
Doughend Sandstone Member
Foulport Mudstone Member
West Bay Cornstone Member
Ballagan Formation
Drumwhirn Member
Lindsayston Burn Member
Clyde Sandstone Formation
Isle of Arran
Laggantuin Cornstone Member
Millstone Point Sandstone Member
Isle of Bute
Ascog Member
Cumbrae isles
Millport Cornstones Member
Eileans Sandstone Member
South of the River Clyde
Knocknairshill Member
Gourock Sandstone Member
Broadlee Glen Sandstone Member
North of the River Clyde
Overtoun Sandstone Member

Strathclyde Group[edit]

West central Scotland
Birgidale Formation
Laggan Cottage Mudstone Formation
Clyde Plateau Volcanic Formation
Renfrewshire Hills
Noddsdale Volcaniclastic Member
Largs Lava Member
Greeto Lava Member
Misty Law Trachytic Member
Strathgryfe Lava Member
Marshall Moor Lava Member
Kilbarchan Lava Member
Beith?–?Barrhead Hills
Glenburn Volcaniclastic Member
Gleniffer Lava Member
Sergeantlaw Lava Member
Fereneze Lava Member
Beith Lava Member
Dunlop?–?Eaglesham Block
Lower Flow Moss Lava Member
Moyne Moor Lava Member
Neilston Lava Member
Darvel Lava Member
Dumdruff Hill Lava Member
Harelaw Lava Member
Eaglesham Lava Member
Gowk Stane Volcaniclastic Member
Upper Flow Moss Lava Member
Kilpatrick Hills
Burncrooks Volcaniclastic Member
Saughen Braes Lava Member
Auchineden Lava Member
Carbeth Lava Member
Greenside Volcaniclastic Member
Cochno Lava Member
Mugdock Lava Member
Tambowie Lava Member
Campsie Block
North Campsie Pyroclastic Member
Drumnessie Lava Member
Burnhouse Lava Member
Laird’s Loup Lava Member
Carron Bridge Lava Member
Faughlin Lava Member
Tappetknowe Lava Member
Campsie Lava Member
Craigentimpin Lava Member
Loup of Fintry Lava Member
Laird’s Hill Lava Member
Overton Lava Member
Langhill Lava Member
Lower Lecket Hill Lava Member
Boyd’s Burn Lava Member
Fin Glen Lava Member
Upper Lecket Hill Lava Member
Holehead Lava Member
Kilsyth Hills Lava Member
Denny Muir Lava Member
Knowehead Lava Member
Craigdouffie Lava Member
Corrie Lava Member
Garvald Lava Member
Fintry–Touch Block
Slackdown Lava Member
Skiddaw Lava Member
Baston Burn Lava Member
Slackgun Volcaniclastic Member
Spout of Ballochleam Lava Member
Stronend Volcaniclastic Member
Lees Hill Lava Member
Shelloch Burn Lava Member
Fintry Hills Lava Member
Cringate Volcaniclastic Member
Gargunnock Hills Lava Member
Black Mount Lava Member
Touch House Lava Member
Greenan Castle Pyroclastic Member
Kirkwood Formation
Lawmuir Formation
Douglas Muir Quartz-Conglomerate Member
Craigmaddie Muir Sandstone Member
Fife Ness Formation
Anstruther Formation
Charles Hill Volcanic Member
Pittenweem Formation
Sandy Craig Formation
Pathhead Formation
West Lothian and Edinburgh
Arthur’s Seat Volcanic Formation
Gullane Formation
West Lothian Oil-Shale Formation
Calders Member
Hopetoun Member
East Lothian
Garleton Hills Volcanic Formation
North Berwick Pyroclastic Member
East Linton Lava Member
Hailes Lava Member
Bangley Trachytic Member
Gullane Formation
Aberlady Formation

Bathgate Group[edit]

Salsburgh Volcanic Formation
Bathgate Hills Volcanic Formation
Kinghorn Volcanic Formation

Clackmannan Group[edit]

Lower Limestone Formation
Limestone Coal Formation
Kilbirnie Mudstone Member
Black Metals Member
Upper Limestone Formation
Passage Formation
Troon Volcanic Member
Ayrshire Bauxitic Clay Member

Scottish Coal Measures Group[edit]

Scottish Lower Coal Measures Formation
Scottish Middle Coal Measures Formation
Scottish Upper Coal Measures Formation

Carboniferous rocks of the Southern Uplands of Scotland[edit]

The Sanquhar and Thornhill basins

Yoredale Group[edit]

Closeburn Limestone Formation

Clackmannan Group[edit]

Sanquahar Basin

Clackmannan Group Undivided[edit]

Thornhill Basin
Enterkin Mudstone Formation
Passage Formation
Townburn Sandstone Member

Scottish Coal Measures Group[edit]

Scottish Lower Coal Measures Formation
Scottish Middle Coal Measures Formation
Scottish Upper Coal Measures Formation

Carboniferous rocks of the Northern England Province[edit]


Ungrouped formations of continental and peritidal facies in the Craven Basin

Stockdale Farm Formation

Inverclyde Group[edit]

Kinnesswood Formation
Kelso Volcanic Formation
Birrenswark Volcanic Formation
Cottonshope Volcanic Formation
Roddam Dene Conglomerate Formation
Ballagan Formation
Kirkbean Cementstone Member
Wall Hill Member
Orroland Member

Ravenstonedale Group[edit]

Stainmore Trough
Pinskey Gill Formation
Marsett Formation
Duddon Conglomerate Member
Cockermouth Volcanic Formation
Stone Gill Limestone Formation
Shap Village Limestone Formation
Askrigg Block
Raydale Dolostone Formation
Marsett Formation
Penny Farm Gill Formation
Isle of Man
Langness Conglomerate Formation

Border Group[edit]

Lyne Formation
Easton Anhydrite Member
Southerness Limestone Member
Lynebank Member
Bewcastle Member
Main Algal Member
Cambeck Member
Fell Sandstone Formation
Gillfoot Sandstone Member
Powillimount Sandstone Member
Rascarrel Member

Great Scar Limestone Group[edit]

Alston Block
Melmerby Scar Limestone Formation
Stainmore Trough and Ravenstonedale
Coldbeck Limestone Formation
Scandal Beck Limestone Formation
Park Hill Limestone Member
Coupland Syke Limestone Member
Brownber Formation
Breakyneck Scar Limestone Formation
Ashfell Sandstone Formation
Ashfell Limestone Formation
Potts Beck Limestone Formation
Knipe Scar Limestone Formation
Askrigg Block
Tom Croft Limestone Formation
Ashfell Sandstone Formation
Fawes Wood Limestone Formation
Garsdale Limestone Formation
Danny Bridge Limestone Formation
Askrigg Block–Craven Basin Transition Zone
Chapel House Limestone Formation
Kilnsey Limestone Formation
Scaleber Force Limestone Member
Scaleber Quarry Limestone Member
Malham Formation
Cove Limestone Member
Gordale Limestone Member
Cracoe Limestone Formation
South Cumbria
Martin Limestone Formation
Red Hill Limestone Formation
Dalton Formation
Park Limestone Formation
Urswick Limestone Formation
North and West Cumbria
Frizington Limestone Formation
Eskett Limestone Formation
Isle of Man
Derbyhaven Formation
Turkeyland Member
Sandwick (Isle of Man) Member
Skillicore Member
Knockrushen Formation
Balladoole Formation

Yoredale Group[edit]

Tyne Limestone Formation
Arbigland Limestone Member
Dun Limestone Member
Alston Formation
Askham Limestone Member
Jew Limestone Member
Oxford Limestone Member
Tynebottom Limestone Member
Eelwell limestone Member
Scar Limestone Member
Five Yard Limestone Member
Three Yard Limestone Member
Four Fathom Limestone Member
Great Limestone Member
Stainmore Formation

Craven Group[edit]

Hodderense Limestone Formation
Bowland Shale Formation
Scarlett Point Member
Scarlett Volcanic Member

Millstone Grit Group[edit]

Pendleton Formation
Silsden Formation
Samlesbury Formation
Hebden Formation
Marsden Formation
Rossendale Formation

Pennine Coal Measures Group[edit]

Pennine Lower Coal Measures Formation
Pennine Middle Coal Measures Formation
Pennine Upper Coal Measures Formation

Warwickshire Group[edit]

Eskbank Wood Formation
Canonbie Bridge Sandstone Formation
Becklees Sandstone Formation
Whitehaven Sandstone Formation
Bransty Cliff Sandstone Member
Millyeat Member