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Mary Sophia Johnston - album 1, index[edit]

Page number refers to the page numbers of the digital version of the album held here

Mary Sophia Johnston (1875-1955) albums

Page 1[edit]

Front cover

Page 2[edit]

Inside front cover. "bought by M.S. Johnston, and bequeathed by her to the Association

Page 3[edit]


Page 4[edit]

Geologists' Association, London [Stamped logo]

Page 5[edit]

George Potter, Highgate 1912. Last survivor of the founders of the Geologists Asso. 1858 [Photograph]

Page 6[edit]

July 1912 [Photograph of George Potter]

Mr Whitaker, Miss Foley, Dr Groom, Ms Bauerman,Colwall Tunnel, June 1900 [Photograph]

An eminent geologist. Mr. W. Whitaker, F.R.S., one of the outstanding geologists attending B.A. meetings, shown on left of picture. "Dundee Advertiser" Photo. [Newspaper cutting]

Yours sincerely C.A. Matley [Signature]

[Mr. W. Whitaker, F.R.S. Photograph] [Newspaper cutting]

[Mr. W. Whitaker, F.R.S. in the field] [Photograph]

Page 7[edit]

19 August 1900 W. Whitaker in Keswick to Miss Johnston [Letter] [Page 1]

3 Campden Road, Croydon. W. Whitaker [Photograph]

W. Whitaker [Photographs x 2]

Page 8[edit]

19 August 1900 W Whitaker in Keswick to Miss Johnston [Letter] [Page 4]

3 Campden Road, Croydon. W. Whitaker [Photograph] [as page 7]

W. Whitaker [Photographs x 2] [as page 7]

Page 9[edit]

19 August 1900 W Whitaker in Keswick to Miss Johnston [Letter] [Page 2-3]

3 Campden Road, Croydon. W. Whitaker [Photograph] [as page 7]

W. Whitaker [Photographs x 2] [as page 7]

Page 10[edit]

With kind regards Yours sincerely J Lomas [Signature]

Yours sincerely George W Young [Signature]

Yours sincerely Alfred P Young [Signature]

Yours truly H H Winwood [Signature]

Believe me with regards Yours sincerely W F Gwinnell [Signature]

Albert Euchène [Business card]

August 1908 Group photograph [Field trip Oswestry - link to britgeoheritage article] [Photograph]

Kind regards from Yours sincerely Ethel G Skeat [Same person as Ethel G Woods. This is her maiden name Proceedings of the Geologists Association v. 51, part 1 1940. p. 114] [Signature]

Yrs sincerely F W Penny [Signature]

John T Kemp [Signature]

J T K [Signature][John T Kemp]

H Tinker [Signature]

Ian, Yr very truly J Howse [Signature]

Yrs very truly Henry Kidner [Signature]

Yours faithfully W Henry Barnes [Signature]

in Sweden. Kindest regards from Yours very sincerely Ethel G Woods [Signature]

With kind regards Yrs faithfully F W Bennett [Signature]

Page 11[edit]

20 August 1908 Upfield Green and Harry Vassell in Ladock Cornwall to Miss Johnston [Letter]

Yours sincerely E Montag [Signature]

William Head [Signature]

With kind regards Sincerely yours E E Lowe [Signature]

Yours sincerely Chas T Pratt [Charles Tiplady Pratt][Signature]

With kind regards Sincerely yours Henry Bassett [Signature]

Yours faithfully A J Maslen [Signature]

Yours sincerely Grace M Bauer [Signature]

Page 12[edit]

With kind regards Believe me, Yours sincerely E P Ridley [Signature]

I am, yours truly, C J Alexander [Signature]

Yours sincerely J Lloyd Jones [Signature]

With kind regards Yours vy truly E W Tunbridge [Signature]

Yours gratefully G Stanbrook [Signature]

Yours faithfully G H G Plymen [Signature]

All good wishes, sincerely yours [? can't read] [Signature]

Yours faithfully F G Collins [Signature]

Yours affectionately Margaret C Crosfield [Signature]

Eva Whitley, Rachel Workman [Lady McRobert], Russell [?] Gwinnell, Lieutenant Coke [?], Miss Davies [List of names] [may refer to photograph or field trip participants in photograph below]

Prof McKenny Hughes and students G A Excursion May 1914 [Group on a canal boat] [Photograph]

Prof McKenny Hughes and students G A Excursion May 1914 [Group on a canal boat] [Photograph]

Frederick Meeson [Photograph]

Roger Meeson [Photograph]

Frederick Meeson, Roger Meeson Sept 7th 19[? rest of date hidden by folded page] [Signatures]

Your sincerely Arnold Wilson [Signature]

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