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Mary Sophia Johnston - album 1, index[edit]

Page number refers to the page numbers of the digital version of the album held here

Mary Sophia Johnston (1875-1955) albums

Page 1[edit]

Front cover

Page 2[edit]

Inside front cover. "bought by M.S. Johnston, and bequeathed by her to the Association

Page 3[edit]


Page 4[edit]

Geologists' Association, London [Stamped logo]

Page 5[edit]

George Potter, Highgate 1912. Last survivor of the founders of the Geologists Asso. 1858 [Photograph]

Page 6[edit]

July 1912 [Photograph of George Potter]

Mr Whitaker, Miss Foley, Dr Groom, Ms Bauerman,Colwall Tunnel, June 1900 [Photograph]

An eminent geologist. Mr. W. Whitaker, F.R.S., one of the outstanding geologists attending B.A. meetings, shown on left of picture. "Dundee Advertiser" Photo. [Newspaper cutting]

Yours sincerely C.A. Matley [Signature]

[Mr. W. Whitaker, F.R.S. Photograph] [Newspaper cutting]

[Mr. W. Whitaker, F.R.S. in the field] [Photograph]

Page 7[edit]

19 August 1900 W. Whitaker in Keswick to Miss Johnston [Letter] [Page 1]

3 Campden Road, Croydon. W. Whitaker [Photograph]

W. Whitaker [Photographs x 2]

Page 8[edit]

19 August 1900 W Whitaker in Keswick to Miss Johnston [Letter] [Page 4]

3 Campden Road, Croydon. W. Whitaker [Photograph] [as page 7]

W. Whitaker [Photographs x 2] [as page 7]

Page 9[edit]

19 August 1900 W Whitaker in Keswick to Miss Johnston [Letter] [Page 2-3]

3 Campden Road, Croydon. W. Whitaker [Photograph] [as page 7]

W. Whitaker [Photographs x 2] [as page 7]

Page 10[edit]

With kind regards Yours sincerely J Lomas [Signature]

Yours sincerely George W Young [Signature]

Yours sincerely Alfred P Young [Signature]

Yours truly H H Winwood [Signature]

Believe me with regards Yours sincerely W F Gwinnell [Signature]

Albert Euchène [Business card]

August 1908 Group photograph [Field trip Oswestry - link to britgeoheritage article] [Photograph]

Kind regards from Yours sincerely Ethel G Skeat [Same person as Ethel G Woods. This is her maiden name Proceedings of the Geologists Association v. 51, part 1 1940. p. 114] [Signature]

Yrs sincerely F W Penny [Signature]

John T Kemp [Signature]

J T K [Signature][John T Kemp]

H Tinker [Signature]

I am, Yr very truly J Howse [Signature]

Yrs very truly Henry Kidner [Signature]

Yours faithfully W Henry Barnes [Signature]

in Sweden. Kindest regards from Yours very sincerely Ethel G Woods [Signature]

With kind regards Yrs faithfully F W Bennett [Signature]

Page 11[edit]

20 August 1908 Upfield Green and Harry Vassell in Ladock Cornwall to Miss Johnston [Letter]

Yours sincerely E Montag [Signature]

William Head [Signature]

With kind regards Sincerely yours E E Lowe [Signature]

Yours sincerely Chas T Pratt [Charles Tiplady Pratt][Rev Charles Tiplady Pratt (1839-1921), Vicar of Cawthorne, near Barnsley. He joined the GA in 1904, he founded Cawthorne Museum Society in 1884 and then Cawthorne Victoria Jubilee Museum http://www.cawthornevillage.com/index-6.html and wrote a history of Crawthorne https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/History_of_Cawthorne. He was a regular donator to the GA Illustrations Fund.][Signature]

With kind regards Sincerely yours Henry Bassett [Signature]

Yours faithfully A J Maslen [Signature]

Yours sincerely Grace M Bauer [Signature]

Page 12[edit]

With kind regards Believe me, Yours sincerely E P Ridley [Signature]

I am, yours truly, C J Alexander [Signature]

Yours sincerely J Lloyd Jones [Signature]

With kind regards Yours vy truly E W Tunbridge [Signature]

Yours gratefully G Stanbrook [Signature]

Yours faithfully G H G Plymen [Signature]

All good wishes, sincerely yours [? can't read] [Signature]

Yours faithfully F G Collins [Signature]

Yours affectionately Margaret C Crosfield [Signature]

Eva Whitley, Rachel Workman [Lady McRobert], Russell [?] Gwinnell, Lieutenant Coke [?], Miss Davies [List of names] [may refer to photograph or field trip participants in photograph below]

Prof McKenny Hughes and students G A Excursion May 1914 [Group on a canal boat] [Photograph]

Prof McKenny Hughes and students G A Excursion May 1914 [Group on a canal boat] [Photograph]

Frederick Meeson [Photograph]

Roger Meeson [Photograph]

Frederick Meeson, Roger Meeson Sept 7th 19[? rest of date hidden by folded page] [Signatures]

Your sincerely Arnold Wilson [Signature]

Page 13[edit]

Easter 1906 [GA Excursion to Lyme Regis] [Group photograph] [Whitaker is there]

With kind regards I am yours sincerely Horace B Woodward [Signature]

Believe me, faithfully yours F W Rudler [Signature]

Yours sincerely H H Winwood [Signature]

Believe me Yours sincerely E T Newton [Signature]

from George W Young [Signature]

Yours sincerely Robert S Herries [Signature]

With Kind regards, I am, Yours sincerely T W Reader 12/6/06 [Signature]

Yours sincerely Walter Johnson [Signature]

Miss Crosfield W Whitaker A C Young [list of names][possibly names of those in photograph without signatures. Number of people is correct!?]

Yours truly F Nichols [Signature]

Page 14[edit]

Mr Bryan Corcoran. Engineer, Scientist, Archaeologist [Newspaper cutting] [undated]

Yours sincerely Bryan Corcoran [Signature]

[Photograph] [possibly Mark Lane as in cutting with Mr and Mrs Corcoran plus dog and servant]

T V Holmes Wookey Hole 1909 [GA Whitsun Excursion May/June 1909 to Frome area] [Photograph]

Page 15[edit]

[? Howard Fox] [Photograph]

I am yrs sincerely Howard Fox [Signature]

James Tennant [Photograph]

Page 16[edit]

Whitsuntide 1906 [Field Excursion to Isle of Wight] [Group photograph]

Faithfully yours G W Colenutt [Signature]

June 9 1908 Dammery [Damery] Bridge Quarry - Trap with Llandovery G W Young, A C Young, G Potter [W Whitaker][Excursion to the Mid and South Cotteswolds June 1908] [Photograph]

I remain Yours very truly Benj A Baker [Signature]

Yours sincerely A P Young [Signature]

Yours sincerely Reg W Hooley [Signature]

Bell Canada[?], W Whitaker, M C Foley, M C Crosfield, Eva Whitley, Mary S Johnston, G W Colenutt, M L Allorge, Dr Male, G W Young [List of field trip participants]

June 9 1908 Middlemill Section on grassy slopes . Ashy limestone on Trap [Group Photograph][Excursion to the Mid and South Cotteswolds June 1908]

Page 17[edit]

Easter 1908 [group photograph x 2] [in quarry. lefthand photo has one gent - Whitaker? -scurrying to get into picture!] A C Young W Wickes L Richardson J Kemp [?] G W Young R Herries B Baker G Porter B Bartlett T Sibly W Whitaker W Barnes Miss Bauer [List of participant names]

S H Reynolds [Signature]

Sincerely yrs W W Watt [Signature]

With best love yrs very affec-tly Kathleen M Crosse [Signature]

Believe me yrs sly [sorry, can't make out] [Signature]

Yours sincerely Arthur Todd-White [Signature]

Wishing you a Happy New Century Yours very truly T V Holmes [Signature]

Yours sincerely H A Hinton [Signature]

J J B Ogle [Signature]

Yours sincerely J M Collett [Signature]

With kind regards and yours sincerely R W H[cannot make out] [Signature]

Yours sincerely A W Wilson [? Difficult to read][Signature]

Page 18[edit]

Bergen [Postcard][with signatures] Carl Fred Kolderup [Signature] William Hill [Signature][Excursion to the Bergen District, Norway 3rd - 21st August 1911]

Prof Baker [Photograph]

[Photograph] [Excursion Party crossing glacier]

Kathleen M Crosse [Signature], A M Robert [Signature], Eva Whitley [Signature], Henry E Armstrong [Signature], S A Notcutt [Signature], C Notcutt [Signature], M B Baker (Kingston Canada) [Signature], Mary S Johnston [Signature], Nora Armstrong [Signature], A E Cooper [Signature], A E Greene [Signature], Rachel Workman McRobert [Signature], Grace M Bauer [Signature], E P Ridley [Signature], E W Tunbridge [Signature], John Schwartz jun. [Signature], Horace W Monckton [Signature], Oswald Fitch [Signature], W W Whitaker [Signature], Eleanor Pearse [Signature], B Hobson [Signature], I J T Bindon [?] [Signature], Grace H Day [Signature], L E Ridley [Signature], V E D Garach[??] [Signature], P A B Martin [Signature] [On reverse of postcard of Bergen][Participants in Excursion to Bergen 1911]

Fra Bergensbanen: Finse med store Finsenut og Finseskar [Picture Postcard]

Yours sincerely P A B Martin [Signature]

Page 19[edit]

Norway 1911 [Page Heading]

Finse nut [Group photograph] [Aug 11th 1911]

With kind regards, believe me Yours very truly, William Hill [Signature]

Yours sincerely E W Tunbridge [Edward William Tunbridge] [Signature]

A E Greene [Alfred Ernest Greene] SE3 13 Glenluce Rd Blackheath [Signature]

Sulphelabrae [Sulphelle glacier] [Group photograph]

With Oswald Fitch's compliments [Signature]

Yours sincerely S A Notcutt [Stephen Abbott Notcutt] [Signature]

Yours sincerely Constance Notcutt [Signature]

Yours faithfully John Schwartz Jnr [Signature]

Yours sincerely Bernard Hobson [Signature]

Page 20[edit]

[Photographs] [Group behind trays of specimens, two photographs] [ Mr Treacher's collection of flints, Twyford]

Yours very truly Ll Treacher [Llewellyn Treacher, Twyford] [Signature]

Yours very truly F Janchen [Signature]

Yours very sincerely, Mary Spalding Walker [Signature]

Geologist' visit to Sonning 1910 [Newspaper article] [25th June 1910 led by Llewellyn Treacher]

Page 21[edit]

Whitsuntide 1907 [Page Heading] [Bristol] [Directors. Prof S. H. Reynolds, A. Vaughan, Prof W. S Boulton, and T. F. Sibly]

[Group photographs] [two 1907 Bristol field meeting]

Yours faithfully T Franklin Sibley [Signature] M S Johnston, Esq [note after signature]

With kind regards I am Yours very faithfully J W Carr [Signature]

Yours faithfully H Arnold D [can't read][Signature]

F W Bennett [Signature]

Arthur Vaughan [Signature]

Yours sincerely E T Newton [Signature]

Kind regards from my wife and myself E P Ridley [Signature]

Yours sincerely Sara Bernstein [Signature]

S H Reynolds [Signature]

M Bernstein [Matthias Max Bernstein] [Signature]

Yr sincerely M C Foley [Signature]

W Whitaker, R S Harries, Mrs Ridley, F Gossling, Dr Male, B Baker, Upfield Green, G W Young, Dr Johnston-Lavis, Dr Todd-White, R S Herries, A C Young, C Southall, W Wickes, G Potter, Brooke Fox, B Bartlett, Miss Foley, Mrs Reynolds, Dr Bernstein [List of names. Field trip participants Bristol 1907]

Dr Horne July 1914 [photograph]

Page 22[edit]

Easter 1903 [Page Heading] [Group photograph] [Whitsuntide Excursion to North Staffordshire. May 30th to June 3rd 1903. Directors: Wheelton Hind, M.D., F.R.C.S., F.G.S., W. Gibson, B.Sc., F.G.S., C. B. Wedd, B.A., F.G.S., and R. Fane de Salis, F.G.S.]

F Nichols, Upfield Green, R Meeson, W Whitaker, Slade Jeremiah, H Vassell, A Vaughan, J W Garnham, F Bennett [?] and sons, Miss A Pearse, Miss [Mary De Fraine] Whitaker [married Ernest Skeats in 1904], Miss M S Johnston, A Rushton [list of names, probably from field trip, on photograph]

F Nichols [Signature]

J W Garnham [Signature]

Yours very truly H P Blackmore [Signature]

Yours sincerely F Ross Thomson [Signature]

Yours sincerely Ernest W Skeats [Signature]

Yours sincerely Horace W Monckton [Signature]

I am Yours very truly Henry Preston [Signature]

With kind regards Yours sincerely N D Robarts [?][May be a member of N Staffs field club] [Signature]

Yrs sincerely E Pearse [Signature]

With kind regards Yours sincerely Frederick Meeson [Signature]

Very sincerely yours W P D Stebbing [Signature]

Yours sincerely A P Young [Signature]

Page 23[edit]

Edinburgh 1913 [Group photograph] [Long Excursion to Edinburgh August 1st to 9th, 1913. DIRECTORS :- J. S. Flett, D.S c., LL.D., F.R.S.; B. N. Peach, LL.D., F.R.S . ; W. F. P. McLintock:, M.A., B.Sc. ; R. Campbell, M.A., D.Sc. ; W. T. Gordon, M.A., D.S c. ; C. T. Clough, M.A.; and A. Macconochie.]

F W Penny [Signature]

Yours faithfully John S Flett [Signature]

I am yrs truly Talbot H Whitehead [Signature]

Yours sincerely R W Pocock [Signature]

Yours sincerely Edward W Tunbridge [Signature]

Yours sincerely Eileen M L Hendriks [Signature] [probably 2nd woman from left]

Yours sincerely W T Gordon [Signature]

Yours sincerely J C McGiven [Signature]

Miss Pearse; Miss Bauer; Miss Cadmore; Winnie, Enid, Harold Flett [Flett's children on photograph]; Thomas Hall, J M Given; T F Sibley [Sibly in membership list]; F B B Williams; H Burls; G W Young; [A] Macconochie; [W F P] McLintock; [C T] Clough; W Whitaker; [W T] Gordon [list of names] [probably of other people on photograph]

Easter 1913 [group photograph] [EXCURSION TO THE LIZARD, CORNWALL. MARCH 20TH TO 29TH, EASTER, 1913. J. S. FLETT, M.A., LL.D., D.Sc., F.R.S., F.G.S., AND ]. B. HILI., R.N., F.G.S., Directors of the Excursion.]

Yours sincerely Henry Dewey [Signature]

Harford J Lowe, Kotre, Torquay [Signature]

Howard Fox; J B Hill; Harford J Lowe [List of names][probably from photograph above]

Page 24[edit]

[Two pages of women's signatures]

Yours very sincerely Catherine A Raisin [Signature]

Yrs truly Ida A Slater [Signature]

Yours truly Marie C Stopes [Signature]

yours truly Elaine de V Hinde [Signature]

(Mrs) Hester Forbes Julian [Signature]

Ana M K Wsch [check] [Signature]

H Mary Hutton Sep 5th [Signature]

Yrs truly J Longstaff [Jane Longstaff] [Signature]

Yours sincerely Caroline Birley [Signature]

E A Smith [Signature]

Yrs faithfully A E Wills (Miss) [Signature]

Yours very truly Margaret Pember [Signature]

note let you know result in a day or two E Goodyear [Edith Goodyear][Signature]

D M A Bate [Signature] [Dorothea Minola Alice Bate 1878 – 1951]

Elsie M Bell [Signature]

Edith A Cassels Juniper Hill Rickmansworth [Signature]

Helen Drew [Signature]

Farnham Saturday Yrs sincerely D M Woodhead [Signature]

National Physical Labs Teddington Middx A B Dale [Signature]

Yours sincerely Gertrude L Elles [Signature]

Yours sincerely Maud Healey [Signature]

Vera Larminie [Signature]

M C Stopes [Signature]

Ella Gritton [Signature]

Maria C Hendy [check] [Signature]

R D Elpinstone [Signature]

H Coulson [Signature]

Page 25[edit]

Yours affectionately Harriet M Teall [Signature]

Yours sincerely L B Morris [Signature]

G [Grace] Bigby [Signature]

M [Marie] Vobe [Signature]

Many thanks for the offer to see your museum Should like to very much – I may possibly be up on 19th if so shall attend the excursion on 20th E M Goodman [Signature]

Emma Smith Hencotes House Hexham [Signature]

Laura Mortimer Woolf 81 Wimpole Street W1 [Signature]

Maud I Leybourne Popham Johnby Hall Greystoke Cumberland [Signature]

E L Ashby [Signature]

Yours sincerely Mabel Herries Sep 22nd [Signature]

Yours sincerely Jessie D Granger Evans [?] [Signature]

Yours sincerely Nellie Bemrose [Signature]

Not being able to attend lecture (so far) I must leave others to decide which is best M Winchester [?] [Signature]

Mary Ann Hollingworth Leithen Newnham Road Bedford [Signature]

M [Margaret] E Spottiswoode [Signature]

R N Yeates [Signature]

E A Marstrand [Signature]

E M Smith [Signature]

Bothild Dewey [Signature]

Yours sincerely Mary J Bassett [Signature]

Yours sincerely E F Klaassen [Signature]

Yours sincerely Helen Clough [Signature]

E Aston [Signature]

B Fearnsides [Signature]

Yours sincerely Rosa Ford [Signature]

A Grant [Signature]

(Mrs) A Clark [Signature]

Irene H Lowe [Signature]

M M Brinkworth [Signature]

A Norris [Signature]

Yours sincerely Dorothy M Wardheim [Signature]

Page 26[edit]

[All GSGB staff]

Yours faithfully J J H Teall [Signature]

Yours very truly F L Kitchin [Signature]

G W Lamplugh [Signature]

C N Bromehead [Signature]

I am, Yours sincerely E T Newton [Signature]

Yours sincerely Ernest Dixon [Signature]

E Dixon [Signature]

A Strahan [Signature]

I am, Yours faithfully J Allan Howe [Signature]

Yours sincerely Henry Dewey [Signature]

J S Flett Petrographer to the Geological Survey [Photograph]

John S Flett [Signature]

Yours sincerely W A E Ussher [Signature]

Yours faithfully C Fox Strangways [Signature]

G W Lamplugh [Signature]

Sincerely yours G W Barrows [Signature]

Yours truly H A Allen [Signature]

F W Rudler, Museum of Practical Geology 1879-1902 [Photograph]

F W Rudler [Signature]

Yours sincerely T Clifford Hall [Signature]

W Gibson (District Geologist) [Signature]

Page 27[edit]

Bernard Smith [Signature]

T C Cantrill [Signature]

C B Wedd [Signature]

R L Sherlock [Signature]

R J A Eckford [Signature]

J C P Hay [Signature]

W B R King [Signature]

H H Read [Signature]

Laurence H Tonks [Signature]

yours sincerely R Crookall [Signature]

W Carruthers per D W G [Signature]

C H Dinham [Signature]

Yours very truly J de W Hinch [Signature]

Yours sincerely D Alexander Wray [Signature]

Yours sincerely W B Wright [Signature]

Yours sincerely S Buchan [Signature]

Yours sincerely A J Butler [Signature]

Yours sincerely C J Stubblefield [Signature]

Yours sincerely Walcot Gibson [Signature]

E B Bailey [Signature]

Yours sincerely John Pringle [Signature]

Yrs Sincerely G A Burnett [Signature]

W F P McClintock [Signature]

R C Jones [Signature]

Yours faithfully E S Parkington [?] [Signature]

Yours sincerely G W Himus [Signature]

Yours sincerely J W Heaton [?] [Signature]

Yours sincerely Chas P Chatwin [Signature]

A F Hallimond Asst Curator [Signature]

yours sincerely Richard V Melville [Signature]

Yours sincerely A J Butler [Signature]

Page 28[edit]

Yrs sincerely Lionel Hinxman [Signature]

Yours very truly Henry Woodward [Signature]

Yours faithfully L Fletcher [Signature]

Yours sincerely T H Holland [Signature]

Yours sincerely John W Evans [Signature]

Yours sincerely C Gilbert Cullis [Signature]

Sincerely yours Theodore Groom [Signature]

I remain Yours truly R Kidston [Signature]

Arthur Smith Woodward Secretary [Signature]

Yours truly P McIntyre [Signature]

Yours sincerely L L Fermor [Signature]

Yours sincerely A E Kitson [Signature]

Yours sincerely A Morley Davies [Signature]

Yrs truly M Odling [Signature]

L L Belinfante [Signature]

Yours sincerely A W Gibb [Signature]

Sincerely yours Robert Campbell [Signature]

Receipt appended ASW [possibly Arthur Smith Woodward] [Signature]

Yours very truly F A Bather [Signature]

Yours sincerely W F Hume [Signature]

I am, yours sincerely F Chapman [Signature]

P G H Boswell [Signature]

[Illegible] N [xx]ing [Signature]

Yours very truly Edmund J Garwood [Signature]

L F Spath [Signature]

R D Oldham [Signature]

Page 29[edit]

Sincerely yours D[avid] Woolacott [Signature]

I remain Yours sincerely W R Smellie [Signature]

Yours sincerely G W Tyrrell [Signature]

Yours sincerely Herbert L Hawkins [Signature]

Yours sincerely W J Saxton [Signature]

R Elliot Steel [Signature]

Yours very truly C D Stocker [Signature]

Signed B B Woodward [Signature]

Charles Sherborn [?] [Signature]

Yours very sincerely W S Boulton [Signature]

Manchester Sep 21 1919 Henry A Miers [Signature]

William Wright [Signature]

Yours sincerely H H Swinnerton [Signature]

P F Kendall [Signature]

G S Boulger [Signature]

(Dr) G J Prior 'Millholm' Lower Common South Putney S.W.15 [Signature]

L R Wager [Signature]

Yours faithfully W H Wilcockson [Signature]

Yrs sincerely Errol I White [Signature]

Yours faithfully [ J L?] Wills [Signature]

G S Sweeting [Signature]

George Slater (Imperial College0 [Signature]

W B R King [Signature]

W Alfred Richardson [Signature]

Kenneth W Earle [Signature]

Yrs sincerely A E Trueman [Signature]

Page 30[edit]

Yours truly W Boyd-Hawkins [Signature]

Yours truly S H Warren [Signature]

Yours very truly A Irving [Signature]

Yours faithfully W Wright [Signature]

Yours sincerely C J Grist [tricky, guess from members list]

I am Faithfully Yours James Cross [Signature]

Yours truly A Kinnard [Signature]

I began to think not hearing from you to [?] you had given up [?] as well as [?] [?] Allan... [?] [Signature]

Yours very truly Reginald A Smith [Signature]

Very truly yours L H Pegler [Signature]

Yours sincerely R H Chandler [Signature]

Yrs very truly J D Gray [Signature]

Yours very truly Fred. N Haward [Signature]

A L Leach [Signature]

[?] Revd [?] Moir [?] [Signature]

Yours truly Henry Bury [Signature]

Yours sincerely Chas. [?] ..rriat [?] [Signature]

H P Blackmore [Signature]

G G B Fox [Signature]

L H Pegler [Signature]

Thanks for very kind invitation for boys. we hope to arrange it later when I will let you know. With all good wishes Yrs sincerely W J Walter Johnson [Signature]

CCW [C Carus Wilson][Signature]

C Carus Wilson [Signature]

Page 31[edit]

Fred N Haward 1915 [Signature] [Christmas card] [Cartoon]

Fred N Haward 1921 [Signature] [Christmas card] [Cartoon]

Fred N Haward 1915 [Signature] [Christmas card] [Cartoon] [second 1915 one]

Yours sincerely J W Gray [Signature]

Harold I E Peake [Signature]

Yours sincerely John F S Stone [Signature]

Page 32[edit]

Yours faithfully Christopher T A Gaster [Signature]

Yours faithfully Harold S Richards [Signature]

Yours sincerely Chas. E. Binns [Signature]

Yours faithfully John G Robinson [Signature]

Yours faithfully P L Bean [Signature]

James Berry [Signature]

Yours truly W John [?] Bryant (of Manorbier] [Signature]

Yours faithfully J [T?] Brown [Signature]

Yours truly Gerard W Butler [Signature]

Yours sincerely A Hubert Cox [Signature]

Yrs truly R DuB Evans [Signature]

Yours truly N O English [Signature]

Yours truly Percy Chatterton [Signature]

Yours faithfully J S Double [Signature]

Yours sincerely Ivor E Davies [Signature]

Yours truly N E Fausset [Signature]

Yrs faithfully Wm F Fleet [Signature]

Yours faithfully James Groves [Signature]

W E Harrison Member Geologists' Association [Signature]

I am Sincerely yours Arthur Holmes [Signature]

Yrs faithfully Chas R Hacon [Signature]

Yours sincerely Godfrey W Herries [Signature]

Yours sincerely Sydney T Klein [Signature]

Yrs Alex. H Low member Geol Ass [Signature]

Yours ever Rev. J Newton [Signature]

Yours faithfully F J North [Signature]

Yours truly Tressilian C Nicholas [Signature]

Page 33[edit]

Yours truly F G Percival [Signature]

R H Sennett [Signature]

Yours very truly R L Sherlock [Signature]

Yours truly W W Smithett [Signature]

Yours truly Spencer Spokes [Signature]

Faithfully yours G S Sweeting [Signature]

Yours sincerely H C Sargent [Signature]

Yours faithfully W J C Tomlinson [Signature]

Yours sincerely Beeby Thompson [Signature]

Yours truly H J Osborne White [Signature]

Yours faithfully Alexander Wray [Signature]

Yrs faithfully Leonard J Wills [Signature]

A Beeby Thompson [Signature]

J E Cooke [Signature]

Yours faithfully A Skardon Wearing [Signature]

T Sheppard [? J S something? Shipp...? Shipman? ] [Signature]

Ivon Braby [Signature]

Yours faithfully Malcolm Burr [Signature]

I am yours sincerely J R Cowburn [Signature]

Yours sincerely Beeby Thompson [Signature]

Faithfully yours E R Martin [Signature]

Yours sincerely Robert [Mond? from members list]

Yours truly S Henson [Signature]

Yours very truly R Elliot Steel [Signature]

Yours resply J Spencer [Signature]

Yours truly A G Bull [Signature]

Page 34[edit]

[photograph of house just above Jukes Brown signature so may be his] [Photograph]

yours truly A J Jukes Browne [Signature]

New line to Hertford May 2 1914. W Hill, D J Legg, A C Young, G W Young [Photograph] [train and passengers]

Hindhead July 4 1914 G W Young, President, R Crossland, Dr M Lubbock, A E Greene, Mrs Smith Woodward [Photograph] [Field trip] http://earthwise.bgs.ac.uk/index.php/Motor_excursion_in_Surrey.%E2%80%94Saturday._June_6th,_1914_-_Geologists%27_Association_excursion

Newland's Corner June 6 1914 Dr Lubbock, Dr Barnstein R Crossland [Photograph]

Page 35[edit]

17 January 1907 W Whitaker in Croydon to Miss Johnston [St Albans water supply][Letter] [Page 1]

21 May 1912 Lord A[?]bury in Grosvenor Street to Miss Johnston [Letter]

Page 36[edit]

17 January 1907 W Whitaker in Croydon to Miss Johnston [Letter] [Page 2-3]

Page 37[edit]

17 January 1907 W Whitaker in Croydon to Miss Johnston [Letter] [Page 4] 21 May 1912 Lord A[?]bury in Grosvenor Street to Miss Johnston [Letter] [As page 35]

Page 38[edit]

Yours truly George Abbott [Signature]

Yours faithfully W J Atkinson [Signature]

Yours truly H E Armstrong [Signature]

With kind regards Yours faithfully R E Bartlett [Signature]

I am , dear Madam, Yours truly Horace T Brown [Signature]

Yours truly H T Burls [Signature]

Harvey Collingridge [Signature]

Yours sincerely A K Coomaraswamy [Signature]

Yours sincerely J Vincent Elsden [Signature]

I am yours faithfully Ed [? difficult to read.] [Signature]

Yours very sincerely Charles Ekin [Signature]

With H Smith's Comps [Signature]

P [?] [S a guess] 2/11/03 [Signature]

With J Foulerton's Compls [Signature]

Faithfully yours H Fleck [Signature]

Yours v truly T T Griffith [Signature]

Yours sincerely A Farrar [Signature]

Yours very truly John Hopkinson [Signature]

Yours sincerely J G Hamling [Signature]

Yours truly W J Cousins [Signature]

Page 39[edit]

Yours very sincerely George J Hinde [Signature]

H[enr]y M Krusin [Signature]

Yours very Sincerely Manuel A Lisboa [Signature]

Yours very sincerely N J Johnston-Lavis [Signature]

yours sincerly Frank Morey [Signature]

sincerely yours Douglas Leighton [Signature]

Thanking you again, believe me yrs faithfully M Lubbock [Signature]

Faithfully yrs A L Leach [Signature]

Yours sincerely E C Martin [Signature]

John Newton [Signature]

Yours faithfully Wm Newton [Signature]

J B Hill 6 20 [Signature]

Dr Ord of Bournemouth [Signature]

Yours sincerely L Richardson [Signature]

Yrs sincerely B Stracey [Signature] [?]

Sir James Stirling [Signature]

Yours sincerely [?] [Mrs K...?] [Signature]

With Kind regards Very sincerely yours Alfred W Oke [Signature]

Yours truly W J Cousins [Signature]

Yours truly T H Lewis [Signature]

Yours sincerely Edward A Martin [Signature]

Page 40[edit]

B.A. [British Association] 1913 [BA Birmingham 1913] [Page heading]

[Group photograph] [followed by names and signatures of people in photograph] [ BA 1913]

Yours sincerely F A Bather [Signature]

J W Gregory [Signature]

W W Watts [Signature]

Miss Elles, Dr, Miss Bauer [people in group photograph]

S H Reynolds [?] [Signature]

Sincerely yours Chas Lapworth [Signature]

Sincerely yours A Strahan [?]

[Photograph] [W W Watts, Prof Lapworth and a.n.other Birmingham BA 1913]

W W Watts [Signature]

Prof Lapworth [Birmingham 1913] [Field trip photograph]

Italy 1965. Via St. Maria in Portico. Naples. Left to right. Mr Lees, Dr Dollar, Mr Smith, Mr Jones, Dr A Lamont. Mr Hollis. P Russel photo. [note on page] [ doesn't seem to have relevance to anything else on page, or to facing page]

Page 41[edit]

Whitsuntide 1913 [group photograph] [excursion to the Nottingham District: May 9th to 14th, Whitsuntide, 1913 Prof. J. W. Carr. M.A., F.L.S., F.G.S. G. W. Lamplugh, F.R.S., F.G.S. The Rev. E. H. Mullins, and Prof. H. H. Swinnerton, D.Se., F.G.S., F.Z.S.]

Sincerely yours J W Carr [Signature]

W Whitaker [in photograph]

Mr Ll Treacher [newspaper photograph]

Yours truly George M Davies [Signature]

Yours sincerely C C Fagg [Signature]

[Photograph] [Field meeting] L Montag, M S Johnston, Dr Raisin, E Whitley,

[Photograph] [field meeting] A C Young, E Whitley, M C Crosfield, Reading Excursion with Foreign Geologists 1907

Page 42[edit]

[Photograph] [possibly of C Pratt's house?]

Sincerely yours Chas T Pratt [Signature]

C Gilbert's house [photograph]

Yours faithfully John E Hargreaves [Signature]

Yours faithfully J Ellison [Signature]

Yours faithfully Inkerman Rogers [Signature]

E H Shackleton [Signature]

Yours faithfully J Wade [Signature]

Yours very truly S L Wood [Signature]

Faithfully yours Thos. D Learer [?] [Signature]

Yours truly D Halton Thomson [Signature]

Yours faithfully C P Gibbons [Signature]

Page 43[edit]

Yours very truly R W Deeley [Signature]

W H Wickes 1/7/07 [postcard to Miss Mary Johnston]

View of Hell [postcard]

22 March [note apologising for missing Shooters Hill trip] Arthur [?] Sharpe [?] [Signature]

with kind regards T A Jones [Signature]

G Titus Barham [Signature]

R Fane de Salis [Signature]

Yours sincerely E A Toombs [Signature]

Yours very truly Donald G Mac[?] [Signature]

Sincerely M[?] [Signature] [illegible]

Page 44[edit]

Yours very truly R W Deeley [Signature] as p43

W H Wickes 1/7/07 [postcard to Miss Mary Johnston] [picture side] Burrington Coombe

View of Hell [postcard] as p43

22 March [note apologising for missing Shooters Hill trip] Arthur [?] Sharpe [?] [Signature] as p43

with kind regards T A Jones [Signature] as p43

G Titus Barham [Signature] as p 43

R Fane de Salis [Signature] as p43

Yours sincerely E A Toombs [Signature] as p43

Yours very truly Donald G Mac[?] [Signature] as p 43

Sincerely M[?] [Signature] [illegible] as p43

Page 45[edit]

[as p43/44 illegible signatures] Reverse of postcard from Hell Arthur W S[xxxx] [?][illegible]

Page 46[edit]

[newspaper cutting][photograph] Group of leading men of science (1) Mr D G Hogarth MA, (2) Professor Wyndham Dunstan, (3) Mr A G Vernon-Harcourt, (4) Mr Sidney Hartland, (5) Dr Tempest Anderson, (6) Dr R T Glazebrook,(7) Mr Charles Hawkesley, (8) Sir George Darwin, (9) Dr A S Woodward, (10) Sir James Dewar, (11) Dr Carey Foster, (12) Mr Francis Darwin (president), (13) Professor W A Herdman (general secretary), (14) Dr A C Haddon, (15) Sir Archibald Geikie, (16) Professor Swale Vincent, (17) Sir Edward Beabrook, (18) Sir Oliver Lodge

Yours truly T Anderson [signature]

The late Mr Tempest Anderson [photograph]

In the Hot Lake district of New Zealand [photograph] [two figures, probably R S and Mabel Herries]

R S Herries [signature]

Yrs sincerely Mabel Herries [signature]

Mr Mark Wilks [photograph]

Mark Wilks [signature]

Page 47[edit]

Yours sincerely T McKenny Hughes [signature]

yours faithfully Tressilian C. Nicholas [signature]

Yours sincerely John E Marr [signature]

I am your faithful A C Seward [signature]

H Woods [signature]

Yours very truly T G Bonney [signature]

Philip Lake [signature]

yrs faithfully R H Rastall [signature]

J J Lister [signature]

yours sincerely J Wilfrid Jackson [signature]

William G Fearnsides [postcard] [reverse from Sidney Sussex College Cambridge asking Miss Johnstone for a copy of a print]

Yours sincerely William G Fearnsides [signature]

Page 48[edit]

[as page 47 with postcard reversed]

Moel y gent [?] [postcard from Fearnsides]

Page 49[edit]

Easter 1911 [Easter Excursion to St. David's District, South Wales. April 13th to 22nd, 1911. GA Circular No. 130.]

Mrs A.C. Young, M.S. Johnston, The Rev H. Winwood, H. Whitaker, Lady McRobert, Dr Smith Woodward, B. Corcoran, J. Rogers [Photograph]

G.H. Young, Mrs Smith Woodward, B. Corcoran, M. Robarts, Lady McRobert, Miss Bauer, Mrs Smith Woodward, H. Whitaker [Photograph]

M. S. Johnston [Photograph]

Mary S. Johnston [Photograph]

Page 50[edit]

Easter 1916 Bourton Dorset

[Easter excursion to Mere and Maiden Bradley. April 21st to April 26th 1916. GA Circular No. 186.]

1. R. Elliott Steel, 2. Miss Pearse, 3. E.P. Ridley, 4. Miss Goodman, 5. Miss Cadmore, 6 Dr Bernstein, 7 Mrs Smith Woodward, 8 Dr Smith Woodward, 9 Smith Woodward, 10 H Vassall, 11. J. Money-Kent, 12. J?. Scarnes?, 13. W. Mawby, 14. Miss Whitley, 15. Miss Crossfield, 16. F. Morey, 17. S. Notcutt, 18 T Yates, 19 P. Chatterton, 20. Miss Verimish?, 21. Mrs Cruickshank, 22 G. Barrow, 23. A.C. Young, 24 Dr Bartlett, 25. Miss Johnston, 26 Miss S. Woodward, 27. Miss E Bartlett, 28 Miss E D Bartlett [Captioned Photograph]

Page 51[edit]

Dear Miss Johnson We are waiting for instructions from the Directors Yours sincerely D.G.Louis [pasted Note]

10, PRIESTWOOD MANSIONS, HIGHGATE, N. Description of G. Potter's Bookplate Highgate Archway - A potter at work - [?][illegible][?][illegible] my name -

"It's the custom at Highgate "Thank all who pass through "Should the person on the [?][illegible] "And so [?][illegible][?][illegible] you

Reference to my interest in local history [?][illegible]

Bacon died in the house of the Earl of Arundel

Coleridge resided for many years in the House of Mr [?][Mrs] Gillman. ?[illegible] died there & was interred in the old Chapel yard

Unclear [?][illegible] [?][illegible] geological [?][illegible] in a Nautilus from the London Clay [Headed Note]

Page 52[edit]

[Bookplate] THE MIND'S DISPENSARY. [Black and white drawing of books on a shelf] W.WEST DEL GEORGE POTTER HIGHGATE, N DEC.1904 Dear Miss [?][illegible] Johnston [?] Very kind, [eight illegible words] Kind Regards [illegible signature] [illegible words] Feb 21/08 [uncertain] [Letter on headed notepaper]

[Description of Illuminated Bookplate] Ex Libris Highgate Archway 1813 George Potter Ye Oath of Self Denial Colletor of Literature of the Northern Heights of LONDON at Highgate Swearing on the Horns at HIGHGATE born at highgate 1837 Francis Bacon Died at HIGHGATE 1626 Silver Drops William Blake Gibsons Hist & Antiq Highg Pricketts Highgate Howitts Northern Heights [Titles on Books on a shelf] Golden Volumes Richest Treasures GEORGE POTTER MDCCCXCIV.

Page 53[edit]

Miss Klaassen, Miss Crosfield [insert symbol no name] D Leighton [insert symbol] a. Crossland Miss Crosse [insert symbol] B Corcoran Miss Pearse [insert symbol] N. Burls [uncertain? there's an H Burls on the Members List] a Gibbons Dr Lubbock Leith Hill' June 3rd 1912 [Annotated Photograph] [Excursion to Leith Hill. Saturday, June 1st, 1912 - Geologists' Association excursion]

Page 54[edit]

C. Bromehead Miss Cadmore A. C. Young C.Candler [?uncertain] Dr Bernstein Miss Bassett A. Crossland W. Watts A. Gibbons H. Lapworth

Leith Hill. June 3rd 1912 [Annotated photograph]

Page 55[edit]

[Excursion to Leith Hill. Saturday, June 1st, 1912.]

Yours sincerely, F Ross Thomson [Signature]

Yours truly H. Goulborn [Signature] Eng

Yours sincerely [?] Cozeman [?] [illegible Signature]

J. Newton Goulborn [Transcript check versus Signature above]

LEITH HILL, 3.6. 1912 [Page caption]

C. Crossland A.C. Young J. Newton D. Leighton. W. Watts. Miss Barrett Miss Crosse. Miss Klaarssen

Miss Cadmore C. Bromehead E. Candler [Annotated Photograph]

Page 56[edit]

Knocksmill 1908.

Yours very truly W. Wright [?][Signature]

B. Harrison R. Chandler C. Grist [Annotated Photograph]

Ewell. July 1912 [Excursion to Ewell and Cheam. Saturday, July 6th, 1912 - Geologists' Association excursion]Excursion to Ewell and Cheam. Saturday, July 6th, 1912 - Geologists' Association excursion

Miss Whitley G. Potter J. Bartlett Miss Cadmore H. Whitaker C. Grist {Annotated Photograph]

1912 H. Whitaker G. H. Young D. LeightonH. H. Monkton a. c. Young Dr Evans H. W. Monckton [Annotated Photograph]

W. Whitaker G. Potter G. Barrow [Annotated Photograph]

Page 57[edit]

July 1912 [Two group photographs]

Yours very truly Grenville A. J. Cole [Signature]

Yours truly J. Alfred Codd [Signature]

Yours sincerely E C Martin [Signature]

I am Sincerely yours Mary H. Andrews [Signature] [middle initial uncertain] [not in GA Members List]

Yours sincerely [Signature] [illegible]

Yours Sincerely Sydney M Christen [Signature] [not found on either GA Members Lists]

Yours sincerely Maud Woodward [?] [Signature] [illegible]

remain yours faithfully Kennet-Barrington [?] of the Geologists' Association [?] [illegible words] [Signature]

With kind regards Yours sincerely Bernard Hobson [Signature]

M. Burnshaw [Signature]

Yours Sincerely A. Smith Woodward [Signature]

Mr Foster [Signature] Dr Norman

Miss Bigley

[List of names] Dr Bernstein, W. Wright, F. Nichols, Hallasey [?][illegible] Yates, L. Praeser [?][illegible], A. E. Greene-Alkerman [?][illegible] Mrs Samdell, ​[?][illegible]

[List of names] H Burls, Miss Foster, J. J. Foster, Miss Paerse, D. Leighton, A. Wilson, Miss Cadmore, H. Whitaker, A.C. Young

[Annotated Photograph]

Page 58[edit]

Page 59[edit]

Bicester Cutting [Photograph]

Yours faithfully W. J. Sollas [Signature]

Yours sincerely A. Morley Davies [Signature]

[Other names:] N. Robarts [uncertain as not in list of Members] L. Treacher, A. C. Young, PL. Lidderman [uncertain as not in list of Members]

Pinhay. Lyme Regis Excursion, Easter 1906. [Group photograph] H. P. S. Stabbins [unclear surname]. G. W. Young Dr and Mrs Woodward Mr & Mrs Allhussoz & Family [illegible surname] Mr & Mrs Herries Excursion to Lyme Regis. Easter, 1906, Friday, April 13th to Tuesday, April 17th - Geologists' Association excursion

[Richard Cox Gough - Photograph] Richard Cox Gough August 8th 1890 [Signature beneath photograph]

Page 60[edit]

[Four photographs; no Text]

Page 61[edit]

[List of names and positions for photograph p. 60.]

1 Reporter

2 W V Murray

3 W H Wickes

4 A C young

5 R F Harcourt

6 W White

7 McMonstrie [surname illegible]

8 T. Hart

9 10 11 12 [grouped] Maurice Harness [surname illegible] party

13 J J. Foster

14 A. Dovaston

15 G Potter

16 P. Wall

17 J. Dovaston

18 T. Clothier [surname illegible]

19 H H Winwood

20 [initial or first name illegible] Morgan [there's a Morgans in the list]

21 L. Mond [uncertain surname]

22 Miss Casker [uncertain surname]

23 Miss Hart

24 J E. Clark [uncertain Initials; there's an A Clark]

25 J D Hardy [uncertain Initials]

26 Howse junr

27 Miss McLeod

28 Miss de Hinde [uncertain name but there's only one with a "de"]

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