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Mary Sophia Johnston - album 1, index[edit]

Page number refers to the page numbers of the digital version of the album held here

Mary Sophia Johnston (1875-1955) albums

Page 1[edit]

Front cover

Page 2[edit]

Inside front cover. "bought by M.S. Johnston, and bequeathed by her to the Association

Page 3[edit]


Page 4[edit]

Geologists' Association, London [Stamped logo]

Page 5[edit]

George Potter, Highgate 1912. Last survivor of the founders of the Geologists Asso. 1858 [Photograph]

Page 6[edit]

July 1912 [Photograph of George Potter]

Mr Whitaker, Miss Foley, Dr Groom, Ms Bauerman,Colwall Tunnel, June 1900 [Photograph]

An eminent geologist. Mr. W. Whitaker, F.R.S., one of the outstanding geologists attending B.A. meetings, shown on left of picture. "Dundee Advertiser" Photo. [Newspaper cutting]

Yours sincerely C.A. Matley [Signature]

[Mr. W. Whitaker, F.R.S. Photograph] [Newspaper cutting]

[Mr. W. Whitaker, F.R.S. in the field] [Photograph]

Page 7[edit]

19 August 1900 W. Whitaker in Keswick to Miss Johnston [Letter] [Page 1]

3 Campden Road, Croydon. W. Whitaker [Photograph]

W. Whitaker [Photographs x 2]

Page 8[edit]

19 August 1900 W Whitaker in Keswick to Miss Johnston [Letter] [Page 4]

3 Campden Road, Croydon. W. Whitaker [Photograph] [as page 7]

W. Whitaker [Photographs x 2] [as page 7]

Page 9[edit]

19 August 1900 W Whitaker in Keswick to Miss Johnston [Letter] [Page 2-3]

3 Campden Road, Croydon. W. Whitaker [Photograph] [as page 7]

W. Whitaker [Photographs x 2] [as page 7]

Page 10[edit]

With kind regards Yours sincerely J Lomas [Signature]

Yours sincerely George W Young [Signature]

Yours sincerely Alfred P Young [Signature]

Yours truly H H Winwood [Signature]

Believe me with regards Yours sincerely W F Gwinnell [Signature]

Albert Euchène [Business card]

August 1908 Group photograph [Field trip Oswestry - link to britgeoheritage article] [Photograph]

Kind regards from Yours sincerely Ethel G Skeat [Same person as Ethel G Woods. This is her maiden name Proceedings of the Geologists Association v. 51, part 1 1940. p. 114] [Signature]

Yrs sincerely F W Penny [Signature]

John T Kemp [Signature]

J T K [Signature][John T Kemp]

H Tinker [Signature]

I am, Yr very truly J Howse [Signature]

Yrs very truly Henry Kidner [Signature]

Yours faithfully W Henry Barnes [Signature]

in Sweden. Kindest regards from Yours very sincerely Ethel G Woods [Signature]

With kind regards Yrs faithfully F W Bennett [Signature]

Page 11[edit]

20 August 1908 Upfield Green and Harry Vassell in Ladock Cornwall to Miss Johnston [Letter]

Yours sincerely E Montag [Signature]

William Head [Signature]

With kind regards Sincerely yours E E Lowe [Signature]

Yours sincerely Chas T Pratt [Charles Tiplady Pratt][Rev Charles Tiplady Pratt (1839-1921), Vicar of Cawthorne, near Barnsley. He joined the GA in 1904, he founded Cawthorne Museum Society in 1884 and then Cawthorne Victoria Jubilee Museum http://www.cawthornevillage.com/index-6.html and wrote a history of Crawthorne https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/History_of_Cawthorne. He was a regular donator to the GA Illustrations Fund.][Signature]

With kind regards Sincerely yours Henry Bassett [Signature]

Yours faithfully A J Maslen [Signature]

Yours sincerely Grace M Bauer [Signature]

Page 12[edit]

With kind regards Believe me, Yours sincerely E P Ridley [Signature]

I am, yours truly, C J Alexander [Signature]

Yours sincerely J Lloyd Jones [Signature]

With kind regards Yours vy truly E W Tunbridge [Signature]

Yours gratefully G Stanbrook [Signature]

Yours faithfully G H G Plymen [Signature]

All good wishes, sincerely yours [? can't read] [Signature]

Yours faithfully F G Collins [Signature]

Yours affectionately Margaret C Crosfield [Signature]

Eva Whitley, Rachel Workman [Lady McRobert], Russell [?] Gwinnell, Lieutenant Coke [?], Miss Davies [List of names] [may refer to photograph or field trip participants in photograph below]

Prof McKenny Hughes and students G A Excursion May 1914 [Group on a canal boat] [Photograph]

Prof McKenny Hughes and students G A Excursion May 1914 [Group on a canal boat] [Photograph]

Frederick Meeson [Photograph]

Roger Meeson [Photograph]

Frederick Meeson, Roger Meeson Sept 7th 19[? rest of date hidden by folded page] [Signatures]

Your sincerely Arnold Wilson [Signature]

Page 13[edit]

Easter 1906 [GA Excursion to Lyme Regis] [Group photograph] [Whitaker is there]

With kind regards I am yours sincerely Horace B Woodward [Signature]

Believe me, faithfully yours F W Rudler [Signature]

Yours sincerely H H Winwood [Signature]

Believe me Yours sincerely E T Newton [Signature]

from George W Young [Signature]

Yours sincerely Robert S Herries [Signature]

With Kind regards, I am, Yours sincerely T W Reader 12/6/06 [Signature]

Yours sincerely Walter Johnson [Signature]

Miss Crosfield W Whitaker A C Young [list of names][possibly names of those in photograph without signatures. Number of people is correct!?]

Yours truly F Nichols [Signature]

Page 14[edit]

Mr Bryan Corcoran. Engineer, Scientist, Archaeologist [Newspaper cutting] [undated]

Yours sincerely Bryan Corcoran [Signature]

[Photograph] [possibly Mark Lane as in cutting with Mr and Mrs Corcoran plus dog and servant]

T V Holmes Wookey Hole 1909 [GA Whitsun Excursion May/June 1909 to Frome area] [Photograph]

Page 15[edit]

[? Howard Fox] [Photograph]

I am yrs sincerely Howard Fox [Signature]

James Tennant [Photograph]

Page 16[edit]

Whitsuntide 1906 [Field Excursion to Isle of Wight] [Group photograph]

Faithfully yours G W Colenutt [Signature]

June 9 1908 Dammery [Damery] Bridge Quarry - Trap with Llandovery G W Young, A C Young, G Potter [W Whitaker][Excursion to the Mid and South Cotteswolds June 1908] [Photograph]

I remain Yours very truly Benj A Baker [Signature]

Yours sincerely A P Young [Signature]

Yours sincerely Reg W Hooley [Signature]

Bell Canada[?], W Whitaker, M C Foley, M C Crosfield, Eva Whitley, Mary S Johnston, G W Colenutt, M L Allorge, Dr Male, G W Young [List of field trip participants]

June 9 1908 Middlemill Section on grassy slopes . Ashy limestone on Trap [Group Photograph][Excursion to the Mid and South Cotteswolds June 1908]

Page 17[edit]

Easter 1908 [group photograph x 2] [in quarry. lefthand photo has one gent - Whitaker? -scurrying to get into picture!] A C Young W Wickes L Richardson J Kemp [?] G W Young R Herries B Baker G Porter B Bartlett T Sibly W Whitaker W Barnes Miss Bauer [List of participant names]

S H Reynolds [Signature]

Sincerely yrs W W Watt [Signature]

With best love yrs very affec-tly Kathleen M Crosse [Signature]

Believe me yrs sly [sorry, can't make out] [Signature]

Yours sincerely Arthur Todd-White [Signature]

Wishing you a Happy New Century Yours very truly T V Holmes [Signature]

Yours sincerely H A Hinton [Signature]

J J B Ogle [Signature]

Yours sincerely J M Collett [Signature]

With kind regards and yours sincerely R W H[cannot make out] [Signature]

Yours sincerely A W Wilson [? Difficult to read][Signature]

Page 18[edit]

Bergen [Postcard][with signatures] Carl Fred Kolderup [Signature] William Hill [Signature][Excursion to the Bergen District, Norway 3rd - 21st August 1911]

Prof Baker [Photograph]

[Photograph] [Excursion Party crossing glacier]

Kathleen M Crosse [Signature], A M Robert [Signature], Eva Whitley [Signature], Henry E Armstrong [Signature], S A Notcutt [Signature], C Notcutt [Signature], M B Baker (Kingston Canada) [Signature], Mary S Johnston [Signature], Nora Armstrong [Signature], A E Cooper [Signature], A E Greene [Signature], Rachel Workman McRobert [Signature], Grace M Bauer [Signature], E P Ridley [Signature], E W Tunbridge [Signature], John Schwartz jun. [Signature], Horace W Monckton [Signature], Oswald Fitch [Signature], W W Whitaker [Signature], Eleanor Pearse [Signature], B Hobson [Signature], I J T Bindon [?] [Signature], Grace H Day [Signature], L E Ridley [Signature], V E D Garach[??] [Signature], P A B Martin [Signature] [On reverse of postcard of Bergen][Participants in Excursion to Bergen 1911]

Fra Bergensbanen: Finse med store Finsenut og Finseskar [Picture Postcard]

Yours sincerely P A B Martin [Signature]

Page 19[edit]

Norway 1911 [Page Heading]

Finse nut [Group photograph] [Aug 11th 1911]

With kind regards, believe me Yours very truly, William Hill [Signature]

Yours sincerely E W Tunbridge [Edward William Tunbridge] [Signature]

A E Greene [Alfred Ernest Greene] SE3 13 Glenluce Rd Blackheath [Signature]

Sulphelabrae [Sulphelle glacier] [Group photograph]

With Oswald Fitch's compliments [Signature]

Yours sincerely S A Notcutt [Stephen Abbott Notcutt] [Signature]

Yours sincerely Constance Notcutt [Signature]

Yours faithfully John Schwartz Jnr [Signature]

Yours sincerely Bernard Hobson [Signature]

Page 20[edit]

[Photographs] [Group behind trays of specimens, two photographs] [ Mr Treacher's collection of flints, Twyford]

Yours very truly Ll Treacher [Llewellyn Treacher, Twyford] [Signature]

Yours very truly F Janchen [Signature]

Yours very sincerely, Mary Spalding Walker [Signature]

Geologist' visit to Sonning 1910 [Newspaper article] [25th June 1910 led by Llewellyn Treacher]

Page 21[edit]

Whitsuntide 1907 [Page Heading] [Bristol] [Directors. Prof S. H. Reynolds, A. Vaughan, Prof W. S Boulton, and T. F. Sibly]

[Group photographs] [two 1907 Bristol field meeting]

Yours faithfully T Franklin Sibley [Signature] M S Johnston, Esq [note after signature]

With kind regards I am Yours very faithfully J W Carr [Signature]

Yours faithfully H Arnold D [can't read][Signature]

F W Bennett [Signature]

Arthur Vaughan [Signature]

Yours sincerely E T Newton [Signature]

Kind regards from my wife and myself E P Ridley [Signature]

Yours sincerely Sara Bernstein [Signature]

S H Reynolds [Signature]

M Bernstein [Matthias Max Bernstein] [Signature]

Yr sincerely M C Foley [Signature]

W Whitaker, R S Harries, Mrs Ridley, F Gossling, Dr Male, B Baker, Upfield Green, G W Young, Dr Johnston-Lavis, Dr Todd-White, R S Herries, A C Young, C Southall, W Wickes, G Potter, Brooke Fox, B Bartlett, Miss Foley, Mrs Reynolds, Dr Bernstein [List of names. Field trip participants Bristol 1907]

Dr Horne July 1914 [photograph]

Page 22[edit]

Easter 1903 [Page Heading] [Group photograph] [Whitsuntide Excursion to North Staffordshire. May 30th to June 3rd 1903. Directors: Wheelton Hind, M.D., F.R.C.S., F.G.S., W. Gibson, B.Sc., F.G.S., C. B. Wedd, B.A., F.G.S., and R. Fane de Salis, F.G.S.]

F Nichols, Upfield Green, R Meeson, W Whitaker, Slade Jeremiah, H Vassell, A Vaughan, J W Garnham, F Bennett [?] and sons, Miss A Pearse, Miss [Mary De Fraine] Whitaker [married Ernest Skeats in 1904], Miss M S Johnston, A Rushton [list of names, probably from field trip, on photograph]

F Nichols [Signature]

J W Garnham [Signature]

Yours very truly H P Blackmore [Signature]

Yours sincerely F Ross Thomson [Signature]

Yours sincerely Ernest W Skeats [Signature]

Yours sincerely Horace W Monckton [Signature]

I am Yours very truly Henry Preston [Signature]

With kind regards Yours sincerely N D Robarts [?][May be a member of N Staffs field club] [Signature]

Yrs sincerely E Pearse [Signature]

With kind regards Yours sincerely Frederick Meeson [Signature]

Very sincerely yours W P D Stebbing [Signature]

Yours sincerely A P Young [Signature]

Page 23[edit]

Edinburgh 1913 [Group photograph] [Long Excursion to Edinburgh August 1st to 9th, 1913. DIRECTORS :- J. S. Flett, D.S c., LL.D., F.R.S.; B. N. Peach, LL.D., F.R.S . ; W. F. P. McLintock:, M.A., B.Sc. ; R. Campbell, M.A., D.Sc. ; W. T. Gordon, M.A., D.S c. ; C. T. Clough, M.A.; and A. Macconochie.]

F W Penny [Signature]

Yours faithfully John S Flett [Signature]

I am yrs truly Talbot H Whitehead [Signature]

Yours sincerely R W Pocock [Signature]

Yours sincerely Edward W Tunbridge [Signature]

Yours sincerely Eileen M L Hendriks [Signature] [probably 2nd woman from left]

Yours sincerely W T Gordon [Signature]

Yours sincerely J C McGiven [Signature]

Miss Pearse; Miss Bauer; Miss Cadmore; Winnie, Enid, Harold Flett [Flett's children on photograph]; Thomas Hall, J M Given; T F Sibley [Sibly in membership list]; F B B Williams; H Burls; G W Young; [A] Macconochie; [W F P] McLintock; [C T] Clough; W Whitaker; [W T] Gordon [list of names] [probably of other people on photograph]

Easter 1913 [group photograph] [EXCURSION TO THE LIZARD, CORNWALL. MARCH 20TH TO 29TH, EASTER, 1913. J. S. FLETT, M.A., LL.D., D.Sc., F.R.S., F.G.S., AND ]. B. HILI., R.N., F.G.S., Directors of the Excursion.]

Yours sincerely Henry Dewey [Signature]

Harford J Lowe, Kotre, Torquay [Signature]

Howard Fox; J B Hill; Harford J Lowe [List of names][probably from photograph above]

Page 24[edit]

[Two pages of women's signatures]

Yours very sincerely Catherine A Raisin [Signature]

Yrs truly Ida A Slater [Signature]

Yours truly Marie C Stopes [Signature]

yours truly Elaine de V Hinde [Signature]

(Mrs) Hester Forbes Julian [Signature]

Ana M K Wsch [check] [Signature]

H Mary Hutton Sep 5th [Signature]

Yrs truly J Longstaff [Jane Longstaff] [Signature]

Yours sincerely Caroline Birley [Signature]

E A Smith [Signature]

Yrs faithfully A E Wills (Miss) [Signature]

Yours very truly Margaret Pember [Signature]

note let you know result in a day or two E Goodyear [Edith Goodyear][Signature]

D M A Bate [Signature] [Dorothea Minola Alice Bate 1878 – 1951]

Elsie M Bell [Signature]

Edith A Cassels Juniper Hill Rickmansworth [Signature]

Helen Drew [Signature]

Farnham Saturday Yrs sincerely D M Woodhead [Signature]

National Physical Labs Teddington Middx A B Dale [Signature]

Yours sincerely Gertrude L Elles [Signature]

Yours sincerely Maud Healey [Signature]

Vera Larminie [Signature]

M C Stopes [Signature]

Ella Gritton [Signature]

Maria C Hendy [check] [Signature]

R D Elpinstone [Signature]

H Coulson [Signature]

Page 25[edit]

Yours affectionately Harriet M Teall [Signature]

Yours sincerely L B Morris [Signature]

G [Grace] Bigby [Signature]

M [Marie] Vobe [Signature]

Many thanks for the offer to see your museum Should like to very much – I may possibly be up on 19th if so shall attend the excursion on 20th E M Goodman [Signature]

Emma Smith Hencotes House Hexham [Signature]

Laura Mortimer Woolf 81 Wimpole Street W1 [Signature]

Maud I Leybourne Popham Johnby Hall Greystoke Cumberland [Signature]

E L Ashby [Signature]

Yours sincerely Mabel Herries Sep 22nd [Signature]

Yours sincerely Jessie D Granger Evans [?] [Signature]

Yours sincerely Nellie Bemrose [Signature]

Not being able to attend lecture (so far) I must leave others to decide which is best M Winchester [?] [Signature]

Mary Ann Hollingworth Leithen Newnham Road Bedford [Signature]

M [Margaret] E Spottiswoode [Signature]

R N Yeates [Signature]

E A Marstrand [Signature]

E M Smith [Signature]

Bothild Dewey [Signature]

Yours sincerely Mary J Bassett [Signature]

Yours sincerely E F Klaassen [Signature]

Yours sincerely Helen Clough [Signature]

E Aston [Signature]

B Fearnsides [Signature]

Yours sincerely Rosa Ford [Signature]

A Grant [Signature]

(Mrs) A Clark [Signature]

Irene H Lowe [Signature]

M M Brinkworth [Signature]

A Norris [Signature]

Yours sincerely Dorothy M Wardheim [Signature]

Page 26[edit]

[All GSGB staff]

Yours faithfully J J H Teall [Signature]

Yours very truly F L Kitchin [Signature]

G W Lamplugh [Signature]

C N Bromehead [Signature]

I am, Yours sincerely E T Newton [Signature]

Yours sincerely Ernest Dixon [Signature]

E Dixon [Signature]

A Strahan [Signature]

I am, Yours faithfully J Allan Howe [Signature]

Yours sincerely Henry Dewey [Signature]

J S Flett Petrographer to the Geological Survey [Photograph]

John S Flett [Signature]

Yours sincerely W A E Ussher [Signature]

Yours faithfully C Fox Strangways [Signature]

G W Lamplugh [Signature]

Sincerely yours G W Barrows [Signature]

Yours truly H A Allen [Signature]

F W Rudler, Museum of Practical Geology 1879-1902 [Photograph]

F W Rudler [Signature]

Yours sincerely T Clifford Hall [Signature]

W Gibson (District Geologist) [Signature]

Page 27[edit]

Bernard Smith [Signature]

T C Cantrill [Signature]

C B Wedd [Signature]

R L Sherlock [Signature]

R J A Eckford [Signature]

J C P Hay [Signature]

W B R King [Signature]

H H Read [Signature]

Laurence H Tonks [Signature]

yours sincerely R Crookall [Signature]

W Carruthers per D W G [Signature]

C H Dinham [Signature]

Yours very truly J de W Hinch [Signature]

Yours sincerely D Alexander Wray [Signature]

Yours sincerely W B Wright [Signature]

Yours sincerely S Buchan [Signature]

Yours sincerely A J Butler [Signature]

Yours sincerely C J Stubblefield [Signature]

Yours sincerely Walcot Gibson [Signature]

E B Bailey [Signature]

Yours sincerely John Pringle [Signature]

Yrs Sincerely G A Burnett [Signature]

W F P McClintock [Signature]

R C Jones [Signature]

Yours faithfully E S Parkington [?] [Signature]

Yours sincerely G W Himus [Signature]

Yours sincerely J W Heaton [?] [Signature]

Yours sincerely Chas P Chatwin [Signature]

A F Hallimond Asst Curator [Signature]

yours sincerely Richard V Melville [Signature]

Yours sincerely A J Butler [Signature]

Page 28[edit]

Yrs sincerely Lionel Hinxman [Signature]

Yours very truly Henry Woodward [Signature]

Yours faithfully L Fletcher [Signature]

Yours sincerely T H Holland [Signature]

Yours sincerely John W Evans [Signature]

Yours sincerely C Gilbert Cullis [Signature]

Sincerely yours Theodore Groom [Signature]

I remain Yours truly R Kidston [Signature]

Arthur Smith Woodward Secretary [Signature]

Yours truly P McIntyre [Signature]

Yours sincerely L L Fermor [Signature]

Yours sincerely A E Kitson [Signature]

Yours sincerely A Morley Davies [Signature]

Yrs truly M Odling [Signature]

L L Belinfante [Signature]

Yours sincerely A W Gibb [Signature]

Sincerely yours Robert Campbell [Signature]

Receipt appended ASW [possibly Arthur Smith Woodward] [Signature]

Yours very truly F A Bather [Signature]

Yours sincerely W F Hume [Signature]

I am, yours sincerely F Chapman [Signature]

P G H Boswell [Signature]

[Illegible] N [xx]ing [Signature]

Yours very truly Edmund J Garwood [Signature]

L F Spath [Signature]

R D Oldham [Signature]

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