OR/12/032 Appendix A1 - Abbreviations

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Hobbs, P R N, Entwisle, D C, Northmore, K J, Sumbler, M G, Jones, L D, Kemp, S, Self, S, Barron, M, and Meakin, J L. 2012. Engineering Geology of British rocks and soils - Lias Group. British Geological Survey, Nottingham, UK. (OR/12/032).

Formation abbreviations for geotechnical data

BDS Bridport Sand Formation
BLI Blue Lias Formation
BNLS Beacon Limestone Formation
CDI Cleveland Ironstone Formation
CHAM Charmouth Mudstone Formation
DYS Dyrham Formation
MRB Marlstone Rock Formation
RMU Redcar Mudstone Formation
SMD Scunthorpe Mudstone Formation
WHM Whitby Mudstone Formation

Glossary of geotechnical abbreviations & units

Parameter Main Alternative(s) Units
Liquid limit wL LL %
Plastic limit wP PL %
Plasticity index IP PI %
Modified Plasticity index IP' %
Liquidity index IL LI -
Bulk density gb BD Mg/m3
Dry density gd DD Mg/m3
Particle density gp PD Mg/m3
Natural water content w NWC, NMC %
Voids ratio e -
Clay-size fraction %CLAY CLAY %
Silt-size fraction %SILT SILT %
Sand-size fraction %SAND SAND %
Gravel-size fraction %GRAVEL GRAVEL %
Activity AC -
Linear shrinkage LS %
Total sulphate SO4 (tot) T.Sul. %
Aqueous sulphate SO4 (aq) A.Sul. g/l
Sulphate in groundwater SO4 (w) W.Sul. %
Acidity pH PH -
Organic content ORG %
Carbonate content CARB %
Acid soluble Chloride CHL (as) %
Water soluble chloride CHL (ws) %
Moisture Condition Value MCV %
Maximum Dry density MDD Mg/m3
Optimum Water Content OWC OMC %
California Bearing Ratio CBR %
Permeability k m/s
Coefficient of volume compressibility mV m2/MN
Coefficient of consolidation cV m2/yr
Compression index CC -
Swelling index Ce -
Triaxial TX TRIAX
Shear-box SH-BX SHB
Triaxial - Total cohesion cu TX-Cu kPa
Triaxial - Effective cohesion c' TX-C kPa
Triaxial - Effective friction angle Φ' TX-PHI degrees
Shear box - Peak cohesion cp SHB-Cpeak kPa
Shear box - Residual cohesion cr SHB-Cresid kPa
Shear box - Peak friction angle Φ'p SHB-PHIpeak degrees
Shear box - Residual friction angle Φ'r SHB - PHIresid degrees
Standard Penetration Test SPT N, blows/300 mm pen.
Uniaxial compressive strength UCS MPa
Young's modulus E MPa
Poisson's ratio n -
Sonic velocity (P-wave) vp Vel (p) m/s
Sonic velocity (S-wave) vs Vel (s) m/s
Point load index IS50 PT-LOAD -