OR/13/001 Model limitations

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  • Head in most forms excluded from the calculation of the model.
  • Artificial deposits not modelled sufficiently to produce 3D volumes but inserted in some sections and polygons have been included in geological units.
  • Chalk Group, Lower London Tertiaries and Thames Group are not subdivided in the model at this stage.
  • No attempt has been made to classify levels of the River Terrace Deposits or the Kesgrave Sand and Gravel into distinct terrace levels.
  • The model is suitable for use at resolutions higher than 100K but not beyond 5K or for any detailed site specific investigations.
  • The model extends to the base of the Cretaceous across the whole area, in this area the Cretaceous rests with marked angular unconformity on Palaeozoic basement rocks.
  • The model is not snapped between envelopes and sections.