OR/13/006 Appendix 3 - Summary diagrams of lithostratigraphical and lithological variation from boreholes

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Entwisle, D C, Hobbs, P R N, Northmore, K J, Skipper*, J, Raines, M R, Self, S J, Ellison, R A, and Jones, L D. 2013. Engineering geology of British rocks and soils - Lambeth Group). British Geological Survey. (OR/13/006).

* Geotechnical Consulting Group (GCG)

This Appendix contains graphs that summaries the percentage of each lithostratigraphy and main lithology descriptor for the Lambeth Group and main lithology descriptor for each formation or unit from ground investigation borehole descriptions. The data has been split into areas or 1:10000 sheets. Main lithology includes clay, silt, sand, gravel, limestone (calcrete or shell limestone), and lignite as used in Appendix and the areas covered and order are in Table A3.1.

Figure A3.1    Key for Appendix 3.
Table A3.1    Appendix 3 figure numbers with areas covered.
Appendix 3 Figure 1:10k map sheet number(s) Area
Figure 2 SU45-47 Newbury
Figure 3 SU87 South of Maidenhead
Figure 4 West London, M25 – M40
Figure 5 TL30-32 Cheshunt – Bishops Stortford
Figure 6 TM04-14 Ipswich
Figure 7 SU60 - 71 Horndean to Bedhampton
Figure 8 SU80 Chichester
Figure 9 TQ28 Hendon – Paddington – St. Pancras
Figure 10 TQ37 Lambeth – Bermondsey – Lewisham
Figure 11 TQ38 Finsbury – Blackwall – Leyton
Figure 12 TQ39 Enfield – Wood Green – Woodford
Figure 13 TQ46 Bromley
Figure 14 TQ47 Woolwich – Sidcup
Figure 15 TQ48 West Ham – Dagenham
Figure 16 TQ58 Rainham – Aveley
Figure 17 TQ66 South Shorne, North Kent
Figure 18 TQ68 Orsett – Stanford – le – Hope, Essex
Figure A3.2    Newbury Area.

Figure A3.3    SU87, south of Maidenhead.

Figure A3.4    West London, M25–M40.

Figure A3.5    TL30-TL32, Cheshunt to Bishop’s Stortford.

Figure A3.6    TM04-14, Ipswich.

Figure A3.7    SU60 and 71, Horndean to Bedhampton.

Figure A3.8    SU80, Chichester.
Figure A3.9    TQ28, Hendon - Paddington - St Pancras.
Figure A3.10    TQ37, Lambeth - Bermondsey - Lewisham.
Figure A3.11    TQ38, Finsbury - Blackwall - Leyton.
Figure A3.12    TQ39, Enfield - Wood Green - Woodford.

Figure A3.13    TQ46, Bromley.

Figure A3.14    TQ47, Woolwich - Sidcup.

Figure A3.15    TQ48, West Ham - Dagenham.

Figure A3.16    TQ58, Rainham - Aveley.

Figure A3.17    TQ66, South of Shorne, North Kent.

Figure A3.18    TQ68, Orsett - Stanford-le-Hope.