OR/13/006 Appendix 5 - Extended box and whisker plots

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Entwisle, D C, Hobbs, P R N, Northmore, K J, Skipper*, J, Raines, M R, Self, S J, Ellison, R A, and Jones, L D. 2013. Engineering geology of British rocks and soils - Lambeth Group). British Geological Survey. (OR/13/006).

* Geotechnical Consulting Group (GCG)

Appendix 5 (Figures) App5. Figure title
1 Water content
2 Bulk density
3 Dry density
4 Particle density
5 Liquid limit
6 Plastic limit
7 Plasticity index
8 Liquidity index
9 Total sulphate
10 Aqueous soluble sulphate
11 pH
12 Undrained triaxial shear strength
13 Standard penetration test — All
14 Standard penetration test — Coarse-grained materials

Key to ‘Extended Box and Whisker’ plots


Figure A5.1    Water content, w, (%).

Figure A5.2    Bulk Density, ρ, (Mg/m3).

Figure A5.3    Dry density, ρD, (Mg/m3).

Figure A5.4    Particle density, ρS, (Mg/m3).

Figure A5.5    Liquid limit, wL, (%).

Figure A5.6    Plastic limit, wP, (%).

Figure A5.7    Plasticity Index.

Figure A5.8    Liquidity index, IL.

Figure A5.9    Total sulphate, SO4TOT, (%).

Figure A5.10    Aqueous soluble sulphate, SO4aq, (g/l).

Figure A5.11    pH.

Figure A5.12    Undrained triaxial shear strength (UU), cu, (kPa).

Figure A5.13    Standard Penetration Test, SPT, (N-values), All.

Figure A5.14    Standard Penetration Test, SPT, (N-values), Coarse-grained materials.